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this nation can be recognized or not, I do not care. I will not recognize attacks that have not been agreed upon by me in advance. Wars and rp should be collaborative. If you want to play with me, the following are the rules.

1) RP is discussed in advance.
2) Using ooc logs and conversations to justify ic actions, not allowed.
3) The rp desired is long term rp, don't bother me with your whining about needing a cheap thrill. If you want a war, we can do something, but only after the rp is put into place to justify a build up to war.
4) War posts will be very clearly written using technology we've both agreed upon, likewise so will character combat posts. All fights must start with the exact equipment, units, and locations of the units being stated.
5) RPing a character in Rapture is permitted and welcomed so long as you aren't burning down the place. Feel free to science, be a singer, an artista, whatever you'd like, for reference in comparison to the rapture storyline, 1954 or so, ADAM's been discovered, no civil war, hopefully you'll all assist in creating a lovely storyline to cause the chaos.
6) I control the ADAM.

IC: The City hadn't been completed upon the initiation of attacks against The Cape, but enough of the population had been relocated to begin operations, The City was more beautiful than Mogar could have ever imagined. The blend of technology, architecture, and nature, truly this would be one of the world's greatest wonders. Mogar looked out upon the beacon in the darkness of the ocean floor he had created, his bathyscaphe finally landing, he saw what many more would seen shortly, walking between the Adonis statues, he traveled through the City to the MoG[Corp] tower at the center of the city, a short message would be sent out to the most talented individuals globally, those who replied to the call would find their way to the lighthouse entrance Mogar had just gone through, civilian vessels dispatched to retrieve them, marked as vessels from allies of where ever they were picking up people to not arise suspicion. There were many rooms to fill, so many science labs, studios, workshops. The city was a paradise, they simply needed to visit and Mogar knew they'd be hooked.

I am Mogar, and I am here to ask you a question. Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? 'No,' says the man in Beijing, 'it belongs to the poor.' 'No,' says the man in the Vatican, 'it belongs to God.' 'No,' says the man in Moscow, 'it belongs to everyone.' I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose... Rapture. A city without ignorant nationalism. A city where the artist would not fear the censor. Where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality. Where the great would not be constrained by the small. And with the sweat of your brow, Rapture can become your city as well.


Construction would continue, though much more slowly with the tragic loss of the primary backers. The Lighthouse above was the only way anyone on the surface would know of the city. All RADAR and radio waves, would be scrambled within 30 miles, jamming constantly fluctuating to not allow for easy countermeasure, an EMP pulse being emitted constantly from the lighthouse in place of the traditional beam of light. Rapture vessels would be immune to this, using vacuum tubes, and able to navigate their way to drop off their passengers.


The Frozen Triangle was born.

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A business representative from Uruguay would be appointed and ordered to make contact with the government of the Cape. No man, nor city, is an island unto himself or itself. The nation of Uruguay would hopefully with time become partners with this bold new experiment in Africa.


A telegram is sent:



Diplomatic Cable

"Senor Juan Valdez of Uruguay wishes to visit the Cape for purposes of diplomacy and business. He is a duly appointed member of the Uruguayan government and a member of the Uruguayan Business Bureau."

- Presidente Rapheal Montessori

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OOC: My Rapture's Location is roughly -39.958206S, -16.636192W. But since Cape citizens make up most of my population I could consider myself African pretty easily.



Diplomatic Cable

"A Vessel will be dispatched to drop off Pablo Navarro, chosen by me to be Rapture's representative to Uruguay, As well as to retrieve Mr Valdez and bring him to Rapture, unfortunately at this time traditional vessels are unable to enter our Economic Zone.

- Mogar, City Council Chairman




Chapter 1: Sea Slugs and Suggestive Behavior


Mogar stood in front of the window in one of the science labs, a dissected slug lay on the nearby table next to a tank filled with a dozen still living slugs. the light from the surrounding ocean floor gave him a feeling familiar to clear nights in The Cape, Aurora Australis couldn't be seen in the depths of Rapture, but the biomass gave the same emotional response. Shaking his head of the distracting memories he returned to inspecting the slug, they all glowed like the biomass outside. Logic dictated that they gained the luminescence from eating the algae, but it didn't explain the incredible regenerative properties the slug's stem cells contained. the useful green liquid was extracted and the sample disposed of. Sighing as he put the viscous green fluid into the storage fridge, he went to find Antansija. She was currently juggling getting the city's operations flowing smoothly on top of her own historical research, while he was juggling selecting the right people to join in this community, the research into the mysterious slugs, his own research, and making proper appearances to those who have came already.


Antansija was on her computer brushing up on the details of the end of the Cold War on Wikipedia when Mogar entered her room, "Oh, hey." she said, obviously a bit tired from the 'extensive' research. Mogar laid on her bed exhausted, he had rarely a moment anymore to simply relax "I have yet another party to go to, I am beginning to regret taking the mantle of leadership upon myself, I had forgotten the drudgery of these affairs, would you kindly join me in attending the debauchery? It would provide me with at least an excuse to always escape from the repetitive conversations."


 "Sure, better than staring blankly at a screen." she says, standing and stretching, getting a tad lightheaded as she did so and steadying herself on the desk, "Maybe you should get a steward or something." Mogar chuckled as he sat back up, "then instead of having these conversations with a dozen people, I'd merely have them with one person twelve times." he took her hand and led her back into the hallway, walking through the city to yet another gala celebrating the opening of someone's corporation. the thought depressed him, here these people were celebrating as their recent neighbors and friends were a few hundred miles under attack by fascists, he shook the thoughts from his head as they went through one of the many glass tunnels connecting the buildings, a blue wall swimming just above them. "I don't think I'll ever get tired of such beauty."


"I should hope not." she says, rubbing her eyes, "That would be quite the change and I think I've gotten enough changes to my lifestyle lately." Mogar kissed her just before the door to the other building, the sound of the whale's song vibrating through the floor. "You'll learn to get used to the chaos that surrounds me dear, I do appreciate you agreeing to assist me though, I guess the quickest way to a girls heart is also through her stomach." he stuck out his tongue at her, reminding her of their first meeting. with his hand on the door he brushed her hair behind her ear, "Any last words before we play among the eloi?" Antansija kisses him back, "Can I at least adjust back to normal civilization first?" She asks jokingly, "Come on, let's go."


Mogar opens the door, the bright lights of Fontaine Futuristics flooding out, they walked together down the hallway, a large line was formed outside the entrance to the gala, they simply walked past it, bouncer opening the velvet rope instantly for them. Maroon carpeting covered the ballroom they entered, a statue of Atlas holding the world in the center of the room, giant glass windows covering two walls, the ceilings easily forty feet high. The party was smaller scale compared to most events lately, a little over a hundred and fifty people were in attendance, another hundred outside hoping to get in.


He gripped to her hand a bit tighter, knowing crowds were not always the best environment for her, and walked with her to the nearest bar, "I'll have a glass of Jack, neat, the lady will have..." trailing off to let her answer for herself.  "A glass of Bourgogne, please." she says, pricking a hole on the inside of her bottom lip and sipping a little of her own blood, something she considered a bad habit. Mogar leans against her whispering in her ear "I had forgotten to ensure you had eaten before we had came here, I can send for something if you'd like." The bartender poured a tall glass for Mogar, selecting a 1982 bottle to start off the lady, not the most expensive bottle they had in stock but far from the cheapest. Mogar picked up his glass and leaned his back against the bar, scanning the room, Fontaine had noticed his entrance but thankfully was distracted for the moment.  "That would be nice, although, I'm not 'terribly' thirsty I guess." she shrugs, taking the glass and drinking about half of it right off.


Mogar finally gets approached by Fontaine, him being the only reason to even attend this affair, he shook Mogar's hand enthusiastically, "Welcome to our opening ceremony Mogar, so happy you could have made it, and who is this lovely woman?" he said, taking her right hand and kissing it. Mogar caught her eye long enough to let her know to just go with it, replying "Noblise oblige, I am at the service of all who chose to inhabit my city of course." returning his gaze to meet Fontaine's.  "I'm Antansija, it's very nice to meet you." she says, continuing to sip her wine. "I'm Frank Fontaine, what a pleasure to meet such a beauty." Rather than letting Fontaine continue to behave as a schoolboy, Mogar quickly changed gears to matters of business. "As your own researchers have no doubt told you by now, I've been assisting them on their little "problem" they've been having, and have come up with a few solutions to the matter of mass production. I'll need another day or two but I should have something solid very soon." Fontaine nodded while still occasionally glancing at Antansija. "Sounds excellent, I am appreciative of your expertise to help in that matter." both of them keeping things generalized to not allow for listening ears to get too interested. "I will speak to you soon Frank, I suppose we both should get back to mingling, wouldn't want to keep your guests waiting too long." Mogar said as he finished his glass, gesturing to the bartender for a refill


 Fontaine nodded again, "We'll be in touch Mogar." stealing another glance, he bowed to her "Until we meet again Antansija." she nods at him, "It's been a pleasure to meet you Mr. Fontaine." she smiles at him genially. Mogar sighs as the man walks away, turning back to his newly refilled glass, he kisses just under Antasija's ear, "lets find somewhere a bit more private, there's several dozen others just dying to have that same exact conversation, I'd much rather sit and enjoy your company for the time being." Antansija puts a hand on his shoulder as he kisses her, "Abandoning the party already are we? Alright, after you dear." Taking her by the hand they mazed their way through the crowd, he acknowledged those that greeted him but did not stop for idle conversation, they made their way to the balcony overlooking the party, the large globe just underneath them. He looked out upon the schools of fish just outside the window "they live in an engineering marvel, but would rather admire themselves than the beauty outside."


"A tad narcisistic." Antansija says, "I think the place is wonderful, if a bit dangerous as a whole. A good place to be left alone by the world." He smiles at the thought for a moment before returning to a frown "such is the problem with my dream of this place, the truly great know just how amazing they are." another pod of whales swam by, their songs finally causing a lull in conversation, nearly everyone admiring the largest animal that ever existed. "Perhaps I'll just come up with a way to keep them near," nodding to the creatures, "no matter the size of your ego, those seem to make everyone realize just how small they are." thinking of how four of the statue before them could fit inside a whale's mouth with room to spare. "Magnificent creatures." she muses, almost to herself, "Really magnificent. Do you think we'll stay here long?"


