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World Map of CNRP2


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Note: This post is subject to regular editing.
If you wish to claim something as a protectorate, query me on IRC and I will begin creating a list to post in this thread.

player/nation list(last updated 7/2)
North America:

Aggressivenutmeg - Alaska

Dillon1102 - Cascadia

Mara Lithaen - Plains Federation
PresidentDavid - Plains Federation

Vedran- Federation of the Atlantic
Lord Hershey - Palaven Empire

Lynneth: Tikal (Orange, Central America)

Bones Wizard: United States of America
Mona Lisa: United States of America

Knights111 - Baffin Island

South America:
Ovidsidios - Auroran Republic 

BringMeTheHorizon - Tawantinsuyu

Shave N Haircut - The Third French Empire

Californian = Northlands

lkfht - Italy

Rudolph - Yugoslavia
Lysergide - Sweden
Markus Wilding - Alvonia
Revan - Greece

Alduin - Federal Republic of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Chicago Noise - Iceland

JEDCJT - Muscovy
Euphaia - Hungary
Dinoz94 - Königreich of Brandenburg

Mr Director - Belarus

Pongoz - Kingdom of Portugal

King Timmy - Ireland(Ireland)

Imperator Azenquor - Zapadnaya (Bulgaria)

RIS3 4 WAR - Albania

TsarRobert - Ukraine

Tidybowlman - Poland

Biohazard - The Aidennic Council of Alexandria

Yerushalayim - Great Lakes Republic

Dragonshy - Dominion of the Severed Hand (purple Morocco)

Uberstein - Lesotho

Centurius - Carthage

Voodoo Nova - Novak


Mogar - Imperium of Japan

Jesbro - Principality of Shanghai

Margrave - New Zealand
Kevin Kingswell - Confederated States of Russia
Zoot - The Babylonian Empire

TheShammySocialist - Union of the Southern Cross(Australia)
Coloradia - The Raj(India)

Maelstrom Vortex - Dragonisia
Avakael - Macau

Hereno - Democratic People's Republic of Guanwai

Rotavele - Tongzhi

Malatose - Persian Empire

The Rules


The rule set of CNRP2 is very simple.

Keep in mind, if your nation is over 50,000 ns you will be capped at:

50k-75k NS: 850k men
75k-125k NS: 900k men
125k NS: 925k men
200k NS: 950k men

Starting a Nation in CNRP2
There are three ways to start a nation.

- The first is to find white space that is not labelled as a protectorate, and request a portion of land.
- The second way is to find a protectorate and either request it of them private message its owner (there is a list of protectorate owners below) or find them in our coldfront channel, #cnrp2.
- You may also make a post in this map thread asking if there is any significant land. There is a rare occasion that someone will grant you a piece of their own (colored) land, but this is, like I said, rare.
If you don't see land in a continent you want, don't be discouraged. You can RP anything, anywhere. If you want any kind of culture where you're going, you can have it. You may have to discuss it with the protectorate owner, because they may object to you rping certain types of things in an area under their control.
Do I have to have a place on the map to post in this forum?
Nope. You do not have to be a part of CNRP to post here. You can do your own thing, not bothering with the map. However, as most people who post here are posting in CNRP2, you may want to add the tag "Non-CNRP2", to avoid any confusion.

Your original claim may not be outside your ingame Sphere of Influence.

Land Expansion:
Land expansion requires a minimum of 7 posts within 2 weeks, per RL country/province (whichever is applicable). This is on average a post every 2 days. However, multiple posts on one day do not count - the fastest you can expand is a post every day, fulfilling the requirements within 7 days.
It is recommended but not necessary to make a new topic for integration or annexation of new territory, in case you don't want to clutter your news thread or equivalent.
Until that time period is up, the land is considered contestable should any other nation put forth forces to contest it In Character.

What are the rules?

Activity Requirements
A total of 3 weeks is the maximum allowed time to go between IC posting before you will be removed from the map, with GM notification this can be extended to up to 2 months, longer extensions may be granted upon GM discussion of the case to allow for extenuating circumstances. (Basic Training for example.)
Character crossing-

No crossing characters/nations. What happens to your in Barfistan, stays in Barfistan. If you reroll your nation and go right back to your old tricks, you deserve to get smashed. You need to remember that a new nation is a fresh slate, so don't roll a new nation to go pick fights with the enemies of your old nation.

This goes for others, a new nation should not be viewed in the same lens as the old one just because the person rping it did something objectionable in their last nation.

If a person rerolls and brings old characters into power in a new nation, that's another story. That's not a reroll, its a successor state and how it is treated is entirely up to the rper.

IC/OOC crossing-

This is hard to prove, but occasionally someone will catch wind of gossip or get shown a chat log of someone plotting on their nation. This chat log is out of character, it should not be acted upon in Character. If someone uses a conversation or argument that happens out of character as motive for attacking someone in Character, this is a problem.

Nor should threads labeled as private be used to influence the actions of another player. Private means private.

As IC/OOC crossing is hard to prove, allegations of such behavior should not be made lightly. Further, neither should the community be forced to endure endless bleating sheeple claims of someone who thinks they are getting a raw deal.

