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The Round Table

Captain Enema

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[07:36] <Nash> Mr. Denard, I came as quickly as we got the message. What is on Legion's mind?
[07:36] <Nash> jonathan nash
01[07:36] <denard> "Mr. Nash, thank you for coming, please take a seat. Your flight, I hope it went well?"
[07:37] <Nash> "A little bumpy, but nothing unbearable. Thank you for hosting me."
01[07:38] <denard> "Given the history between Sierra Leone and Legion, it is our very delighted honor to have you here. We weren't sure we would get a response. Yet, here you and I are. Can I have the waiter get you anything before I get into the fine details of my proposal?"
[07:40] <Nash> "No thank you, I had plenty on the flight here. I'll admit the message came as a surprise, but we are willing to listen. Sierra Leone is short on friends."
01[07:41] <denard> "What I propose is a round table. Each seat being filled by a representative from an African nation. The purpose of the table being to provide a back channel to all who participate. A means of quickly distributing intelligence, prioritizing aid, and inking beneficial economic deals."
[07:43] <Nash> "I see. If I may ask, who else would be a part of this round table?"
01[07:44] <denard> "Well, funny you should ask. Sudan is going to be invited, Guinea, and of course.... Gabon. I am pushing for this to be an informal relationship at the time being given recent events."
[07:47] <Nash> "Interesting, very interesting indeed. I can say right now Sierra Leone would have no problems being a part of this table, so long as it remains informal for the time being."
01[07:48] <denard> "At to be very clear, this is not a means of exerting military influence against others. Merely a means of creating inter-African cooperation, intelligence sharing, and economic prosperity for smaller African nations."
[07:49] <Nash> "Of course. African cooperation is certainly something we in Sierra Leone can agree to without pause."
01[07:53] <denard> "Good, now onto other business, I have in my hands a signed Nonaggression Pact between Legion and Sierra Leone. Well, signed by my government, it would require your government's approval. Further, I have another document from Legion Works, our largest small arms and tank manufacturer,  asking to develop a joint merger in Sierra Leone, with Legion Works being a silent partner."
[07:58] <Nash> "I believe I can get this non-aggression pact signed in easily. And this for Legion Works, I will have to take this to the military and see what they think."
01[07:59] <denard> "I don't know of many military officers, myself included, who would say know to fresh off the line rifles, light machine guns, and the like. Again, I emphasize that Legion Works relationship would be that of a silent partner. Money would be provided, technical experts if needed, but the bulk of the work and jobs going to Sierra Leone."
[08:01] <Nash> "I only say that as I know there's been talk of replacing our main rifle. Other than that, I doubt there will be much opposition."
01[08:01] <denard> "Ah, well, what designs are being proposed then? Legion is on the look out for new designs ourself. Our recent civil.... issues.. put a great deal of wear on our current models."
[08:03] <Nash> "I believe the .62mm variant of the Galil is under trials, as well as the SIG SG 540. I believe other than of course our current M91 rifle and AKM designs those are the only designs under consideration."
01[08:04] <denard> "Well, possibly Legion Works may end up being interested in providing development assistance or even producing your versions of these weapons in Legion under a license agreement."
[08:08] <Nash> 'Hm, that may end up easily passed as well. Well then, is there any other interesting prospects that can be raised?"
01[08:08] <denard> "None at this time, might I ask how you all in Sierra Leone are doing given recent Gabonese adventures?"
[08:11] <Nash> "Those who lost friends and family are hurting, of course. Thankfully, my sister's son, an airman, was spared any serious wounds during the short fighting. We will come back, however. We always do."
01[08:13] <denard> "Yes, you certainly do. Do you need anything, immediately to alleviate some of this hurt? Anything to help the injured?"
[08:15] <Nash> "You have already provided so much for us, I cannot think of anything that I can ask of you. Except perhaps, of the Gabonese wounded. The issue of them came up in the House yesterday. It would greatly ease our minds if they were transferred to Legion care until they can return to Gabon."
01[08:16] <denard> "We have our medical officers on site. We could fly them north to the old Legion Firebase. Keep them there until the agreement between Sierra Leone and Gabon is formalized. We would however require Gabon's agreement in this matter."
[08:19] <Nash> "Of course. If nothing else, Sierra Leonean personnel could provide security at the minimum while Legion medical officers tend to them."
01[08:29] <denard> "I think it might be better, specifically for Sierra Leone, if the prisoners were moved away as soon as possible. Many conclusions can be drawn from them being in your hands, none of them pleasant. Perhaps, Sierra Leone could agree to sending to the firebase, which is just over the border, with security to be provided by Legion hired contractors."
[08:30] <Nash> "Fair enough. I'll see to it that the appropriate arrangements are made."



And with that, the first two seats of the African Roundtable were filled.