"only until the secret moon base is completed." he said sarcastically, taking another swig of his drink before smiling at her "I'll take that as a yes." she smiles wryly, "Would now be a bad time to mention that I'm claustrophobic?" she continues jokingly.  "A tad bit late, yes." he kissed her again, their time for romance so limited since leaving the surface. "There's so much wonderous things down here, I think i've only begun to scratch the surface of what this liquid can do, the regeneration is only the beginning. It's almost like a "good" cancer in its abilities, changing the very nature of the cells its replacing. I think with refinements and of course a much grander production than simply capturing slugs from out there, I can recreate life itself." She looked at him wide eyed "Sounds pretty godlike. Just make sure you don't mess it up and end up making those things from that one Alien movie." she says, remembering the night she'd stayed up to brush up on pop culture and had watched that movie. "They just wanted someone to love them, aliens are misunderstood creatures." he scanned the room one final time to ensure there was nobody that required his attention before downing the remains of his drink putting the empty glass on a nearby server's tray, he extended his hand to her "Come on, I'll show you something I've been working on using it, we'll have to head back to my lab though."

"Alright, I'm cool with getting away from here, however short the time that we've been here in the first place has been." she says, taking his hand in hers. Out the door on the second floor and down the stairs, they returned to the tunnel that would bring them back to MoG[Tower]. He wrapped his arm around her waist, leaning against her slightly, the 10 shots in the span of a half hour finally kicking in as they moved. "I prefer my privacy as of late, I get so little of it anymore. I can't wait for all these trivial ceremonies and formalities to be over, I may have projects for the next century, but I'm sure once we get a moment I can find time for us to resume our hunt for the artifacts."


"I'd like that. We going to do more time travel?" she asks, putting an arm on his shoulder and steadying him to the best of her ability. She'd only had one or two drinks, but she knew exactly how much Mogar had. "most likely if your research is proven correct, I'm going to need to turn on the nuclear reactor for that, the geothermal power is more than enough for powering the city, but creating a wormhole is an entirely different level of power requirements." he pressed his palm against the panel to his private elevator, stepping in with her but actually pressing a button escaped his mind, his hands grabbing onto her hips as he pressed her back against the side of the elevator, lifting her up and kissing her passionately. Antansija vocalizes her surprise as he rushes onto her, her mind clouded by the passion of his kiss. She savors it for a minute, almost getting too far into it before she remembered that they were supposed to be going somewhere, "Sir, t-the lab?" she says to him a bit shakily, steadying herself against the wall of the elevator. Mogar sighs "oh... right..." before resuming the embrace, letting his tongue slip between her lips to search for hers. He put a leg between her thighs, allowing him to let go of her long enough to glance over and press the button, the elevator began humming as it shot upwards, his hand returning to her side. Antansija wraps her arms around him and pulls him closer, kissing him with some amount of restraint, not wishing to have this get too far along, at least not while they were still in the elevator.


Mogar broke the lip-lock upon the DING, "let's show you the next step in human evolution, we can resume this in a few moments." Antansija breathes heavily as they leave the elevator for this demonstration. Returning to the lab with the slugs in it, he let go of her hand, leaving her near the center of the room, and meandered his way to the storage fridge, taking out a vial with a bright blue liquid, along with another with a pale blue fluid. He handed the pale one to her, "Allow me to demonstrate doll." downing the bright blue vial, he set it down atop the fridge, his fingertips on his left hand fluttering, sparks beginning to appear as he continues the gesture, a lamp sat on a nearby desk, taking a moment to aim carefully, a stream of electricity shot out of his palm, the bulb pulsing, glowing brighter and brighter before finally exploding. "Woof." she said under her breath seeing the vial's effects. "Of course this is still in testing, but I'd feel much more comfortable with you roaming the halls alone, even with your... particular abilities, if you had a surefire way of taking down anything stupid enough to try to harm you." Once he lets her know of his reasoning she pauses, "You mean you think that someone would dare to attack me, even with my known connection with you?"


Mogar looks out the window upon the city "I'm creating an entirely new world, one where even powers such as your own may turn commonplace, your condition makes you a target for those who would wish to compete against these miracles in a bottle Fontaine and I are making. You're the only one of your kind in the city, and while I doubt anyone has fully grasped, there has some by now that have put together the peices, I do not wish for your blood to fall into the wrong hands, lest I have to cleanse the city and start anew yet again." Antansija pauses significantly, "You mean someone would want to use me to make more people like me?" she considers the implication of this, "my idols." she mutters discontentedly. "incredible strength, speed, agility, enhanced hearing, sight, smell, there's a lot of upsides that outweight the drawbacks to most people, and even some of those can be... adjusted. I have another injection routine for you to begin before we return to the surface. SUNRISE will allow you to not have the weakness to UV anymore." he shook his head "anyway, yes, this is why I worry for your safety, your body should store enough energy for about 60 seconds of shocking before you'll need the refined mixture I designed to recharge your stores." she thinks on the inundation of information "Alright then..." She reaches out to take it, but hesitates, "You said that it's still in testing, it's not dangerous is it?"


Mogar chuckles "you might experience some stinging pain as your body's DNA rewrites itself, imagine what the sun does to you, but internally." He reads over the whiteboard nearby, "That'd be one of our problems we are working on before switching to mass production, how many people really want to experience pain, even if it's giving them godhood?"


"Sounds highly unpleasant." she purses her lips in consideration, "Don't know how I feel about that." Mogar wraps his arms around her waist, "the faster you drink it so I have one less thing to worry about, the faster we can head upstairs and tend to our more primal urges. One of the few negatives things about such an advanced creation, I'm starting to realize, being surrounded by technology makes me want to return to a more feral state occasionally, not that I expect you mind that much." he says with a grin  "I suppose I can oblige." she says, looking at the bottle critically for a moment before downing it. At first she didn't feel anything, but then, just ever so slightly, she began to feel her body start tingling. After a minute it spread into a full on sting all throughout her body, every nerve crying out in pain. She embraces him tightly, biting into his neck almost reflexively.


Mogar held her against him, reminded of his own transformation, he tilted his neck slightly allowing for his blood to flow from her nip at his neck. He held her in his arms until the trembling stopped, pain dissipating rapidly. he kissed her on the forehead "And with that, we are a new ADAM and EVE, the first of a new and improved human race." Antansija laps up his blood greedily, not allowing any of it to go to waste, "I'm sorry," She says, pulling her head away for a moment, "That was careless of me..." Mogar simply resumes their embrace, his hands grabbing onto her thighs and walks them back into the elevator, his lips moving along her cheek, along the underside of her chin, nibbling on her left earlobe "no apologies needed doll, I now have one less thing on my mind and can return my attention to more... pressing matters." he says, his hips pushing against hers as he held her against the wall.


Antansija spreads her legs to straddle him, her arms around him as she takes her mouth away from his neck and presses it to his lips, her tongue invading his mouth, the heat of the moment taking her. Mogar brought them into his bedroom on the top floor of the structure. It was sparsely decorated, a massive bed in the center of the room the largest feature, windows allowing views of everywhere in the city, the bio-luminescence surrounding them, dropping her on the bed he looked down at her with a smile, holding up his pointer finger to her he went to the intercom on the door, buzzing his secretary "Make sure nothing disturbs me until I say otherwise." this was responded to immediately with simply "yes, sir!" he returns his attention to the beauty on his bed, the various parts of his suit ending up on the floor as he made his way back to her, laying there wearing nothing but a smile."I'm ready for you, sir."

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Quarters are prepared for Mr. Navarro in the Villa Munoz district of Montevideo, specifically the Reas Norte. The stately homes, quite parks, and small cafes would serve as a place of respite for Mr. Navarro and a place where he could easily fade into the woodwork. The majority of the residents of the Reas Norte being wealthy businessmen and government officials understand the need for privacy and anonymity. Upon arrival to Montevideo, Mr. Navarro is issued a Uruguayan passport under an assumed identity of his choice. 


He is also set up with a Uruguayan National Health Service card, a birth certificate, and other documents necessary for one to pass himself off as a native born Uruguayan if needed. 


Mr. Valdez, not being in such a hurry and something of an avid traveler, establishes himself on the topdeck of the ship, and waits to see this curious city for himself. He has his Leica camera at the ready, a small traveling shortwave radio, and his ever present journal for detailing his thoughts.




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Chapter 2: Teasing and Targets.


Mogar gets up the next morning, the lights in the room gradually getting brighter, similar systems were at work across the city, losing track of day/night become rather easy when all you see is the perpetual glow of the algae outside, and the dark abyss of the ocean. he nuzzled against Antansija, not wanting to wake her yet, not wanting to get up at all honestly. let the city go on without him needing to make any decisions for a while, he thought. sadly though, he felt he should ensure her accuracy with her new power before resuming their traditional schedule of seeing each other a few moments a day. Antansija awoke slowly to his nuzzling, turning around to face him after yawning deeply, "Hello sir, how'd you sleep?" she asks groggily.
Mogar yawned, hot breath against her skin as he buried his face further into her neck, "I slept amazingly, I think we're going to have to modify our schedules to allow for shared sleep schedules, the whole normally laying down when you are getting dressed, or vice versa, has gotten rather old, being negligent of my own needs won't serve the city well, they can suffer with a little less work from us to ensure the work we do get around to is done well." Antansija grunts assent, "That would be perfect for me." she says, putting her arms around you and snuggling you closer, "When do you suppose I should get the change made?"
Mogar rolls himself out of bed, finding a pair of boxers from his drawer, throwing a thong and matching bra to Antansija, "let's get dressed, I'll have Katelin adjust our schedules, lets get something to eat and then we can do some practice on your aim, though from my experience you're quite talented at that already." he said with a laugh, taking out a steel grey suit and begining to get dressed, getting distracted by her form as he did. Antansija gets up and stretches gracefully, as was her custom. She then puts on the clothes thrown to her and then walking over to you, "Got anything else in that drawer of yours or am I going to be practicing my marksmanship in my underpants?"
Mogar grinned, "I had thought you had all the clothing you'd need to protect your modesty." he grabbed her by the waist and kissed her, pressing her against his bare chest, buttons proved difficult when unable to put your eyes on them. "you can select your own outfit, I merely wished to pick something for underneath so I can remember what I have to look forward to tonight." letting her go to allow her to resume getting dressed, the flirting was fun but they had far more to do than time in the day to do it.  "Well, let's see then." she says, looking in at the selection and picking out a pair of short-shorts and a teeshirt, "And people might start talking if I run around in my underpants." Mogar watches her get dressed as he finishes buttoning his shirt, shaking his head at her outfit with a laugh, "like that is much of an improvement anyway!" he said teasingly, "Besides, people are already talking, surely you couldnt imagine you could get away with dating me and have people think you're sane?"
"Of course it's an improvement, but it's an improvement in th same way that bikinis are socially acceptable but underwear isn't." she says, sticking her tongue out at you, "And who ever said I was entirely sane?" Mogar snickered "how did that one go again? So an eternally teenage vampire and a billionare playboy hell didnt want walk into a bar..." She shrugged "Hey, if there's any time to get turned into a vampire I'm pretty sure that seventeen is a good number. Certainly confused some people when I was getting my Master's degree, I'll tell you that." she says, sticking her tongue out at him, "Just think, I could have been turned at like, 71. How awful would that be?" Mogar presses the intercom, "Katelin, adjust our schedules so we're always free from from 8pm to 8am? Hire someone to assist in Antansija's research and to take care of the city's day to day, we're both overbooked and I'm changing that, now." hearing "Of course, Sir, I'll ensure both of you are cleared up." he thought for a moment if Katelin ever slept, or perhaps there were multiple women and they all just answered to whatever he called them. He looked back at Antansija "Well you'd still be a human popsicle if that were the case." opening the door and gesturing to her comically.  "So it's worse than even I'd thought!" she said overdramatically, "So glad that I met that guy. Immortality isn't nearly as much of a drag as everyone lets on." she continues as she leaves before him as he holds the door.
Mogar walks with her to the elevator, "It's only really enjoyable when you have others to share it with, from my experience it's rather depressing to watch those you love wither around you." a tinge of jealousy sprang up from her mention of her only previous lover, "One of the reasons I wanted you to work for me actually, it gets lonely over the decades." She pressed the button, elevator there waiting for them "True, though I found that that wasn't such a big deal after a while." she shrugs, not noticing his jealousy, "Just gotta get passed all the big ones, mom, pops, brothers sisters all those, then it's not so bad." He shrugged, elevator doors closing behind them "it's lovers that really never stop hurting, though I could have given many of them the same gifts, I don't like forcing the choice upon people..."

