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2nd Annual Sierra Leonean Elections

Markus Wilding

Annual Sierra Leone Elections  

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With the conclusion of the only hours-long Sierra Leonean-Gabonese War, the Sierra Leonean people have taken to the voting booths. Political experts predict another Afro-Russo Communist Front victory, given the incumbent coalition's success in both responding to in force and beating back the imperialist Gabonese military. In counter to this the Africa First Legion, composed of both the Silver Legion and Afro-Military Front, is expected to gain some votes but not enough to dislodge the very strong Afro-Russo Communist Front.


The Afro-Russo Communist Front, despite promises of increased military spending, social reforms, and strong economic ties with key world players like Russia, has failed to deliver on the one campaign promise it ran on last season, that being the establishment of closer ties with Russia. According to anonymous internal sources, the Russian foreign ministry has failed to respond to the Sierra Leonean request for a meeting, although this has been attributed to what one source in the Sierra Leonean Ministry called "internal troubles" within Russia. In spite of this however, Sierra Leone is reportedly in talks with East African regional power Sudan, although the Foreign Ministry declined to comment on what the talks were about. Both parties that make up the Afro-Russo Communist Front stated their intent to continue expanding economic and social progress within Sierra Leone.


The Africa First Legion pointed to the recent war as an even greater example of why the Sierra Leonean people should place them into power. Notable Afro-Military Front politician Sean Reid said in his campaign that "the unwarranted aggression by Gabon only proves that we are needed to guide Sierra Leone. Gabon invaded us because foreigners infiltrated their government. Under our watch, we will see to it that all foreign influence is removed from Africa." While removal of non-African nations is a stance taken only by the Afro-Military Front, both it and the Silver Legion of Sierra Leone have promised to repeal the Militia Disbandment Act, as well as repeal and remove the various limitations on Sierra Leone's film industry, notably the National Board of Review.


The Educated People's Union, the only party not part of a major political coalition, has promised to remove the limitations imposed on film, like the Africa First Legion, but has also named pieces of legislature aimed at curtailing and preventing corporate abuse of nature and worker's rights. Further promises named also suggested reduced military spending, with the surplus going to funding educational opportunities in Sierra Leone and opening new schools, universities, and colleges. The EPU has stated it will work with the Afro-Russo Communists to prevent the Africa First Legion from repealing the Militia Disbandment Act.

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In a surprise turn of events, the Educated People's Union has gained majority position in the House of Representatives, as well as usurping incumbent Maximilian Ionaster. However, Ionaster will not be leaving politics quite yet as the elections have placed him as Vice President.


In the House, the Afro-Russo Party is only slightly behind the EPU in number of seats, leaving the Communist Party to scramble. The Africa First Legion has also lost many seats, but it is expected the coalition will still hold strong. Maximilian Ionaster has stated that "although our brave friends in the Communist Party have served us well, it is clear we must head our separate ways now." This move places the Communist Party, once a strong contender and director of Sierra Leonean politics and economy, at a severe disadvantage in the House. Presidential candidate Marcus Willwalker spoke of the Afro-Russo announcement as a "disgrace [and] abandonment of their comrades".

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