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Alliance Disbandment

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Hello, I am knights111 of the Brotherhood of Kings. Today, the former society of the Brotherhood has officially disbanded. We jave faught conflict, war, and declared peace, gaining the attention of many people, in just three weeks. Why has this happened? Well, failures in recruitment and member gaining have resulted in risks. Also, threats and unexpected wars have lead to an unsuccessful alliance. Please note that this alliance is to not be resurrected without permission if knights111. Thank you, goodbye fir a final time.

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You have to give it time to recruit. Alliances aren't built in a few hours, it takes a few days to get a few members.


I sent you aid and were going to help you and help you fight, but since your disbandment, idk what to do.


EDIT: I sent a message to the Feminist or what not nation attacking you to halt aggression.

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If he stays can you go?

I haven't been active for a semester and this place was practically a ghost town. If you become active and contribute to the community, I wouldn't feel needed.

Also how am I supposed to take you seriously with a name and avatar like that? You look like one of them yeropeean types. Edited by Rotavele
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