 "I wouldn't know about that." she says, leaning against the wall of the elevator, "And I'm sorta glad that I wasn't given a choice, might have said no in that case. What a mistake that'd have been." Mogar stopped the elevator just before the lobby, turning back to face her "Tell me, do you even know what happened to him? I always tracked down those I knew from before, both of the times I took a break from the mortal realm, but you rarely speak of that experience to me, i want to hear about it." A small sigh escaped her lips "We broke up after he bit me." she says, shrugging, "I didn't appreciate being turned to one of the legion of the undead at the time, about three months later he was staked and beheaded in Chicago by some lunatic who fancied himself a Wizard. I generally avoid the subject in polite conversation." she sighs, "He was a nice guy but a little bit too insistant." Mogar stifled a laugh "I suppose the wizard at least knew a few things to actually kill the guy, and I realize it's a sensitive subject, but as we get closer I want to learn everything I can about you." he leaned in and kisses her softly "what was he so insistant about? and did you know he was a vampire before he bit you?"
 "Well, generally he didn't take no for an answer very often." she says in a roundabout way, "And I had suspicions but it seemed ridiculous at the time. Only clue I had was the pinpricks in my neck I woke up with for a few weeks." Mogar frowns, the insinuation making him rather happy the guy died, but disturbed he only just now learned of that. "I will take the cue to not pry further..." he said starting the elevator again, the doors opening to the bustling lobby, nearly everyone walking by snuck a glance when possible, few would actually greet either of them, Katelin was standing just outside the elevator with two peices of paper, their schedules for the next week, mostly cleared now to allow for some intimacy for once. Antansija shoves the new schedule into her pocket carelessly after giving it a cursory glance, "That was fast."
Mogar glanced at Antansija, "why do you think she's MY secretary? you should know I have no patience for anything." he read the paper in Katelins hand, memorizing it and walked to the public elevator, "Come on, lets get something to eat and then we can do some target practice." giving her a wink, those in the lobby would wait for the next elevator, most of those working for MoG[Corp] having some idea of what Antansija was, the thought of being in a tin can with their boss and his vampire pet was rather scary, better to wait another few minutes and not risk certain death. Antansija steps into the elevator and hits the door-closing button, pushing another to take them to where they were going and then taking a deep breath, "Not sure how I feel about being feared." she says, speaking of the behavior of the others outside the elevator.
Mogar laughed at her remark, "who says they fear you? I would be afraid of being in an enclosed space with the guy who is both my boss and the owner of the city I live in, they sneeze on me and I could throw them out an airlock." running his hand against her cheek, "I wouldn't worry yourself with the thoughts of the menials, darling." Antansija leans against the wall of the elevator and smirks, "I dunno, I'd say that his vampire girlfriend is almost as dangerous since I'm effectively their boss too." He shakes his head "Pfft, they probably just think you're pale and anemic. Now, in a decade when you're still looking like a teenager, they might suspect somethings up." he said sarcastically, the elevator doors opening to the sub level firing range. A table was already set up just inside with 4 vials of the bright blue liquid Mogar drank last night, a small breakfast buffet, a bloody mary for the miss, and OJ for him. "Besides Katelin, I don't think anyone actually knows your cravings for bloody maries are actually bloody." he said snacking on a few slices of bacon and drinking some OJ to wake himself up. He pressed a button to set up the targets, metal plates with lightbulbs taped to them at varying distances, simple but made a cheap solution for the type of targeting they would need.
Antansija takes her glass and takes a drink, "I wonder if they think I'm really drinking Vodka and tomato juice all day." she says, licking her lips, "So am I going to have to down one of these things every time I want to shoot things?" Mogar shrugs "not... fully certain on that yet, with this power on average test subjects can get about 45 seconds of juice before they require more EVE. Whether or not I can improve that remains to be seen, the potential is definitely there though." Mogar wiggled his fingers, the back of his hand starting to glow blue as electricity jumps from his fingertips, hitting a 20 meter target, the bulb glowing brightly "Short bursts are generally more accurate, it becomes harder to keep steady the longer you maintain the beam." walking back over to grab a donut, "I am also working under the assumption your condition allows for more... enhanced powers than the average user." he adds quickly.
Antansija pauses and looks at the vials skeptically, "Does it hurt like that every time it happens?" she asks, taking another drink and aiming down her hand, "And, uh, how do I make the lightning shoot out of my hand?" He shakes his head, "Only hurts to get the power, actually using it will give you a feeling similar to your hand being asleep, very tingly." he stands behind her, his left hand on hers he guides her to aim at the closest target, his breath hot against her neck "Simply aim and concentrate, your body knows what its capable of, your mind simply has to focus." he takes a step back from her to allow her to try herself. Antansija looks down her hand again, looking at the target and focusing. She feels her hand begin to tingle as she does so, a moment later an arc of lightning shooting out of her hand to strike the outer edge of one of the targets, the lightbulb lighting up briefly as she shook her hand, "Cool." she says, looking down at it.
Mogar claps, far more accurate than any previous test subject their first attempt. "Excellent job, get comfortable doing it, with a bit of practice..." he claws his left hand, a ball of electricity forming, and hurls it at the farthest target, 100m down range. "you can control the energy with incredible precision." Antansija sticks her tongue out and closes an eye, shooting again. This time, she misses by about a meter, "This isn't as easy as it looks." she complains, picking up her glass and taking another drink. Mogar checks his watch, switching from the orange juice to the bottle of whiskey. "I am not looking forward to spending half the day in a zoning meeting." he leans against the stall next to her, "you have to almost feel the energy as part of you, don't second guess yourself, the shot is an extention of your body, you merely have to will it to your target and it will go there."
Antansija looks at him, still holding her arm up, "Wait, so I don't actually have to really aim this thing for it to work? Why didn't you say so?" Mogar shakes his head "you have to aim it still, but you're being too cautious about it." extending his hand towards a 50m target, he merely glances to ensure his arm is straight and then looks back at her, the arc of electricity lighting up the bulb for about 5 seconds before it finally overloads, glass tinkling against the ground.  "Oh, alright." she looks again, she focuses, firing at the target again, hitting it on the edge, not quite so good as her first shot. She scowls at it, "I suppose I need practice."
 Mogar takes a healthy swig of his drink, "that's what we're here for doll," running his fingertips along her should as he walks behind her, "And so I can get out of a few hours of this silly meeting." Antansija looks at him, taking a drink, "Hours?" she sighs, "I suppose that I might as well get it over with now so I don't have to practice so much more later." Mogar chuckles, "I think after last night Katelin will ensure that I'm allowed more time with you, the only benefit of leading this place so far is that I don't get second guessed." he watches her continue to hit the targets in silence, simply admiring her lithe form moving so gracefully, it was almost like watching a ballet dancer practice. Her aim gradually improved over the hour or so before her movements became overwhelming, grabbing her hips from behind he kisses her neck, "You can make anything look beautiful. Although I don't have much time left before I must depart, we are all alone down here." Antansija throws a bolt over a meter off where she was trying to put it due to the surprise from being grabbed, "Hey!" she says before he begins to kiss at her, "Well, I suppose we are aren't we?" she asks, blushing a bit, "I guess that means target practice is over?"
Mogar turns her around, grabbing her waist and placing her on the table normally used to hold weapons, still holding a weapon but a very different kind than normal he mused. Mogar's lips found hers pulling away far enough to reply, their noses brushing against one another, "You'd be under pressure when you needed to use this, perhaps just always aim a meter to the left of whomever is trying to harm you." he said playfully, "I might as well enjoy the brief time I get to spend with you, there's only so long I can spend watching your body dance after all."
 "I suppose that's fair." she says, kissing him hotly and aiming at one of the targets upside down, trying to get a proper bead on it before shooting, missing by mere inches, "You know how distracting you are?" she asks him jokingly, trying to line up the next shot while their lips interlock. He grabs onto her thigh, looking at up at her attempts to shoot while distracted, "if you can't hit a target while making out, I would worry about you hitting a target thats shooting back." he said with a smile, kissing her harder, his other hand running along her side as his eyes went from watching hers to the targets, amused at this game they had created. Antansija tries to shoot again, focusing on hitting the target, though the sensuality Mogar was throwing at her was Highly distracting. She hit a target, then two, but missed a third, growling discontentedly and looking into his eyes, breaking off the kiss, "I've just got to practice alright? And bullets aren't particularly worrying except that they hurt like a !@#$%*."
Mogar growled back, as a familiar buzzing noise filled the room, "Seems like Katelin would be cutting our time short", he bit her lip gently before he climbed off her, drinking half the contents of one of the vials and handing her the rest. "Don't worry too much about it, you did better than any of our test subjects, my theory appears to have been correct that you will take to these quicker than the average human. Let us get back to reality for a while." he said forlorn. Antansija stands, brushing herself off and attempting to calm herself down before she follows him, "Stay strong sir, the meeting will be over before you know it, I promise."
Mogar laughed at the thought, "We both know it's not me that we should be worrying about doll." Katelin could be heard over the intercom "Sir, remember you only have 3 hours of research time scheduled, you have that-" Mogar cut her off "I know, I know, I was getting to that." he took Antansija's hands in his, "We have dinner reservations at the Kashmir tonight at 8, wear something sexy for me would you doll?" Antansija kisses him on the cheek, "I've got just the thing." she says, "Now go, the quicker you get there the quicker it's over, I'll be waiting for you in my room when you finish." He holds onto her hand as long as possible as he walks out of the range, the dinner plans keeping him motivated throughout his busy schedule.
Chapter 3: Oh let the sun beat down upon my face