In short, some times you just have to sack up and role play things for reasons you don't like.
However, should sufficient proof be shown, it should be discussed and dealt with on a case by case basis.
Modifiers, Military, And Tech Scale

Soldier count: In game citizens x 10 (this does not include ingame soldiers, just working citizens)

Tanks, apcs, artillery, etc are done on common sense basis. Don't get too insane with this.
1) Soldier Count Rules
Soldier Floor

Every nation gets a minimum of 50,000 soldiers should they not have the infra requirement to get that in game.

Soldier Exchange:

For every 10,000 soldiers you subtract from your soldier count, you gain an additional squadron of twelve planes onto the total of 630 aircraft.
This allows great customization of military forces which is dependent on your terrain and size. A small island nation doesnt need a massive army, but it needs a larger airforce. It doesnt benefit any one group over another, it simply allows nations to sacrifice strength where its not needed, to reallocate it to somewhere it is. The soldier hard cap for a start massivly prevents abuse and actually acts as a secondary cap on extra aircraft. For example a nation with 750k soldiers decided to only have a 50,000 man army, that leaves them with 168 extra aircraft, which when added to 630, is 798 total aircraft.

2) Tech scale

0 - 2001
500 - 2003
1000 - 2005
2000 - 2010
2500 - 2013
3) Infra modifiers for Aircraft
in-game aircraft limit...
x2 IG numbers 0-2k infra. (realistically 100 to 120 planes) no wonders included
x4 IG numbers 2k to 4k infra. (200 to 240 planes) no wonders included
x6 IG numbers 4k+ infra (300 to 630 planes) with 630 as a max cap including all possible wonders and navy.
1 stealth aircraft equals 2 ingame slots
4) Naval Rules
Your RP navy is based upon what you could own in game.  you do not need to maintain the ships in order to have a RP navy.


Additionally, there is a points system to "purchase" extra naval ships with, which is open to all CNRP nations (if they have an in-game navy or not) and is based on in-game stats.

    Everybody gets a base of 1,000 points. For every 1 tech level you have in-game, you get another 1 point, with points from tech capped at 3k. So the max amount of points you can get is 4k points; 3k from tech, plus the base 1k.

    What your infra level is in-game determines which ships you are allowed to spend your points on, regardless of how many points you have. For every 1k infra, you unlock another ship that you can buy, with 0-999 infra persons being allowed to purchase corvettes only. The tiers are:

    Corvettes (under 1k infra), Diesel Submarines & Frigates (under 2k infra), Destroyers (under 3k infra), nuclear attack subs & Cruisers (under 4k infra).

    Of course you can buy multiple of each ship, and their costs in points are: Corvette 200, Diesel Sub 300, Frigate 400, Destroyer 600, Nuclear Submarine(Attack, not ICBM)/cruiser 750.

    For Example:


    Nation A has 1.5k tech, 4,999.99 infra, and 2 frigates. They get 1k base points, plus 1.5k more from tech, for a total of 2.5k points. Their infra lets them buy any of the ships available, as they have at least 4k infra. Let's say they choose to buy 6 more frigates. This gives them 8 frigates total.

    Nation B has 6k tech, 10k infra, and 6 frigates, they get 1k base points + 3k more from tech, for a total of 4k points. Their infra lets them buy any of the ships available, as they have at least 4k infra. Let's say they choose to buy 10 more frigates. this gives them 16 frigates Total.

Destroyers, Corvettes, and Frigates are multiplied by x2

5) Nuclear Rules
5MT yield for silo nukes, 1MT yield for submarine launched nukes.
GM roles and voting

3 GMs are to be voted upon every 2months after a 48 hour nomination period. You may vote for yourself for GM but you may not nominate yourself.

The voting period for a GM is 48 hours, the same amount of time for a nomination period. GMs may not serve consecutive terms.

The role of the GM is to not create a body of precedents.

A GM makes rolls for spy attacks, makes SDI rolls, and if they are faced with an argument that is at a complete impasse, with both parties unwilling to resolve the problem, they can choose to make a 50/50 roll to resolve it.

No one expects a GM to hold a degree in Weapons design, or for them to have served 20 years in the Armed forces. A GM's job is encourage roleplay to keep moving along. Further, they facilitate votes on rules, polls for rules, and discussion on problems relating to specific role players.

GM decisions are a case by case situation as each RP is unique and the role players involved are different.

Autoadvances are to be granted every 7 days after the requesting rper can demonstrate they attempted to make contact.

Community Driven Rules

The above set of rules are by no means complete. The members of the community have a voice in deciding what the rules are and how they should be applied. Members of the CNRP2 community can post discussion threads to talk about new rules, old rules, and/or changing the rules.

Polls can be posted as well, however, GM polls are the official measure of the community's desire to modify, remove, or add new rules.

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Only just read your IG message Mogar, I'll be on IRC soon. Also I would greatly appreciate it if you could mark England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as the British Federation as per [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/121682-decus-et-tutamen/]this[/url] claim.

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You only sent 2500 men it will take you quite a bit of time to capture such a large space so I am holding off to add it to the map yet, as some OOC advice however, I would suggest not over reaching so early.

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I'm not going to add it for a few days at least, it would take months for such a small group to even just walk through California and say hi to every town.

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