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The North Atlantic Coalition of Countries

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The North Atlantic Coalition of Countries



In recognition of our Brotherhood, strong Friendship, and with regard to continued Prosperity, the North Atlantic Defense Coalition (NADC) and the Christian Coalition of Countries (CCC), hereafter referred to as “the signatories”, do hereby enter this Treaty of Dual Membership.

Article I

The signatories pledge to open up their forums to each other's members to the extent of allowance as standard membership, except in the case of mutually agreed upon exceptions. Voting rights will not be extended to visiting members, nor will the ability to run for office, be appointed to an office, or otherwise partake in the governance of the host alliance.

Article II

The signatories remain responsible for the conduct of their respective members, and therefore pledge that civility, tact, and intelligent conversation will be the order and rule of the day.

Article III

The host alliance retains the right to revoke the mask of any visiting member, for any reason. The signatories pledge to work to solve any incidents or disagreements that may occur as a result of this agreement in a timely and gracious manner.

Article IV

In order to ensure that the respective cultures of the signatories are treated with the respect they merit, visiting members must abide by any and all rules specified by the host alliance, with relation to forum use.

Article V

Both signatories pledge to give their utmost effort in maintaining and growing the relationship that this agreement represents. With this in mind, this agreement may only be canceled by a signatory after all other courses of action are attempted. In this case, a notice to cancel must be made 72 hours beforehand.

Signed for the North Atlantic Defense Coalition,

Tiagoroth - Secretary General
Aurelius - Deputy Secretary General and Foreign Affairs Minister
Signor Boredom - Internal Affairs Minister
Aloysius - Military Operations Commander
Scotia the Brave - Finance Minister

Signed for the Christian Coalition of Countries,

Britishdude - Chancellor
Llanowar Elf - Vice Chancellor
Les Paul Supreme - Minister of Internal Affairs
Wrath of God - Minister of Defense
Ruler the White - Minister of Foreign Affairs

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Since MCXA & NADC already have a dual membership treaty, does this kind of make this a three-way?


Fake edit: Three-way membership treaty, I mean.


you know you want to see a 3 way with us Gopher ;)

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It's funny how we get told that we are no longer a Christian alliance in literally every announcement we are involved in, irrespective of what we do. Something tells me that it isn't we who are the problem.

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Now, although this is good, I need to criticize. Isn't the CCC supposed to be a christian alliance? Well, there goes the "Christian" part of this alliance.

dude, what? Stuff like this is why I put a price on your head.
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I think he was just confused by the title (which was a pun of course). Understandable mistake for those unfamiliar with DMTs.


Have no fear Oneleven... NADC and CCC remain independent groups. A base-level dual-membership treaty simply allows nations in either alliance to have additional access to each other's forums, to increase brotherhood between close allies and facilitate an exchange of expertise, ideas, and activity. :)


Some DMTs can be more advanced; but that's what this one does.

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