Around 7:45 Mogar walks into Antansija's room after changing, the work suit was rather drab so he put on a pale yellow suit, a bit more eye catching than the steel grey. She was at her desk as always, not yet changed, "Hello darling, How did your day go? this morning definitely gave me motivation to listen to their idiotic proposals all day, you would think they would take a page out of my book and just build their dreams already instead of talking about it." Antansija looks over at him and shrugs, "It's been kinda dull. Reading about recent events can only be so entertaining after a point, although I do enjoy the majority of it." she stands up and goes to her closet, pulling out a plain black dress, "How's this?" He sat down on her bed "Perfection as always." and pulled out a cigarette container from his inner pocket lighting one, inhaling slowly and closing his eyes for a moment before exhaling through his nose "Popular Culture's an interesting thing, with the globalization from the mid 20th century until now, it has made it both easier and harder to really study the subject, you have so much more information to learn, but much easier access as well."
Antansija undresses in front of him, putting on the necessary undergarments to make the dress she'd chosen work and then putting the dress on over it, "I'll need about ten minutes if you don't mind too terribly." she says, going to her dresser and beginning to apply makeup in front of the mirror which adorned it. Mogar did not mind in the slightest, "I had thought I would have to pay for the dinner and the show, glad the entertainment is free tonight." he said with a laugh, looking at her through the mirror, "The only really notable conversation I had to day was about establishing some sort of court of law down here, as the population continues to grow we will need a police force, I personally dislike the idea, but the rest of the council seems insistent upon it."
 "Well if you don't want to have to deal with every offender personally it's a fantastic idea." she says, looking back at him through the mirror while she applied her mascara, "I don't suppose you'd like to have to have the final say in every little thing would you?" He sighed, taking another long drag from his cigarette, "It isn't that I require complete say in everything, I just question the path that having a police force starts, then we'll need jails, then an army, and soon enough, Rapture is just like every other nation on the surface." He sits pensive for a moment, almost staring past her reflection in the mirror, "I genuinely believe in man's ability to solve their own problems. I have no fears of myself abusing power, but there are others on the council I wonder about their own need to keep the power they already have, a police force will give them the ability to remove potential threats."
 "Couldn't you just strip them of their power if they start to make trouble with the power?" she asks curiously, "And to get rid of the need for prisons couldn't you just impliment a sort of banishment? As archaic as that sounds it might be a good way of getting things done." Mogar shook his head "No, No, everyone deserves a second chance, even the dregs of society." he stood and poured himself a glass of whiskey from the small liquor shelf left in her room basically for his use, a few bottles of wine, but the majority of the liquors he doubted she would ever touch. "As to them abusing their power, I could do plenty about it while I am here, but what happens if we go away for a prolonged period of time? I must consider every option because of our long term plans, I am going to have Katelin start... inspecting the rest of them closer, perhaps they will incriminate themselves and be replaced with others more subservient."
 "Any way you put it, I think there still needs to be some manner of criminal code, even if it's fairly loose and merciful." she says, leaning her elbow onto the dresser and bending over on it to put herself closer to the mirror. Mogar stood next to her window, staring upon the ever present glow surrounding the city "Of course, it is one of my weaknesses, I can create a grand vision, but the devil's always in the details." he shrugged and returned his gaze to her, "You look stunning, just so you know." he said with a wry smile, knowing she didn't need to be told. Antansija pauses for a moment to look back at him over her back, "Thank you sir, I do try." she says with a half-smile before she goes back to putting her makeup, "Details are what your secretary is for, you know she does an incredible job."
Mogar swirled his drink in his hand, admiring her through the mirror, "She is very skilled at her job, just as the dozens of others who contributed their talents to make this place a reality. That's enough talk of work anyway, I should warn you that we will be rubbing elbows with the rest of the A listers, Kashmir is always packed, we could go at 11am on a Tuesday and there's a line at the door."
 "I never really expect anything different." she says, finishing up and looking at her self critically for a moment, "Perfect, alright, I'm ready." Mogar stood behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, biting on her left earlobe "I doubt you needed any make up to be perfect." he whispered, refilling his glass before taking her hand and walking them to the elevator. "Maybe so, but you can never be too sure." she says, high-heels making her hips sway with every step, a hand lightly clutching the inside of his elbow, "Besides, if I didn't it would almost make me out of place."
Mogar guided them into the elevator. There were a few stragglers just leaving work, one of them took the rare chance to speak to Mogar "Good evening Sir! I have been meaning to talk to you about-" Mogar held up a hand, "Please, I'm off the clock right now, no more work talk for me for the rest of the evening, Mr..." he trailed off, "The name is Leonardo Beck, sir." he beamed. With a flick of Mogar's wrist the holographic interface appeared in front of him, a fluttering of his fingertips and the information would be relayed to Katelin, "A pleasure to meet you Mr. Beck, My secretary will be in touch and can assist you further." he said coolly, pleased to finally reach the Rapture Metro lobby, A train would be waiting there for their personal use.  "What a brave fellow." Antansija comments as they walk away from the elevator.
Mogar shrugged, "Its people like that who actually get promoted, I'll see what he wants to talk about eventually, but not tonight." he nodded at the conductor as they boarded, the train would depart immediately, The car was beautiful, a deep red cloth covering almost everything, the flooring real hardwood. He refilled his glass "Would you like anything darling?" he asked his date, having realized he had forgotten while she was getting ready. "Wine, Bloody Mary, something of the sort I'm not terribly picky." she says, taking a seat and crossing a leg over the other, "I'm not especially thirsty right now but I could go for either. That man was either incredibly uninhibited or insane, both of which I've found commendable in the right circumstances." He poured her a glass of 1969 Mouton Bordeaux, one of his favorites on occasions that required him to drink wine over liquor. handing her the glass he sat down next to her and watched the ocean sail past through the windows, "this is one of my favorite parts of the city, I wanted to ensure that you truly appreciate the beauty surrounding you, every time anyone rides the metro they get to experience the majesty of where they live."
Antansija looks out the window opposite of her and takes in the scene. The place she'd been taken was quite beautiful, she had to admit. Quite more exotic than the last location. "It is rather nice isn't it?" she says, taking a sip of the glass she was given. He put his hand on her thigh, leaning his head on her shoulder, letting them both take in the blue-green light in the distance, lighting up the pods of whales that seemed attracted to this place "The Cape had such potential, perhaps we will be able to return there one day and finish that project, but for now I'll settle for Gotham under the Sea." turning his head to kiss her shoulder, "All I really require is you by my side though, and I'm quite content."
Antansija had a brief spot of doubt where she wondered where she would end up if it came down to either losing all of his powers or losing her, but banished the thought from her mind swiftly. She leans her head on his, sighing, "I need nothing more than you to get me through the day sir, you know that." Mogar let out his own sigh at they entered the tunnel, disappointed they were inside once more. The Kashmir Club would be on the floor above them, the sound of the bass vibrated the station, he stood up and took her hand into his "Perhaps if you're feeling energetic after dinner we can go dancing." he said, already knowing her answer before he spoke, though the thumping did call to him, he expected them to have an early night.  "Of course." she said enthusiastically. Her face fell a bit after a moment's consideration, "Although... I've not danced since, uh, Disco." she adds nervously, biting her lip and looking at you, "Things have changed a lot since then I suspect."
Mogar led them through up the stairs, "A bit more sexual than those days." setting his glass down on the railing on the second floor, he nudged his date gently to allow him to wrap his arm around her waist, guiding them through the crowd that was trying to get into the club, up a few more floors to the Kashmir restaurant, the entrance was filled with greenery, the familar Atlas statues on either side of the doorway. They walked past the crowd, their table would be waiting for them irrelevant of how busy the restaurant happened to be, the maître d' said "one moment sir." to the man currently trying to get a table, stepping out from behind his podium with two menus, "Hello Mogar, we've been expecting you, right this way sir" leading them to a private corner booth, glass allowing for a suburb view of the city, two privacy walls turning the booth into a small room. "What can I get you two to drink? our specials tonight include a Texas Sirloin, Peruvian beef kebabs, and a Grilled Apple-Smoked Striped Bass. Of course anything you desire we can create for you, but you may have a slight delay in your experience."
 "Can I get a Cassis Wine?" she asks, wanting to see if the selection was really as large as they boasted, "And I think I'll have some Tortellini Soup for my main."  The waiter paused for a moment, "Apologies miss, but are you referring to Crème de cassis or the traditional white wines from the Cassis region?" a normal waiter would not have asked for clarification, but the stature of these guests required care for every minor detail.  "I would prefer the Rosé wine actually, I'm sure you've got it." she corrects, impressed that the waiter was so well versed, her point proven by the question, "No need to apologize." The waiter nodded with respect to her, "And for you Monsieur?" Mogar read over the menu before handing it to the waiter, "I'll have the Sirloin rare, with a glass of Jack Daniels, bring the bottle when you brings hers and save yourself the trouble later on." the waiter nodded and left to fill their order. Mogar would be surprised if they didn't have their food within ten minutes. "So what do you think of the place? It's the only restaurant we can get this level of privacy." nodding at the waiter's return setting the bottles down on the tables and pouring both of them glasses.
 "I like it, nice, cozy, and apparently they've got everything." she replies promptly, leaning forward onto the table, "Quite the quality place." Mogar ran his fingertips up her thigh "It's the only six star restaurant you'll find in the world, if need be they will send for any ingredients you specify, you want to eat baby cheetah they'll go out and get one for you." He said half jokingly "Well, I guess it doesn't get more exotic than Cheetah kittens." she says, putting a hand on his, "Not quite on par with my tastes though." she says, smiling at him warmly. He grinned back, "Amusingly they'd more than likely be coming from my cloning labs, so I guess I'm not in a position to complain about people eating such rare creatures, they're filling my coffers." he said sarcastically, leaning in to kiss her, "I am sure we can turn this into a regular date night if you'd like,"
 "I wouldn't mind that at all sir." she says, kissing him for a moment longer than a normal conversation-pause, "The location is quite adequate, I suppose." she understates wryly. Mogar turns his hand on her thigh, both hands wrapping around hers "you don't always have to call me sir, you know, we've known each other intimately for quite some time now, and I hate feeling as though you're only with me because I'm signing your checks."
 "Oh, sorry." she says, twirling some of her hair and looking down a bit and blushing, embarrassed, "I suppose I'm just used to it, hardly even think about it before I say it now. I can stop." Mogar kisses her again softly, "No need to apologize, I just want you to realize you're more than just a plaything to me." he said smiling at her, the waiter arriving with their meals, the bowl of Tortellini soup was garnished well, a drizzle in the shape of a globe, South America and Africa most prominently, a thick dot in the South Atlantic representing the city, his thick steak in a pool of red juices, "I don't mind sharing if the smell becomes overbearing."
 "Oh no, that's quite alright ssssss-" she cuts herself off, going seamlessly into another thought from the last, "-I've never been been a fan of cow blood anyways when it's outside the steak, besides, they remove most of the good stuff before they send the meat out of the butcher's, it's all just byproduct seeping out afterwards." She looks down at her plate, "This is super cool though." Mogar dug into his steak, admiring his beautiful girlfriend and the numerous fish swimming behind her outside. "Thats actually what I should have mentioned, you could have asked for your... particular favorite beverage here and they actually have it in stock." he just remembered, having Katelin ensure this ahead of time.  "Oh really." she asks, an eyebrow shooting up her forehead, "That seems quite interesting. It might let the cat out of the bag for my particular condition though, wouldn't it? I suppose I could order a glass to go along with the wine." she says, beginning to eat some of her soup carefully, being sure to not drip any where it shouldn't be.
Mogar poked her exposed side, "it'd be a virgin bloody Mary, or perhaps a bloody Megan, surely nobody would suspect a thing!" he quipped, the steak quickly disappearing from in front of him. "No one but the waiter maybe." she says, giggling and batting at his hand playfully, "Thanks for considering that sort of thing ahead of time though, I really appreciate it." He nodded, "Thank Katelin, I simply wanted to take you out to dinner, you should know better than to think I planned any of this." his right hand twitched, gesturing to read the message he had just been sent. "Speaking of Katelin... it seems I'm required somewhere, I hate to do this to you doll, but would you mind meeting me in my room in say, an hour?" Antansija frowns, the frown turning into a slight pout as she quickly becomes displeased. She sighs, waving him along, "Go ahead, I'll catch up with you in an hour after I finish my meal." He puts his hands on either side of her head, kissing her deeply "Promise you're not mad? I hate to disappoint."Antansija shrugs in the middle of the kiss, "I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at whoever's interrupting our date." Mogar stands up looking down at her with a frown "Unfortunately there was an accident in one of the labs studying our... previous research from The Cape, I want to ensure it doesn't turn into anything cataclysmic."
 "Go, go, save the city from disaster you great big hero you." she says, shooing him off with a smile, "We can't have monsters running about, otherwise what kind of rapture would this really be?"

