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Decus Et Tutamen


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"Citizens of the world, we announce today the formation of a new Federal Republic of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. After years of war, peace reigns supreme. May it last as long as it can." 


The last great war had been devastating for Britain. Its economy took a hammering and virtually collapsed, while the English monarchy had been wiped out during the conflict that ravaged the continent. The country was on the verge of civil war. Fortunately, a strong new government rose from the ashes of the old one and assumed control over the nation. A federal republic was created that emphasised the values of strength through unity but also recognised the advantages of localised automony. Chancellor William Prescott led this new force for change, supported by the equally new National Assembly. He had selected a small cabinet to assist him in various duties. Documents would soon be released which outlined the people who would attempt to return Britain to prosperity.

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"The Imperium of Japan welcomes Great Britain back into the world, we look forward to working with the many European nations rising from the ashes."


"The Federation thanks the Imperium of Japan for its lofty recognition of these isles and indeed Europe itself. We likewise extend recognition to Japan and express hope for a bright future in Asia."



"We warmly extend recognition to the Federation of Great Britain and Northern Ireland." - Secretary of Foreign Affairs Simon McBride


"That's a wicked flag, yo." - random citizen


"The Federation warmly thanks Qamadan for its recognition of Great Britain and likewise extends similar recognition to your fine American union."



The Baltic Union of Ubersteinia recognizes the Federation of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


"The Federation thanks Ubersteinia for its recognition of Great Britain and likewise extends recognition to this glorious union of Baltic states."



"Cascadia welcomes this new English government but we question about Northern Ireland"


"The Federation thanks Cascadia for its recognition of Great Britain and in kind extends recognition to your fine country. Furthermore, if the matter bears some immediate and/or great importance to the government of Cascadia, we would be happy to host discussions on the issue of Northern Ireland." 

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"The Federation appreciates greatly the recognition granted by the Third French Empire and in kind duly recognises the French state. We express similar hopes and wish for a diplomatic process to begin soon."

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