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A Trip Down the Nile


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OOC: Fed up with doing studying. Was going to wait for weekend, felt like doing it earlier. Woo diplomacy lol.

TO: The Athenian Federation
FROM: Okot Samara, Chancellor of Sudan

To Whomever it may concern,

It occurs to me that despite being granted independence by the Athenian Federation, little discussion has occurred between our two states. While I'm far from the type to run headlong into a treaty, I feel that a mutually beneficial arrangement could be made between our nations, such as a trade agreement. I hope that your government may find the time to receive a representative
from Sudan.

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Okot Samara,


On behalf of the Megale Autokrateira and the Athenian Federation at large I welcome your desire to reach a mutually beneficial agreement and formally invite you to Cairo for a discussion on the future of the ties between our two states.


-Ariel David,

Magistrate of Imperial Affairs



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Upon his arrival Chancellor Samara would be received by a delegation of officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a group of High Guard to make sure nothing could happen to him while inside the Athenian Federation. From there he would be taken to the Heliopolis Palace which by now had become the de facto hub of Imperial operations within Aegyptus. 


Once at the palace the Chancellor would be further escorted to a conference room where the Magistrate of Imperial Affairs was already waiting. "Chancellor Samara, welcome to the Athenian Federation" She said as she extended a hand.

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"I am sure that is not the case but thank you for the compliment" She said. "Please sit down" 


As Ariel took her own seat at the other side of the table she instructed the aide to provide some drinks for the two. Negotiations without some water were after all painful. 


"You wished to discuss relations between our two states?"

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He took a seat across from her and took a sip of water before speaking, "Ah, yes. Nothing too fancy, it had just occurred to me that Sudan and Athens had no formal relations. It seemed absurd that we had done nothing to contact the nation which had granted us independence. I hope you don't mind if I am blunt when I say so, but I feel that some kind of free trade agreement could be beneficial to both parties. Perhaps even a basing agreement, though I doubt Athens needs the use of Port Sudan. But it's newly renovated and we have no navy of our own."

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