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Chapter 4: Waste and Wit.


Almost two hours later, Mogar staggered to his bedroom, his suit torn and covered in blood. He was holding a vial in his hand, a cloudy fluid inside. Antansija looks up from where she lounges on his bed reading, "Oh, h-" she pauses and her expression becomes rather severe as she looks him up and down, standing up swiftly, "What the hell happened?" She says, rushing over to him. Mogar slips the town jacket from him, letting it drop to the floor, he smiled softly at her "Don't worry, none of its mine darling, sorry I took so long." he started unbuttoning his shirt, before putting his hands on her hips, "Well, one of the scientists split something he shouldnt have on himself, while some of those chemicals may have had interesting effects on us, they are far more effective on a normal human."
 "Oh, I see." she replies, looking at his suit a tad curiously, "Weird. I suppose that there were literal monsters there then, huh?" she continues, finishing unbuttoning his shirt as she says so. Mogar nods, slipping the shirt off. "Abominations would be a better word, the dosage and the hyper agressive nature that formula caused left me with little choice but to put him out of his misery." unbuckling his belt, slipping out of the tattered rags upon his leg and climbs into the bed, he sat admiring the vial before setting it on the bedside table, laying on his back and closing his eyes for a moment, assuming she would not be going back to sleep any time soon. Antansija lays down on her side next to him, still concerned, "And you're sure you weren't hurt? Was anyone else hurt?" she scoots in close to him, "Did they have a family?"
Mogar nodded morosely, "I haven't got anything wrong with me physically. they had a daughter, wife is most likely dead now, I've already taken care of her, she will not be left in wanting, a few security guys were hurt, but I'm considering a more robotic force under my own control, I dislike seeing men die for no reason." shaking his head. "Oh, well I suppose someone's day's been spectacularly ruined then." she says sadly, "Oh well, nothing for it I guess." she lays her head on his chest, "At least you're alright." Mogar wrapped his arms around her, "it's one of the reasons I rarely work with others, If anyone is harmed because of my work, I feel it should be me." kissing her forehead he sighed again, "I hope I didn't scare you too badly, i couldnt just leave the incident until I ensured nobody else was going to die and that anything harmful was locked up tightly, he destroyed alot of samples though during his... transformation."
Antansija sighs, "I'm fine, just didn't want to think that you'd gone and gotten yourself hurt somehow. Anything that could hurt you is definitely something that I'd want to be afraid of." she looks at the vial and reaches out to grab it, "And what's this?" Mogar watches her handle it, "I had salvaged enough samples of everything else, but that's the only sample remaining of a serum I had created for my former assistant, it makes someone much calmer and mallable. I'm sure you remember how fiesty she was, I had wanted a way to ensure she did not get too agressive. I don't think it's something you'd need though, you might end up in a coma." he said jokingly to her. "Sedative, I see." she says, putting it down, "Why'd you bring it in here if you didn't plan to use it on someone who'd be present?" she looks up at him questioningly, as she places her top arm on his chest as well.
 "It's the last remaining sample of it, and after the incident, I question leaving something as powerful as that laying around. I never have used the concentrated formula, only diluted forms had rather intense effects, with just this vial you could turn a thousand people into your own army for a few days." lifted up her chin to kiss her lips. "I'd rather talk about you though at the moment." She shrugged "Oh, I've got nothing to be spoken about, I've just been waiting for you. I've got nothing you don't know about aside from what I've been learning and that's hardly interesting if you're not into academia." she snuggles closer to him and sighs, kissing him again. He bit on her lip gently before pulling away "They didn't give you any trouble at Kashmir I presume?" pulling the sheets over them "I realized I had left without telling the waiter anything."
 "No, they let me alone mostly, didn't even ask for a check. I'm pretty sure that they're going to send you a bill after a while." she says, closing her eyes and beginning to breath slowly and evenly, nearing sleep. Mogar held her against him, lost in thoughts of the horrors he witnessed earlier "I sincerely doubt that, simply having me as a customer allows them to continue being the pinnacle of dining in the city..." letting out a sigh he kissed her forehead. "goodnight my darling, tomorrow will be a better day."
"Coulda been worse." she says, yawning and smiling as she snuggles him, "Coulda started raining. Now wouldn't that have been disconcerting?"
:Public to Rapture Citizens:

McClendon Robotics has been selected by City Council to compliment Rapture Security with Security Drones, these linked with a large number of cameras will ensure the safety of all citizens and businesses.


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Weeks passed, the robotic employees proved quite valuable, injuries amongst Rapture Security dropped to zero, the crime rate showed a similar drop, though there was the occasional thief who would quickly be dispatched by the drones. Persephone Detention Facility had been completed to house those who felt the need to break the limited number of laws the city had, notably violent offenders.

The Hephaestus Power Facility had continued to be expanded upon, the city's insatiable thirst for power seemingly never ending. Mog{Tower]'s Fission fragment reactor had finally come online, providing Mogar with the power required to run the more exotic projects stored there. But most importantly, a solution had finally be found to the ADAM question. Masha, The girl orphaned weeks ago had attempted to take her own life at the orphanage, Mogar had her brought nearly lifeless body to the tower, and found she was a viable candidate for symbiosis experiment. Masha had become more docile after the process was completed, and though the project was not a complete success, the amount of ADAM produced per slug increased nearly tenfold, and the allowing of the slug to survive would mean even more than that. Mogar realized that conditioning would be required for further little sisters, but it would be something they worried about later.

Chapter 5. Turning Tragedy into Triumph

Mogar brought the girl with him to meet with Antansija, now situated in a much larger lab, 8 others now assisting in her research, the additional power supply would allow them to resume project 66, but they'd need times and places before starting that adventure. He opened the door to the office, walking over to Antansija while holding the girl's hand, "Hey Darling, I have someone who wanted to meet you." the girl hugged Antansija, "Hello! I'm Masha, Mr Mogar was talking about you earlier, he said you were special like me!" Antansija was suprised by the sudden hug, but adapts well to the situation and hugs the little girl back, "Did he now?" she asks rhetorically, smiling raising an eyebrow at Mogar over the girl's shoulder, "Well that's interesting. What sort of special are you?"

"Well, now I have this thing that lives in my belly, and it makes me really healthy, it makes me throw up sometimes, but he said it was normal. He said you had something special inside you too, I guess that makes us sisters!" her eyes would shimmer a sickly yellow, though barely noticable under the bright lighting. Mogar shook his head slightly at Antansjia, "She had an accident and I was forced into using more creative means to ensure her return to health, it does solve one of our main problems with the ADAM." hoping she wouldnt pry too heavily with little ears around. "I see." Antansjia says, nodding that she understood, "I've always wanted a little sister. So sis, I'd assume that Mogar told you my name, yeah? It's very nice to meet you."

"it's nice to meet you too, Ant- Antan- Antansjia!" she sighed, "can I just call you Ana?" she asked, frusterated at her attempts to say such a harsh name for a western tongue. Mogar put his hand on the girls shoulder leaning in to whisper to Antanjia, "She'll be well taken care of by some scientists, I need her to be watched carefully to ensure the symbiosis was a complete success." he turned to Masha, "She is slightly different than you, but you're both very unique girls, I can't wait for you two to become friends, but for now I think we need to get you back to your room so you can rest, you've only been out of surgery a few days now."

