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Nation of Qamadan


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The involvement of the former American Commonwealth in what is referred to as the 'Great Apocalypse' led directly to the downfall of the powerful American nation. The inhabitants of Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and eastern Tennessee endured great tribulations in their efforts to establish and maintain a functioning society, cursing their former American leaders all the while, and over time they succeeded. The time had now come to establish a fully-sovereign nation to ensure and safeguard peace, security, and prosperity for the people in the postwar world. Delegates from the regions of Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and eastern Tennessee converged in the city of Orlando, where they formed a constitutional convention. After prolonged deliberations, a new provisional constitution was drafted and a new nation publicly proclaimed in Orlando's city square. This was subsequently ratified by an overwhelming majority of the population in a nationwide referendum.
The Nation of Qamadan was born.




Supreme Leader
Grand Vizier
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Secretary of War
Secretary of Finance
Secretary of State Security
Secretary of the Interior
Secretary of Justice
Secretary of Education
Secretary of Health
Secretary of Transport
Secretary of Communications
Secretary of Trade and Commerce
Secretary of Agriculture
Secretary of Sports and Culture
Secretary of Research and Development
Secretary of Propaganda
Secretary of State of Florida
Secretary of State of Georgia
Secretary of State of South Carolina
Secretary of State of North Carolina
Secretary of State of East Tennessee
Chairman of the InterState Banking Clan
Viceroy of the Trade Federation
Chairman of the Commerce Guild
Director of the Corporate Alliance
Foreman of the Technounion
CEO of MediaCorp
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Official Statement from the Desk of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs:
"We have formed not only out of necessity, but out of a sense of community that have ultimately enabled our peoples to perserve in the turbulent times following the Great Apocalypse. To this purpose, the People have succeeded in their aspirations to establish a nation-state, but this cannot be said for our brothers and sisters in neighboring regions, and North American continent as a whole. In order to facilitate order and prosperity, the Nation of Qamadan hereby proclaims as its protectorate the regions of Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York State. We will work with local leaders in the administration of order within their respective regions and to help establish the frameworks for eventual independence. Outside these regions, we are willing to work together with neighboring nations in maintaining peace and order in the rest of the Continent."
Elements of the First, Second, and Third Divisions, along with administrators, support personnel, and auxiliary police units, would be deployed to the newly-established Qamadani protectorate.
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