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DOE: Greater Russia(CNRP2)


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Through World War I, World War II, and the Cold War, Russia has survived. So much has happened to Russia, and they survive.

Today, Greater Russia is formed. Greater Russia is located to the far east of Russia, but quickly expanding. Russia fights, and always stands with their allies. Wars, we survive, and on occasion we even thrive. We never give up, and we never will.

"To be or not to be, for that is the question"

-William Shakespeare


...And we are "to be", as we are here and existing. Thank You CNRP2.


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Diplomatic Missive from the Red Sea Republic


We hereby recognize your government and current territorial claims. Your stated goals of expansion are somewhat worrying given the current diplomatic climate, but as long as you stay away from us we probably won't be bothered by the interesting new Russian Nationalist character of East Siberia.



Abd al-Malik Iqbal El-Amin, President of the Red Sea Republic

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"The Novgorodian Empire does not recognize this so-called 'Greater Russia', as our Tsar Vladilem Yukanovski holds the title of Grand Duke of the Russias. Obviously whoever is in charge here is an impostor seeking to oust the Tsar from his throne."


- Foreign Minister Boris Yuri Konstantinov

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