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My Fair Lady Act


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My Fair Lady Act (MFLA)


What is the MFLA?


The My Fair Lady Act of 2014 was established by The United Republic of Dixie to provide aid in food and clothing to needy nations who currently are in need of humanitarian assistance. The Act was established by Dixie in 2014 and passed by The Dixie Senate and The House of the Republic to promote general welfare and living conditions in countries that are not as fortunate. The act was initially known as "The  Hospitality Act" until The Senate recognized this name as to be offensive to some cultures around the world. The MFLA is not free money for these countries, and should not be viewed as something to not take pride in.


What are the terms of the MFLA?


The MFLA will establish bases to determine a nation's resources which are rich and that the nation is not able to collect. The Dixie government will provide managers and training for the workers employed from that nation. The workers shall receive a base salary of $7,500 annually. Dixie will provide shops in the areas with clothing and food produced in the U.R.D. at extreme discounted prices. Dixie will purchase the clothing and food in massive quantities from Dixie Companies and sell them to businesses for 50% of the price the government paid for them. Combined with Liquidation prices, this provides poorer areas of the countries with great discounts. The MFLA will also establish training bases for these shops to manage their clothing stores and restaurants/groceries stores. With the larger income of the workers spreading through the town, and the discounted food and clothing, it will hopefully stimulate growth in these countries rather than receiving free aid.


Requirements of Joining


To request the MFLA to evaluate your nation for the MFLA program, your government will need to contact the MFLA directly and allow the MFLA 3 business days to respond to your inquiry.


Current MFLA Ventures


Central Republic of Africa

The Democratic Republic of The Congo










[OOC]As soon as someone claims the above nations, the MFLA will no longer be present there[/OOC]

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