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01[10:18] <denard> "I give both of you these signed Nonagression pact agreements that have been signed by my government. They require your signatures and bind both parties to seek nonviolent resolutions prior to dissolving them. I would hope we could all sign such agreements with each other, but for now, this is a demonstration of Legion's trust being placed in your nations."
06[10:18] * denard slides the signed NAPs to Outtara and Samara.
06[10:18] * Okot_Samara briefly looks over the document, then scribbles out a signature.
06[10:19] * @Ouattara does the same
[10:19] <Okot_Samara> You can telefax a copy to my office.
[10:19] <@Ouattara> You can send one telepathically to mine
[10:20] <@Ouattara> or I can, I guess
01[10:20] <denard> "Thank you, I also have these documents from Legion Works. I have provided a similiar arrangement with Sierra Leone. In essence, the document proposes to create a joint venture, with Legion Works being an extremely silent partner, in your nations. We provide money, if needed technical experties, and your nations get the factories and jobs."
[10:20] <@Ouattara> I'll send it over to John to look over
06[10:20] * denard slides the new documents over to Ouattara and Samara.
[10:21] <Okot_Samara> I'll have to take a closer look at this. I'll see if I can't get you an answer in a few days time.
06[10:21] * Okot_Samara folds the document neatly and places it inside his coat.
[10:24] <@Ouattara> I'm going to need to take some steps to ensure we do not become reliant upon Legion Works for jobs, factories, and money
[10:24] <@Ouattara> And Legion Works will be held to the same economic restrictions as any foreign company
01[10:28] <denard> Again, we are providing a silent partnership. Money, expertises, and none of the building sites and none of the jobs coming our way. We seek to partner ourselves with a promising local company to promote their growth. Not to create a clone of Legion Works in your country. The agreement calls for a 40 percent stake, to Legion Works, that gives your local company a 60 percent stake.
[10:29] <Okot_Samara> As I said, I'll have to think about it. Pass it by my economic advisers. Nothing too intensive.
01[10:30] <denard> That seems prudent, take your time with it.
01[10:30] <denard> I will point out, Legion welcomes foreign investment.
[10:32] <@Ouattara> I will have to have our economic minister look it over
01[10:33] <denard> My office is open 24 hours a day if more information is needed.
06[10:33] * Okot_Samara looks at his watch.
[10:33] <Okot_Samara> Is there anything else we need to discuss?
01[10:33] <denard> Do we have an accord with the roundtable concept, can I depend on you two to take a seat at it?
[10:33] <@Ouattara> indeed
[10:34] <Okot_Samara> Of course.
01[10:34] <denard> When the conference starts up again, you can depend on Legion's support for the economic treaty we discussed earlier.
[10:35] <@Ouattara> Thank you gentlemen, this was productive
06[10:36] * @Ouattara stands up, shakes Okot_Samara and Denard's hands



With that concluded, two became four. Gabon and Athens would be next, should they agree. 

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06[05:57] * Denard Denard offers Lord Marr a seat at his table in one of Libreville's finer dining establishments. A very private seat at that as the reservations for every other table in the place were seemingly canceled with a large... 'tip'. Further, the only person in the place other than Lord Marr's security is Denard's assistant.
06[05:59] * Lord_Marr Lord Marr would take the offered seat with little ceremony simply sitting down and looking over to Denard and his assistant. "I was told you wished to talk to someone on the Council. I Lord Marr is here. Talk quickly I do not like my time being wasted".
01[06:01] <Denard> "Good, I bring two things for you. First, news that your wounded in Sierra Leone are in the hands of Legion Medical Officers and they are to be moved out of Sierra Leone into full Legion control in the near future."
01[06:01] <Denard> "They will be relocated just over the border to a former Legion base and visitors from Gabon are encouraged."
01[06:02] <Denard> "Comments or concerns Lord Marr?"
[06:03] <Lord_Marr> "Very well. Continue to care for them until they are fit enough to travel and then have them returned to the homeland. They will be needed back with their units".
01[06:04] <Denard> "Good, the second bit of business is something a bit more complex. I've been meeting with different African leaders attempting to forge an informal round table. A table where information can be shared, problems be solved, and business deals hatched. Thus far Sudan, Guinea, Legion, and Sierra Leone have agreed to sign on. I hope to meet with Madagascar, Draka, and Athens in the future to determine if they want to involve themselves."
[06:07] <Lord_Marr> "I see. An interesting concept and one that Imperial Gabon can be a part of. I take it that no one nation will have higher influence that any other? Also though I will agree to joining for Imperial Gabon now, that may change depending on the Dominion of Draka's response".
01[06:08] <Denard> "No one nations will have higher influence over the other. The table is informal, no treaty to enforce, just a place to meet and resolve problems, share information, and promote stronger economic ties."
[06:09] <Lord_Marr> "Very well. Then pending a negative reaction from the Dominion you can count Imperial Gabon as a member".
01[06:11] <Denard> "Good, the next order of business is a formal document between Legion and Gabon. Each member to join the Roundtable is being offered an NAP."
06[06:11] * Denard takes out the document and slides it over the table.
01[06:11] <Denard> "It is signed by my government and needs on your government's approval."
01[06:11] <Denard> "Call it a gesture of good faith on Legion's part to demonstrate that we seek to promote civil discourse above all else."
06[06:12] * Lord_Marr looked down at the document with a sneer before removing a pen and quickly signing it.
[06:12] <Lord_Marr> "As a Lord of the Council I speak for Imperial Gabon".
01[06:13] <Denard> "Excellent, I will have the official copies forwarded to your government. I wish you good day, I suspect the owner of this fine place might want it back before the lunch hour crowd comes a calling."
[06:14] <Lord_Marr> "Perhaps. He would not dare anger a Lord" replied Lord Marr as he stood and left before Denard, returning to the Citadel where more work awaited him.



With that concluded, Gabon has provisionally accepted a seat at the table.

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