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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Kingdom of Iceland


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Ministry of Foreign Affairs


The Kingdom of Iceland




Standing Rules and Regulations



Foreign Relations
The Kingdom of Iceland currently only has established foreign relations with the Athenian Federation, which includes a mutual defense pact and free trade, and Legion. Other nations are seen as favorable to the people of Iceland, such as the American Commonwealth or the Norse Kingdom, but no formal diplomatic ties exist. While Vatican City remains part of the Athenian Federation, the Holy See is the only entity which has an ambassador and embassy from Iceland other than the Athenian Federation which also has both. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is in charge of assigning diplomats to foreign countries; however, such actions must first be approved by the Althing which was been known to be isolationist in this regard.



The Kingdom of Iceland does not observe full and open trade with the entire world. Starting at its independence from the Athenian Federation, the Royal Government forbid importing or exporting goods from or to other nations. Once the Icelandic Customs Service was instated, trade was slowly opened with European nations and later nations outside of Europe. As the law presently stands, the nations of Europe and North America have free and open trade with Iceland. Legion and African holdings of Athens also have open trade. Imports from South America are limited to food, and trade with Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica have not been established. Except for illegal substances or goods, the government does not enforce tariffs on specific countries but will issue embargoes during times of war. The Customs Service is ordered by the MoFA to "provide free and fair trade to sanctioned countries". The Athenian Federation is currently Iceland's largest trade partner, followed by the American Commonwealth.



The Kingdom of Iceland issues visas to foreign diplomats who wish to come to Iceland on official government business. Citizens of the Athenian Federation are granted visas within one week and citizens of other European nations - plus the American Commonwealth - are granted visas within two weeks. Citizens of all other nations typically wait three weeks to one month for their Visas to be approved. All foreigners have routine background checks done on them. Suspicious civilians may be denied without reason. All visa applications must go through the MoFA. Specific numbers of civilians from foreign nations are regulated and kept track of so that too many are never in Iceland at any given time. Foreigners do not retain the same liberties as citizens of Iceland, IE peaceful assembly or the right to bare arms, and can be detained with reasonable suspicion for twenty-four hours before being released or deported back to their home country.  

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The Bureau of Special Intelligence




From Office of The Director 

To Top Secret


Orders: Find and map Bear Islands' Nation of The Bear military installations and barracks and then send a company in to investigate Nanutatek.

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