"Ana is fine." she says, letting go of the girl, "Sounds like you've got to go now sis." she says, looking up at Mogar curiously. Mogar glances at one of the assistants, a young blonde with horn rimmed glasses, "Would you kindly bring Masha back to Observation Room G on the 70th floor?" the girl nodded, taking Masha's hand "Aww, Bye Ana!" grabbing Mogar's leg and hugging him before letting the assistant take her anywhere "Bye Mogar!" she said sadly as they walked out the door. "Would you believe that's her natural personality? It appears something good has come out of that accident a few weeks ago,"

"Mind explaining to me what she was talking about?" Antansjia asks curiously, putting her hands behind her head and lounging a bit, "She seems like a nice enough girl. Any risk of some sort of negative reaction at this point?" Mogar shakes his head, "the procedure was... interesting to say the least, her body will sustain the slug almost forever I believe, the sickness she was speaking of is actually a more concentrated version of ADAM than what i was getting out of the slugs. Her mood took a dramatic change since the surgery, she was suicidal only a few days ago, now she seems almost a different person. the slug is releasing alot of endorphins into her, true symbiosis." Mogar leaned against her desk, "I don't see any negative behaviors yet, this is the first time I've ever put a sea creature into a little girl, so how the $%&@ should I know?" Cursing a rarity from him. "Well, that's an odd method of anti-depressant I guess." Antansjia leans forward, "I should hope that nothing bad happens to her. I think I like her."

Mogar shrugged, "I can't pretend I've not become attached to her as well, I feel as though I will be responsible for her forever now. She has such a sad story, I'm hopeful this will be the start of a new chapter in her life, and that of Raptures. It's going take alot more than just her in order to get the quanities the city would require, but I would rather wait to see the effects upon her before commiting any other little ones to such drastic means."


"That'd be good, see if there are any ill effects beore putting it in more people than necessary." Antansija rubs her eyes, "In other news, I'm pretty sure that I'm up to date on my history. The United States sort of hit the tank didn't they?" Mogar snorted, "9/11 was only the beginning of the end of the world, it was about 4 years later that the concept of nations collapsed for a while, since then the world has been chaotic to say the least. nations rise and fall seemingly overnight compared to the world you and I came from. That actually reminds me, Romania is a country once more, perhaps we'll have to go see if any of your kin are still around." he said sarcastically.  "I sure hope not." Antansija scowls, "As much as I like the perks the people aren't that great as a whole. And besides, Romania isn't the only place you can find us."


Mogar took Antansjia by the hand "You guys keep up the good work, if it even seems like it might have been an artifact, take note of it, I'll bring your boss back later." pulling her out the door, "What do you want to do tonight doll?" 


"Oh jeez, there's just so much that could be done!" she says, excited for the break in the monotony, "I suppose I would be up for most things, I'm partial to something that would help me unwind though. Got any suggestions?" Mogar led them to the elevator, "We can just head to Fort Frolic, the whole place is designed to let you unwind."

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Chapter 6: Boiling the Atlantic.

"Sure, I wouldn't mind that." Antansjia says, rolling her head on her shoulders and taking a deep breath, "Any number of things there to do, yeah, I'd like that." Mogar used the brief moments of privacy to show his affections before the familar DING, the private train waiting for them. Mogar nodded as usual to the driver, pouring his usual stiff drink at the bar, "Your usual wine, or are you thirsty for something else ma chérie?"

"Can't just start sating my thirst in front of the Interns." she says, licking her lips slowly, "I could use something else I think, yeah." she takes a seat and stretches. Mogar takes out a chilled bottle containing the dark red liquid, pouring it into a glass of wine, "AB-, the rarity made me decide to grab a few liters for you." handing it to her before sitting down next to her, downing nearly half his glass in a large gulp "I would say I can relate, but besides the Council meetings everyone that works with me is used to my habits."

"I'd rather keep my nature obscured from public notice." she says, putting her teeth on the rim of the glass, as was her habit, and drinking it like that. It was an odd way of doing things but it was practically instinct, "And even if it does become common knowledge, I would feel weird just sort of casually sipping from a glass of blood in front of them." Mogar smiled darkly, "We have stranger things happen daily in the city, as Fontaine continues to test out the Plasmids, superpowers are becoming almost normal sights, I doubt one of your nature would be so out of place." fluttering his right fingertips he creates a hologram of Rapture near the center of the car, a half million dots of light representing the citizens of the city appearing on the schematic before zooming in on their car, moving through the glass tunnel. "Their boss is half machine, do you think vampires are that big of a leap for them to accept?"

"I just don't want to be treated differently, the general opinion on vampires in the public is that we're about half a misstep away from ripping a person's throat out and gorging ourselves on their blood at any given moment." she says dryly, "I'd rather be treated like a human being rather than a loose cannon." Mogar shook his head, "Perhaps on the surface you would be treated like that, Rapture's a whole different ballgame. Honestly I think the fact you're my mistress will get you more looks than you downing a blood packet."

"But at the same time, why risk it?" she says, taking another drink, "I'd rather just keep it between you, me, and a select few other people." Mogar replied "I can understand that." before sitting in silence for a few minutes, just admiring the ocean passing them before they entered Fort Frolic, "Looks like we're almost there," noticing the building rushing towards them, "Was that enough to sate your thirst?" he asked, standing and pouring himself another glass, thankful most of the ordinances did not apply to him. Antansjia drains the rest of the glass and stands to hand it to him, "I could go for another before we get out." Mogar empties the bottle of crimson into her glass, nearly overflowing he took a sip from it before handing it to her, letting out a small shudder "I have certainly lost my taste for that stuff as of late." cleaning his pallet with whiskey, "SO where do you want to go first anyway, some shopping, perhaps try some new pharmaceutical concoction at Le Marquis D'Epoque? Or perhaps just a drink at the lounge? we could always see a show, I don't remember what they're playing right now though." Shrugged his shoulders, Fort Frolic was a place he rarely had time for. "How about we find some drugs to do and then see the show?" she says, having transcended addiction to anything but Hemoglobin when she transcended death, "Whatever's on, I'm sure it's probably worth the time. Maybe then we can do something else."

Mogar laughs as they pull into the station, two other trains unloading people already unloading people, they were still taken onto a secondary track to get off nearly instantly. "There's always Eve's Garden." he remarked, the city's strip club had always been harrassing him to visit, though he wondered how she would react. "I suppose we could do that." she says with a shrug, "Don't suppose I've ever been to a strip club, new experience and all that." Mogar wrapped his arm around her waist, walking them through the crowds. This would be one of the few places they wouldnt be gawked at, everyone far too busy in their own world to care. Le Marquis D'Epoque contained nearly every recreational drug you could imagine, The Attendant greeted them warmly "Welcome to Le Mar-" realizing who was his latest customer "Mogar, W-Welcome.... to the finest recreational store in all of Rapture, Le Marquis D'Epoque, what can I help you find today?"

"Drugs!" Antansija says cheerfully, looking at the attendant with an excited smile, "And the strip club!" Mogar began questioning his decision to let her choose the nights activity, he shook the thought out of his head with a laugh, "How about you give us a few Soma® pills, and a half dozen of your finest blunts, if we need anything else I'll send someone over here to get it." he said slipping a few hundred dollars onto the table, "This should cover it, yes?" he asked, the Attendent nodding rapidly, handing over the cigars in a case, and pouring out 4 of the pills on the counter "Yes, Yes, anything you need, just let me know and I'll have it for you right away!" He took the case and slipped it into his inside breast pocket, taking his two pills and popping them into his mouth, washing it down with the glass of whiskey in his hand. He set it down upon the counter and knocked on it twice, "We'll be in touch, my good man."

Antansija took two of the pills and pops them into her mouth, swallowing them dry, "So, we're going to the strip club now?" Mogar leads them out of the drug store and back out into the atrium to cross over to Eve's Garden, bypassing the line they just walked in. to the windowless club, the dimly lit room filled with neon lights near the ceilings. Music made the entire place vibrate. The stage had two girls, an Asian and White girl, both with artifical bodies he mused, whispering in her ear "I suppose the knife does create perfection, but I think i prefer the real thing." grabbing her ass as they walked through the club to sit near center stage. Antansija jumps a bit at his touch, "Well, I'm glad for that." she says, giggling unconsciously as she clings to him a bit more than usual, "The real thing is generally more entertaining anyways once you get up close." 
The girls danced 20 feet away, he noticed an extra bit of swaying in their hips upon making eye contact, probably realizing they had a chance to make more than their usual fare. He set is wallet on the table, lighting up one of the cigars and passing it to Antansija before lighting one of his own, It was going to be an interesting night. A blonde girl wearing a white bra panties and garter belt number walked over quickly and sat down at the table, practically on Mogar's lap, "What can I get for you two tonight?" she asked, only passing a glance at Antansija, maintaining almost all of her attention on him. Antansija takes a puff of her cigar and watches the blonde, blowing a smoke ring to hit her in the mouth and letting Mogar answer first.

