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The Elly's Having A Hangover Treaty of Fafafa.


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The alliances of the Last Remnants and Guinness hereby declare their friendship and their wish to help each other out.

Article 1: Sovereignty.

The Last Remnants(TLR) and Guinness are both independant entities and shall remain so despite what the OWF says. We don't mess with each other's affairs and we agree that a rude and malicious violation of this article will most likely result to the whole treaty getting cancelled. So lets not, mkay?

Article 2: Non Aggression

TLR and Guinness agree to behave and refrain from attacking, spying on and conspire against each other. We both also promise not to aid any aggressive actions taken against the other signatory and if such a thing occurs, the treaty may get cancelled.

Article 3: Intelligence

We both agree to share any and all information that we consider to be important to each other's security and stability. This intel is to be considered confidential unless permission is given by the other to reveal it to others.

Article 4: Optional Defense

Should either of the signatories get attacked, it is encouraged but far from obligatory for the other to rush to their defense. Should they decide not to help with defense of their ally, this decision is to be respected and not questioned by the other. Thus - Optional!

Article 5: Optional Aggression

There may come a time when a signatory of this treaty wants to attack some third party not allied with either of them, they may request or the other party may offer to roll onto the battlefield with them. If the other chooses not to join the aggression, it is respected and not disputed by the other. Again - optional!

Article 6: Cancellation

This treaty may be cancelled at any point but the intention of doing so must be communicated to the other 72 hours before it is considered cancelled. The signatories can then decide whether to publicly announce the cancellation or merely let it slip into oblivion.

Should articles 1 and/or 2 get violated by the other party and no diplomatic solution found to this, this treaty may be cancelled immediately without having to wait the period mentioned in article 6.

Till such a time comes, lets drink and be merry!


For The Last Remnants(contains new information):


Hombre de Murcielago


Rifleman - Internal Affairs
Cripple - Economics
Rileyaddaff - War
Rush...? Maybe? Possibly? - Foreign Affairs

For Guinness:

Vosegus, Provost
Kanati, Praetor
Wartornplace, Chancellor of Interior
Red Army, Chancellor of Finance
Kanati, Chancellor of State
Sergei Romanov, Chancellor of Defense

tl;dr version: The Last Remnants and Guinness signed an ODoAP. Rejoice!



12wUPjf.jpg  x~o~x 12wUPjf.jpg x~o~x 12wUPjf.jpg


And have a special edition Pipboy Porter, straight from the Vault:



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