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[Factbook] United Republics of Dixie


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United Republics of Dixie


Political Information


Political Name: United Republics of Dixie

Informal Name: Dixie

Capital: Huntsville, Alabama

National Slogan: "We dare defend our rights"

Language: None Official, English Pre-Dominant

Religion: None Official, Protestant Pre-Dominant

Ideology: Moderate Conservative

Government Structure: Constitutional Democratic Republic


Population: 15,409,772

Primary Ethnicity: White (69%)* Afro-American (28%) Other (3%) *White includes Hispanic

Gross Domestic Product: $575,916,000,000

GDP Per Capita: $37,373

Currency: Dixie Dollar


Government Line-Up


Chancellor: Peggy-Sue Carter

Vice-Chancellor: Clinton Wilson


Secretary of State: June Sanders

Secretary of the Treasury: Kevin Clinton

Secretary of War: Tyrell Johnson

Secretary of the Navy: Sherman Lee

Post-Master General: Wade Brooks

Attorney General: Billy-Ray Davis


Senator of the Republic of Alabama: Carson Bush

Senator of the Republic of Arkansas: Chandler Woods

Senator of the Republic of Louisiana: Houston Paul

Senator of the Republic of Mississippi: Roscoe Leeman

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United Republics of Dixie


Military Information


Dixie Republican Armed Forces (DRAF)

Active Duty: 100,000

Reserve Units: 52,900

Armed Government Security: 44


Dixie Aerial Forces (DAF)

600 Aircraft (Currently Unknown Varieties)


Dixie Republic Naval Defenses (DRND)

No domestic naval forces


Republic National Covert Security (RNCS)

Unknown amount of Covert Forces.

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