Mogar sat amused, wondering if the girl knew who she was trying to compete with. "Bring over a bottle of Jack," he turned his head to Antansija, "And what will you be drinking tonight?" he was intelligent enough to avoid the trap the waitress had tried to put him in. "Wine, any kind really." she says, licking one of her canines conspicuously as she eyes the waitress' neck, "So long as it's from France I'll be satisfied." Mogar smirked at the waitress, spanking her as she stood up "Off you go, make sure it's the best wine in the house, and the largest bottle of whiskey too!" before turning his attentions to Antansija, "I'm sure we could arrange for her to come home with us tonight, perhaps she would not be leaving tomorrow morning but I love that look on your face." he mused, pulling her small frame onto his lap to ensure the waitress did not get any foolish ideas upon her return
 "No, no, my territoriality is are of no matter." she says regally, closing her eyes and wiggling herself into a comfortable position on his lap, "Besides, hardly worth eating a lady just for snubbing me in favor of you, I should be used to it by now, with how important you are around here." Mogar kisses her lips his arms wrapping around her as he watched the show in front of them, the waitress would return quickly with their bottles and glasses, his current position leaving him unable to grap the billfold on the table, "Would you mind paying the lady, darling?" Antansija gets the billfold and looks through it for a short time, eventually selecting a bill for 100$ and looking at it for a moment before putting it in the waitress' underpants, "Off you go now." she says coldly. Mogar bites on Antansija's neck gently, whispering "And here I thought you were going to pick something boring to do tonight." taking another long drag from the lit cigar, his mood lightening as the drugs began to take effect. "Me? Boring? Never." she says with a hint of self deprecation, beginning to feel Mogar behind her very intimately. She sighed contentedly, falling under the influence herself. "Why would I do something like that?"
Mogar ran his hand up her thigh, his lips moving up to meet hers "Certainly seeing a new side of you tonight, I've yet to see the party girl side of you doll." he wondered what other secrets she might hold, "I am enjoying it so far though." he said as he nibbled on her lower lip before letting his tongue trace against her exposed canine, "besides, this might be the only place we can be making out and not be the most interesting thing to look at." looking around the room, not a single person had their eyes anywhere but the stage or upon the waitresses.  'Pity, that." she says, placing her arms around his shoulders, "I bet I could show them up if I were dressed for the occasion." she boasts, going in for an even deeper kiss, her tongue dancing around his. Mogar tugs on her lower lip with his teeth, breaking the kiss "I'm certain you could, but save some of that energy for later, I don't want to get too wound up, You may find yourself unable to stop me." he took a deep drink from his poured glass, the girls on stage had changed along with the music, now both Latina but seemingly unaware of who was in front of them. Mogar bit her shoulder, "what do you think of your first strip club anyway?"
Antansija looked back in front of her at the new dancers, smiling bemusedly and looking back at him, "I think I like it, it's pretty hot in here." she says, intending it in both senses, "Maybe it's the drugs, who knows?" she turns herself around to face him, holding herself close to him and pressing her chest against his, "I hope you're enjoying yourself as much as I am." Mogar runs his hands up her sides, much more interested in the girl on his lap over the girls on stage, "In that case maybe I'll get a pole for my bedroom." looking up at her with a smirk, "It is quite warm in here but I don't think its just the drugs." he said tracing a fingertip across her stomach, "I'm having a blast, it's been a very long time since I've gotten to really let loose, and I'm sure Katelin will not be bothering us once she sees where we are."
 "I sure hope she doesn't," she says, fluttering her eyes at him and rubbing his shoulders, "Some really interesting drugs. Really fun I think." she starts taking deep breaths, "You really know how to relax don't you?" she laughs, kissing his neck and teasing with her teeth, biting down just softly enough to not break skin. Mogar lets his hands run up her back, gripping the back of her neck as she bites down on him. "You should have a special appreciation for these, they're one of the reasons you're here in the world of the living." tilting his head to expose more flesh, he had no issues with her affections, "I get so little time to do so, it makes me almost have to make up for it on the brief moments I do." his other hand ran up the inside of her thigh, "though if we continue at this rate we may have to find ourselves somewhere more private."
 "I don't suppose I'd mind that." she says, drawing back to look into his eyes, hers hooded sensuously, "What would my mother say, my continued existence owing itself to a certain drug. She's probably turning in her grave at this very instant, if nothing else has made her do so." Mogar stares into space for a moment, the blasting music and flashing lights surrounding them were enthralling. "I'd think the whole vampire thing would be more of the issue rather than the only reason you were uncovered was because I felt like getting my favorite drug back, although I'm much prefering this one over the pills.." he said as he kissed her again, the intoxicants overtaking his normal self control. Antansija considers for a moment, "I don't know what she'd be more concerned with, my joining of the legions of the undead or signing onto the services and subsequently dating the man who uncovered me looking for his favorite drug. Only one of those was willing after all." she shrugs, licking his lips, "Either way, she doesn't really get a say in it anymore, does she?"
Mogar shrugged, "I suppose the only thing that really matters is are you happy with your choices?" he called over the waitress to pour another drink for him, nearly emptying the glass instantly, she poured another and sat down next to them at the booth, "Is there anything else you want, Sir? Or you Madam?" she asked suggestively Antansija takes her glass, which she'd not touched yet, and drains it, a satisfied sigh escaping her lips as she finishes it, "I'd like a refill." she leans in and takes the waitress' head in her hands tenderly but quickly and plants a long kiss on her lips, "Consider that a tip." she says, her mind a bit askew from the various intoxicants she was taking.
Mogar puts a hand on the waitresses thigh while she refilled the wine glass, mildly amused at the look of slight shock on her face from the liplock and her hand slightly trembling at his touch, "What about private suites? I don't feel like traveling all the way back to the Tower tonight, do you darling?" he asked, easily finishing half of his glass once more."I don't think I would like to wait that long." she presses herself into him, her back arched and her hands on his shoulders. She looks shamelessly at the waitress, "I don't suppose you've got something of that sort do you?"  The waitress nodded, "I-I'm sure we have one available, or can make one available for you, sir. Is there anything else I can do for you tonight?" she asked, not certain of their intentions but knowing their stature meant she would have to provide anything and everything or would find herself unable to find employment.
Antansija looked the waitress up and down slowly, appraising her with almost a predatory gaze, "Wanna come with?" The waitress shrugged, "Only if it's ok with him, of course." she nodded towards Mogar, "The more the merrier I always say, lead the way miss..." trailing off to find out her name. "Oh, I'm, Kand-I'm Mia, I don't think you were asking my stage name." Mogar slide out from under Antansija, whispering "What an adventure this ought to be." standing and looking back at her with a grin, he picks up the half empty bottle from the table, extending his other hand to her. Antansija takes his hand and grins for a split second, a rare thing for her as it put her teeth readily on display, "I think it'll be fantastic." she says, grabbing her own bottle of alcohol as they go.
They walked together hand in hand following the lingerie wearing waitress, it would be an enjoyable evening for the two of them, but a night the waitress would never forget.

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Chapter 7. Agile Apparation and Clone Confusion.


Weeks had past since the tryst at Eve's Garden, Mogar's work focused mostly on Masha, no side effects appeared in the girl besides the regular regurgitation of ADAM. The decision was made to expand and add dozens of new girls to the programed nicknamed "Little Sisters". A 97% success rate at symbiosis was remarkable for such a new procedure. Mogar often wondered if the slugs were unnatural, the fit was almost too perfect. Much more was on his mind than what created the seemingly magical creature though, the expanded production of ADAM allowed for far more experimentation. Telekinesis, Pyromancy, Hydromancy, Invisibility, super strength and nearly instant healing, nearly any science fiction power soon became science fact in rapture.


Mogar had a vested interest in creating all of them, but the one that proved most difficult was Appration. it took almost a month of focus entirely on the problem to finally create a successfull appration plasmid, at the cost of... dozens of test subjects. but finally a perfected serum was available, and he downed the potion greedily, concentrating for a moment, he would disappear from his lab, appearing with a loud CRACK louder than any whip could make in Antansija's research room. papers flew everywhere, the air in the room distorted from his appearance. "Boo." he said with a grin.


Antansija almost falls backwards in her chair from fright, tipping far enough that she had to dig her fingernails deep into her desk to keep from doing so. She looks at him for a moment before she's able to speak, "I see you've got a new toy." she says breathy. Mogar grabs her by the waist, pulling her out of her chair and kissing her passionately, by now she would be used to his mania of invention always being followed by affection. "do you have any EVE in here? I'm feeling rather low and I'd love to show you how this works." he asked, picking her up easily and spinning her in his arms in circles, the researchers collecting their blown about paperwork, used to the distractions by now  "I don't think so? Unless you dropped it by without telling me somewhere along the way." she says, putting her arms on his shoulders to balance herself.


Mogar puts her down with a brief look of confusion "I swear I had Katelin send some down..." Clarity returning to his face, he looks in the fridge in the corner, pushing lunches and drinks to the side to grab a bottle of the bright blue liquid shoved in the back, he downed it quickly, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. He grabbed Antansija by the waist again, this time holding her tightly against him, "Katelin asked you to get a physical a few weeks ago, right?" he asked before deciding to do anything too rash.  "Uh, yeah why?" she asks, put a bit on her heels by the sudden shift in the questions. Mogar grinned, "Excellent, no worries then!" he squeezed against him, another crack and they were gone, appearing on top of the lighthouse, the sky was dark, the sound of rain falling upon the ocean filled their ears, he took a step back from her, "Still in one piece?" he asked, holding onto her left hand and spins her around, "Wonderful, appears we always have an escape plan now doll."


 "Uh..." she looks out at the scenery, now definitely befuddled, "Was it really a question whether or not I would come out in one piece?..." She asked confusedly "Well... i'm only the second person to use it successfully and survive the trip, I was not entirely certain of whether or not you could transport a second person but due to that doctor's visit even if you died you would have been brought back with full memories thanks to the Vita Chamber system I created, it isnt online for most people, but I made sure you were one of the first for it to work for, I do worry about your safety afterall dear." he said with a soft smile.


Antansija looks at him an eyebrow raised, "Does that mean you've tested it with me before?" she pauses, "So there's another me running around somewhere?" Mogar looks out upon the ocean muttering "not anymore..." he walked over to the edge of the roof they stood upon "I could have thought this through better... I don't suppose you can sprout wings, can you?" making every attempt to avoid that particular subject. "No, I can't." She says, walking behind him, "What do you mean, not anymore?" Mogar shrugged, "I didn't have a vested interest in having two of you wandering around, nor two of me, they were tested to ensure the memories were recovered and genetically sound, and then painlessly put down, I can't have clones running around the city considering how many biological locks we use in the Tower." whipping his wrist out he called Katelin "Can you send up a bottle of EVE to the lighthouse roof?" with a quick "Right away sir!" a drone would be dispatched, he turned back to Antansija "We will be here, beautiful view at least and you can actually stand the sun now, right?"


 "I mean, it still isn't exactly puppies and kittens when a stray sunbeam hits me but at least the natural reaction isn't to hiss and draw away from it now." she says with a frown, looking out at the horizon. Mogar held her waist from behind leaning his head on her shoulder, "Maybe we can get you some tan lines..." he whispered as he kissed up her neck. The sun managed its way through the clouds, creating a vivid rainbow on the horizon. "It must be nice to see things like that again at least." She shrugged, still uncomfortable in the sunlight "I suppose. I sorta got used to the whole 'never again appreciate the light of day' thing that comes with the territory but the sun does some amusing things every now and then."


"I have always been a night person myself, but I guess you also possess more patience than I do, I couldn't deal with having more than half of my potential work time instantly removed." he shrugged, "My own experience was before I made such advancements as the ones flowing through you though." running his fingertips up the inside her left arm.  "Eh, I just stay indoors whenever the sun is up generally. Doesn't keep me from my work as long as I avoid windows." she likewise shrugs, "It's never given me much trouble." Mogar hears the familiar buzzing of a drone, it flew past them "Hey! Dummy, over here!" it angled its way over to them, he grabbed the bottle off the Carabiner hook atttached to the bottom. "Go Home!" the drone responding to the simple voice commands, he set the bottle down behind them, hanging his legs off the edge to watch the sunset, "Now at least we're not stuck here, you want to go back inside, or enjoy a sunset first?"


Antansija shrugged, "Let's see the sunset then shall we?" Mogar pats the concrete next to him, "We don't HAVE to ya know." her lack of enthusiasm clearly noticeable. "I can bring you back inside right now if you want, I just figured you might enjoy your first sunset for the past several hundred years." Quickly backtracking,"No, I totally will, don't get me wrong." she says, "I'm just a little concerned about the ethics involved in making a clone of me and putting it down, even though the clones are, in effect, me. It's just weird." Mogar swings his legs, the back of his shoes clicking against the concrete as he stared out into the distance, thankful the rain had stopped. "Would you rather I left her alive? I feel that would cause even more ethical questions, for you specifically I was curious to see if your condition would stay, and it did continue on to the test body. For my own... modifications I would have to re add them, though Katelin has a supply of them stored somewhere to ensure I can resume my standard of living rapidly should i ever require that particular service."


