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South Americans Actually Getting Along

mona lisa

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To: Stormlands Government

From: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Empire of Brazil


His Imperial Highness Emperor Salvatore has directed me to contact your government in the hopes of holding a diplomatic meeting to discuss our bilateral relations. I invite your government to send a delegation to Brasilia at your earliest convenience.


- Foreign Minister Javier Torres


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A short confirmation of receipt would be turned around by the Stormlands' Administration of the Exterior in short order, and would confirm the dispatch of one Rhaemon Rhys'gar, Fist of the Protector, Highly Esteemed Member of the High Council, and Ranking Councilmember on the Council of Shields to Brazil. After the sending of the dispatch to Brazil, the second most powerful man within the Stormlands would board an aircraft in Stormsend, for the cross-Amazon flight to Brasilia.


The flight would involve a relatively austere government jetliner appointed for regional air transport, and would be painted in relatively creative government livery, featuring artwork from secondary school children who proposed designs embodying the nation. The jet would make contact with Brazilian ATC before crossing the border, and once contact was firmly established, proceed on directly to Brasilia, overflying the lush green that covered much of the eastern regions of South America. After receiving permission from local air traffic control, the aircraft would make a landing approach at the appointed aerial facilities, marking the beginning of the first diplomatic foray for the Fist of the Protector.

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The Stormlands aircraft would land safely at the designated airport. Once the airplane taxied to the appropriate spot on the tarmac, an airstairs would roll up the the cabin door allowing the diplomatic delegation to descend to Brazilian soil. Foreign Minister Javier Torres would greet the Stormlands official saying, "Your excellency, it is an honor to meet you today. I hope our two countries may come to some type of formal agreement to better protect and sustain the South American Continent economically and militarily."


Both nations' delegations would then be taken to the Imperial Palace to have official deliberations.


"So mister Rhaemon Rhys'gar, what can the Empire of Brazil do for you today?"

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Rhaemon would gather his wits about him on his first diplomatic foray outside of the Stormlands, meeting the Brazilian Foreign Minister with a fist over his heart, and a bow of his head, the customary and respectful greeting of the Stormlander to another individual. "Likewise, Minister Torres, you're not the only one who has hopes and desires for a positive ending to this meeting. I hope that any resulting agreement will work to sustain the bonds of stability and peace within the region, and by extension, help continue to show the hemisphere in a positive light, despite the issues stemming from North America."


During the trip to the Imperial Palace, Rhaemon would organize some notes on a secure electronic tablet whilst taking glances at the scenery surrounding him.

After promptly arriving at the Imperial Palace and the designated meeting room, the Stormland delegate would take a moment to request a glass of water, as one of his aides would take up station at the door as was custom. After Torres posed his first question to Rhaemon, the Fist of the Protector smiled gently, "Well, I'm not entirely sure beyond formalizing relations, that you called this meeting, sir. But I suppose I would like to pose a question to you, I would like to know what the intent of Brazil is, in the South American continent, and within this hemisphere, what kind of member of this hemispheric community are you planning to be? And moreover, what kind of desires are you looking to accomplish as your nation establishes and consolidates itself?"

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"The Empire of Brazil envisions that it will play a vital role in the region economically, politically, and militarily. The Empire hopes to work closely with fellow American nations, like yourselves so that the Americas may remain diverse, but peaceful at the same time. Internally the Empire will be making several reforms to its educational, healthcare, and transportation systems/institutions. His Imperial Highness Emperor Salvatore and I see the Stormlands as an important ally in the region ad so we hope to be able to work closely with you presently and in the future politically and militarily. Emperor Salvatore has also decided that the first permanent representative of the Empire will be dispatched to your capital, if you so accept, to further facilitate bilateral relations between our two countries. The honorable Prince Cortez of Pará has been appointed to the post of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Stormlands effective immediately. We encourage Stormlands to do the same."

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"I'm glad that the Empire will be looking to its own affairs, education, health, and transport infrastructure are all vital aspects of a modern nation. It is only recently, in the past half year, that the Stormlands have truly progressed to seeking out external relations with other nations. It seems as though your own nation has been quite active in developing its relations abroad," nodded Rhaemon, thoughtfully, his words carefully chosen, yet flowing normally.


"That said, I hope that your nation understands that there has been a long established powerbase within the Americas as it is, I'm not so much warning you as I am giving you friendly advice. If you truly want to work with other nations within the Americas, to do so requires you to move within that framework and powerbase that has already been established. While I have no doubt that Brazil will mature and become a strong state, it is in the best interests of all that you realize there are boundaries to the established powerbase. Many nations see themselves with spheres of influence, and trying to impinge on them with relative quickness can complicate regional foreign politics. The Stormlands do not feel any impingement thus far, but I feel as though it is advisable to make you aware of these invisible boundaries that other nations do have and virulently uphold. Ignorance of their existence to many is no excuse, think of me of doing you a favor for informing you of this," responded Rhaemon, in a careful, yet polite tone of voice.


