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The Cape Republic Newspaper


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Why did we fight the war?
Kaapstad, Cape Republic - For years the nation has been plagued by corruption an general rulelesness. A central police organ hasn't existed since the independence war with the former colonial masters. Most of the police force was hand picked by the colonial masters and had to be destroyed. The self proclaimed republic only recently got enough room to breath, a police force wasn't really on anyones mind, most minor incidents were resolved by the militias. Politically these groups aren't very close to each other, clashes between militias are rare, this mainly because towns and cities are separated by large open deserts. Before the war there was a vast railroad network, but these days not much of it is left. To ensure a slow movement of troops railroads were bombed repeatedly to slow down military troop movement. The only advantage the rebels had was retreat in to the inhospitable deserts, farmers that spend most of their lives traveling with their cattle and finding food in the wild excelled in these conditions. The more structural army of the colonial masters with city boys had no experience for this type of climate and had to depend on slow supply lines.
Its hard to find anyone that understand why the colony was so important to keep a hold of the colony. Economy the colony was more a drain on the slowly decaying empire than a source of wealth. It was mainly important because it provided a naval advantage to have a fleet ready that could be dispatched to both the atlantic and indian ocean. The more modern ships didn't really notice the advantage of having such a naval base, their range and speed had increased immensely before the war even started. It will probably be something historians will wonder about for years.
Political parties beside the National Party banned
Kimberley, Cape Republic - After the election victory of the National Party a law got drafted and accepted in parliament banning all political parties besides the National Party. Jakobus Swart explained to the press that there is no need for concern. The law is merely designed to ensure that the parliament acts as one body, a multiparty system would only weaken the nation and would live it open for attacks from other international powers. The leaders of the political parties that are now banned have released a unified statement which called for international aid. Dirk Van NieKerk leader of the now banned New Democratic Movement stated that "For years Swart has been destroying the constitution, it surprises nobody that he again took actions to move the Cape Republic closer to a dictatorship". Several hours after the interview Van NieKerk was taking into custody by militia loyal to Swart, the spokesperson for the militia assures it is not because of political reasons. A large amount illegal drugs have been found in the home of Van NieKerk, last year a law was passed that made the possession and distribution of illegal drugs punishable by death.
OOC: Dear lord do I suck at writing anything interesting.
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"The Imperium of Japan looks upon this case with interest, the people's voice should be heard, but leaders should also be held responsible for breaking the law, even more so than the average citizen."

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Diplomatic Note from Sverige


The Kingdom of Sverige sends its condolences to the Cape Republic in concerns of its ongoing problem with rebel forces, and wishes that the nation will be able to stamp out the threat to the people of its nation from these forces that would wish to undermine the current government.

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