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Coup d'état in Cloudshy


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HEARTS AFLUTTER, May 12: Tanks rolled into the streets in the capital of Cloudshy as the regime of General Angel "Bunny" al-Arnab is toppled by a bloodless coup Monday morning. The surprising twist of events came as a shock to the world as they watched the Cloudite army oust their own general from power and replaced him with a civilian, only known as "the Envoy".  
Cloudshy is a North African nation founded 44 years ago by Princess Dragonshy "Fluttershy" al-Pegasi. Angel was instrumental in the early years of Cloudshy and enjoys status as a founding father of the nation. As Vizier, General Angel became the head of government and de-facto ruler of Cloudshy after the death of Dragonshy 3 years ago. However, the dead Dragonshy was posthumously named Eternal Princess and recognized as the head of state by law.  
General Angel's rule became increasingly unpopular with his reclusive ruling style and erratic handling of the national budget. The last straw came in the form of the $1 billion dollar contract awarded for a nuclear power plant complex in the town of Seraph (which purportedly only cost $75 million to build). The power plant was scheduled to be opened today - the day of the coup.
Envoy, who assumed the position of Vizier of Cloudshy today, told the nation that the power plant will be opened as scheduled, "since the money had been spent". 
Envoy, a previously unknown figure in Cloudite politics, claims that the coup was under "direct orders from Princess Dragonshy" from a dream. He also claims to be the fourth reincarnation of a series of rulers on other planets.
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