"I am personally glad that Brazil wants to be a productive and positive member of the hemisphere, working with us, rather than hopefully against the grain of progress in the region," he continued, in a more upbeat tone. "The Stormlands will certainly be dispatching a diplomat of our own, once I report back to Stormsend. That said, what are you hoping to see out of an agreement here today?"

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"I understand your point. In terms of a formal agreement I can have a draft treaty be drawn up and we can go from there. However, while that is being done may I hear your opinion on the current armed conflict hindering North American peace between the American Commonwealth and Quebec?"

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Rhaemon nodded, when the Brazilian representative offered to have a draft treaty written up.


"The current armed conflict in North America is, well, an essentially the fault of both sides not being able to live with one anothers' choices. The American Commonwealth enforces a strict policy of ensuring democratic governance in states that rise from its protectorate territories. Quebec was following this all well and good, before a coup deposed of the government, and from sketchy sources of information, began actively pursuing remnants of that government. What followed was mobilizations and both nations respective militaries preparing for all out war. The Stormlands tried to head this off before the war started, in what was the second diplomatic effort to try to end the war. The first was between both nations only, and we tried to mediate the second," explained Rhaemon, his tone of voice relatively indifferent.


"After those negotiations failed, principly because both nations were at loggerheads about their terms, the war proceeded in earnest, which sucked Kanadario into this mess," he continued, with a sigh. "The Stormlands has just cancelled its efforts to mediate a third peace meeting, due to what we see as a gross inability for either nation to simply sit down and come to terms. The so called 'straw that broke the camel's back', was when the American Commonwealth broke the armistice."


"My opinion on this entire matter, is that the North American factions involved in the conflict have morally bankrupt themselves, and the Stormlands, and any other nation should wipe their hands clean of the entire conflict, and let them kill one another. The conflict has become so embedded that nothing short of intervention would force a halt to movements, such an intervention, in my own mind, is not warranted, nor would I suggest embarking on one, in the interests of regional stability. Essentially, whoever wins this conflict, wins it, and whoever loses it, does so. To get involved now, is probably the worst thing that could be done. The High Council of the Stormlands is quite annoyed by the conduct of both parties, and initiated an embargo on all involved parties for the duration of the conflict, only approved government-appointed aid packages will be going north to help those who have been effected by this entire crisis."


"It is my opinion that your own nation would do wise to steer clear of this fray, it is simply too complicated, and far too messy to get involved with. Moreover, military action would be cause for an expansion of the war which is something that we all do not need," continued Rhaemon, folding his arms and sitting back in his chair.

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"I see. Well the Empire of Brazil has no current intentions of getting itself militarily involved and we will continue to call upon all involved parties to seek out an immediate political and peaceful solution."


Foreign Minister Javier Torres would then call in an aide, who then handed him a manila folder.


"Mister Rhaemon Rhys'gar, I have here a draft treaty for us to discuss."



Optional Defense Pact between Empire of Brazil and Stormlands


The parties; recognizing the mutual friendship and trust placed in each other, resolving to aid each other in the fulfilment of goals, and believing that is in the interests of both parties to enhance cooperation, have agreed as follows:


Article 1

Both Brazil and Stormlands agree to non-aggression between each other, which includes no nation conducting espionage, invade, blockade, embargo, share false intelligence, withhold important intelligence or otherwise harm the other.


Article 2

In the event either party comes under attach, the other signatory has the right to optionally join in defense of that nation.


Article 3

Both nations will fairly engage in commerce with each other and will not embargo or impose unfair tariffs unless it be on products prohibited by law. Neither nation will conduct trade with a foreign nation that is at war with one of the signatory of this treaty.


Article 4

Both parties will direct their various cultural and educational organizations and institutions to lay the frame work for cultural and education exchange programs between their respective nations in the hope that mutual learning of such matters will lead to a better and stronger relationship between their two peoples.


Article 5

The parties to this treaty may also voluntarily offer assistance in other miscellaneous matters including diplomatic actions and non-sensitive intelligence that may be deemed important to the other signatory.


Article 6

If for any reason the signatories feel this agreement is not in their best interests, there must be a warning notice of 1 year prior to cancellation. After this warning period, the treaty is then null and void.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned Plenipotentiaries, being duly authorized thereto by the collective peoples, have signed the present convention,


For Empire of Brazil:


For Stormlands:


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