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We're here, Susanna!


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United Republics of Dixie


The regions of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi have hereby forged an unbreakable bond and wish to announce the forming of The United Republics of Dixie. The URD does wish at this time to invite all foreign governments to meet our new government and extends an open hospitable hand to all those out there. The Capital of this new nation exists in the city of Huntsville, Alabama. The new government of the URD is as follows:


Chancellor: Peggy-Sue Carter

Vice-Chancellor: Clinton Wilson


Secretary of State: June Sanders

Secretary of the Treasury: Kevin Clinton

Secretary of War: Tyrell Johnson

Secretary of the Navy: Sherman Lee

Post-Master General: Wade Brooks

Attorney General: Billy-Ray Davis


Senator of the Republic of Alabama: Carson Bush

Senator of the Republic of Arkansas: Chandler Woods

Senator of the Republic of Louisiana: Houston Paul

Senator of the Republic of Mississippi: Roscoe Leeman







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Cascadia is glad to see another people coming together under one flag and we hope for the exchange of embassies.


Why of course, Darling!


We would love to send over Head Ambassador Sinclair Simmons as well as a diplomatic envoy, and we will gladly welcome the same.


We await their arrival, sugar.



Peggy-Sue Carter

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Diplomatic Note from Sverige


The Kingdom of Sverige sends its regards to the formation of the Republic of Dixie, and wishes them good fortunes on their existence and good luck in stabilizing their nation and the region around them.

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"Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear formally recognizes the United Republics of Dixie.

We're honored to welcome your Dixie nation into the international community."

Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear Transitional Authority

Bear Island City, Bear Island, Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear
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The United Republics of Dixie would like to recognize and welcome the Red Sea Republic, and we would like to invite our new middle easterner settlers to exchange embassies with us.


Peggy-Sue Carter

Chancellor of the URD


Well met, Peggy-Sue. I believe your request of embassy exchange to be a mutually-agreeable one. So it shall be done.



Abd al-Malik Iqbal El-Amin, President of the Red Sea Republic

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