"I dunno, it's just really weird." she says, "I've never had a clone of myself so it's a new experience, even if it's just a thought experiment at this point." Mogar paused for a moment before saying sarcastically "I could always make another if you want, although I will admit I am a bit fearful of what two of you in the same room might do, I might end up at the bottom of the ocean at the end of it." FHIC laughed at the though, "I don't want more of me running around, that would just be weird." she said.  "think of it this way, you might be biologically immortal, but you can still die, this circumvents that, you are truly immortal so long as you're within the city's radius, though I am going to attempt to make a portable version before we resume the other project, it isnt as though we will be headed to places with friendly locals..." remembering their only attempt so far.


 "Alright, seems ok I guess..." she says, obviously thinking very hard about this, "Brings up interesting questions though. Mogar turns to her, the setting sun was beautiful but he had seen thousands over the years, "Like what? Feel free to ask whatever comes to mind, I realize we haven't been able to spend much time together lately, so it isn't as though I have gone into depth with many of these new inventions."


 "Well, if I were to die, would the person who woke up in my place share my consciousness? Would I, as a person, still exist, or would it be someone else who thought they were me?" Mogar runs his hand along the back of her neck, his pointer finger rubbing between her C1 and C2 vertebrae, "I'm sure you remember the injection you recieved right about here, it was certainly painful for me. There's a small microchip in here that updates your memories, and there's a copy of what makes you well... you. memories, personality, your entire conciousness was copied, the microchip simply allows for it to be updated as you continue on your life, you may lose a brief period of time, but in times of unusual stress it updates far more frequently, unless you're killed instantly from behind you should have memory of whom killed you." He smiled at the philosophical questions, "Whether or not you as a person would still exist is an entirely different matter, personally I believe your 'Soul', or whatever you'd like to call it, would take the chance at jumping into the new you over simply going to the other side."


 "But would anyone really know?" she asks, continuing the line of inquiry, "I certainly wouldn't know the difference, I'd be dead, or just unsure of whether I was the real me or not." Mogar shrugged. "I question that daily." returning his gaze to the sunset, the light reassurance from the memories of darkness. "Am I really me? or merely a replica? Is the real Mogar still sitting down there in the pitch blackness, cold and alone as I can remember it being, or are those memories simply imprinted by whatever brought me back to earth? I can remember dying twice now clearly, I wonder how many lives I will be lucky enough to have."


 "It's all just really weird." she sighs, "I almost don't want to think about it but at the same time I'm known for my morbid curiosity." exhaled slowly as the sun finally fell below the horizon, the flash of green making him wonder what souls would be making the journey to and from that world tonight. "I would have kept the body if you really wished to see what you looked like dead, but I put them into the incinerator almost immediately, your fingerprints and DNA could easily give someone access to places they shouldn't be." She shuddered at the thought "If I find something I want to know any less than that, I'll be sure to let you know, I do not look forward to seeing what I look like dead."


Mogar chuckled at the remark, grabbing the bottle and standing up, drinking it slowly, he felt the power returning, extending his hand he asked "Where do you want to go tonight?" she thought for a moment before replying. "I'd kinda like to spend some time alone with you if you don't mind." she says, standing up with his help, "Not really up for going out anywhere." Mogar wrapped his arms around her small frame, holding her tight against him as he concentrated on the top of MoG[Tower] miles away from their current location, a loud CRACK, and they were in his bedroom once more, the surrounding sea with its bioluminecent glow brighter than the sky above they had just left. "he let go of her, stumbling to the bed and fell to the soft matress exhausted.


"You alright there?" Antansija asks, taking a seat next to him and smiling. Mogar rolled himself over to his side to face her, "I just traveled roughly 20 miles in the span of an hour using nothing but my mind, hopefully I have impressed you tonight at least." he said smiled back. "Of course you did, surprised me too, aas well as causing me to possibly doubt my existence." she taps him on the nose with a finger, "You accomplished a hell of a lot in such a brief period." Mogar reached up, grabbing the back of her head and brings her down to kiss her slowly "Well... did you ever wonder why you're so infatuated with me?" he mused to her. "Well obviously it's not because I'm a sane and functioning member of the human race." she winks at him and makes herself comfortable in her current position.


 A knock would come at the door, Mogar looked at the door and then back to her, "Do you mind? Katelin sent us room service, I don't think I can get up until after I've ate something." laying his head back down. "Of course." she stands and saunters to the door, noticing Mogar watching her every step. She opened the door and smiled at the waiter outside as she takes the platter, "Thank you, that'll be all for now." she closes the door after being given a nod and turns back to him, setting the platter down beside him. Mogar takes the cover and tosses it onto the floor, A large burger with fries upon each of the plates, he grabbed his quickly pausing before digging in "I hope you don't mind," realizing he never actually asked what she wished to eat. "I didn't really specify what to send us, I should have expected her to send something she knew I liked and not considered you in her decision."


Antansija grabs one of the burgers and starts eating it, "Eh, I'm not a fan of condiments as a whole but at the same time, I'm really hungry." Mogar pours some ketchup for his fries "At least we both require thick red liquids occasionally, twins practically!" he jokes voraciously eating the burger, protien restoring all the burned energy from the days events. Antansija eats some of her own fries, "But Ketchup is disgusting in contrast." she snarls in joking distaste. Mogar lets out a pleased sigh, licking his fingers clean of the grease that covered them while scarfing down the burger, he laid back snacking on the fries while watching her eat, turning on some music in the meantime with a flick of his wrist.


Antansija continues to eat, much more slowly than her employer/lover, giving him a funny look as she does so just to amuse herself. Mogar laid back, the whales and sea life just outside the nearly all glass room, "Well, I'm definitely going to pace myself from now on with the whole teleportation thing, tomorrow come by the lab on your lunch break and we'll get you some."


 "More stuff for me to be able to do?" she says through a mouthful of fries, swallowing them before continuing, "I simply can't wait. Especially if it's just as painful as the last one." she smirks. Mogar lifts his head to look her in the eyes, "We've only scratched the surface darling, there are unimaginable wonders within the ADAM." he stuck out his tongue at her sarcasm "this one won't hurt a bit, at least from my experience, now if you want pyromancy... that one stings."


"I will pass on the fire." she says, holding her hands out in front of her, "I'm a good deal more flammable than your average person, it wouldn't end well." Mogar thinks on this while pulling one of the cigars he now had regularly supplied to him, flicking his lighter he takes a long puff and starts moving the lighter closer to her "think of it this way, you're surrounded by water, we can put you out easily...." Antansija licks her thumb and puts it over the lighter's hole, extinguishing the flame instantly, "I'd rather not bother with it at all, thanks." she sticks her tongue out at him.


Mogar grins, putting the cigar in his mouth he grabs onto her shoulders, pushing her down onto her back and climbs over her "Let's live a little." his nose brushing against hers "Oh?' she says, unbuttoning the first few buttons of her shirt, "I suppose I wouldn't mind doing just that." she grins up at him, slyly, one of her legs curling around to hug one of his. Mogar flicked the ash onto one of the empty plates, setting down the cigar on the tray off to the side of the bed, it would burn down to a nub, long forgotten by the intertwining bodies nearby.

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Chapter 8: Masqueraded Muses and Magical Mimosas.


Mogar was crouching down in front of a panel behind the massive metal circle that stood against one of the walls, the room sparse, a few tables against other walls were the only furnishings. finishing twisting in a screw he dragged the screwdriver against an exposed wire accidentally shocking himself, dropping the driver and shaking his hand, "Son of a !@#$%*." he muttered, picking it back up he examined the panel, the machine was almost complete, a slightly modified version than was in The Cape, but it would be more efficient and allow for longer trips, some of the fickleness worked out. closing up the panel he sighed and took a step back taking in the beauty of his latest creation, they had not decided upon a first destination, but he was certain a list was nearly complete.
Antansija walked in with a cup of coffee, which clashed horribly with the dress she wore in attitude but she didn't really care right now since there was no one who would really care. She took a drink and watched him work for a minute before getting his attention, "It's time to go dear." she says to him. Mogar looks back at her startled "You haven't even given me the list of destinations yet, how am I supposed to dial it in if I don't know that?" he asked, "It should be operational, all I have to do is turn the main power on and we can go anywhere!" not having a clue what she was talking about. "I don't know the destinations themselves dear." she rolls her eyes, "I'm sure it will be excellent when it works."
 "Then where are we going?" looking confused for a moment he pressed against his forearm, the communication device inside turning back on, he had at least 20 messages from Katelin, most of them informing him of Sander Cohen opening his private club, skimming the messages he put his arm down and smiled at Antasija "did you decide what sort of mask you're going to wear then?" Antansija pulls the cat mask out from her silk belt, "I thought the whiskers were cute." she says, smiling at him. Mogar started for the door "Do I still have to go pick one up or...? And do you have to change, Do I have to change? I'm sure you got informed of all of this and I don't feel like reading." Antansija pulls the owl mask out and hands it to him, "I'm ready for this, you might not be." she looks him up and down, he wasn't exactly dressed for a party right now, "Might want to put on something more appropriate."
Mogar noticed her glance, looking down at his clothes he was covered in grease and metal shavings, shrugging "I have a suit in the tram that should match this," looking at the mask, he takes her coffee in his other hand and downs the rest of it, "Let's get this over with, Cohen's a bit of a nut, but he is a very rich nut, and evidently his art is incredible." setting the empty mug down on the table next to the door, "Gotta keep the wealthy guys happy so they stay around and enrich the environment." she rolls her eyes knowingly, taking a moment to mourn her lost coffee, "We ought to get started." Mogar takes her now empty hand and walks them to the elevator, "We'll be adventuring soon, aren't you excited?" he asked as the elevator doors closed, "I have learned alot of the dialect they spoke, not an enough to call myself fluent but our guests have ensured I will at least be able to find what we need to go back there for."
 "Of course I'm excited, though I think I should get some better clothes for the purposes. Jeans aren't really conductive for running around and rescuing maidens and grabbing artifacts." she hits a button on the panel, "And I'm glad that you're making some ground in understanding their language." Mogar replied sarcastically "Gee, I had thought you'd be requesting formal wear, those big dresses work so well in the heat of the jungle." kissing her lips slowly, "I have you to thank for deciding to take our translators instead of leaving them there." he brushed her hair over her ear, "I have missed you, but I am pleased I have finally finished it, a break from the city will be a wonderful change of pace, although I am not looking forward to have to find sixty five more of the damned artifacts."
"It could be worse." she says, "It could be that all the artifacts were fragmented and spread out at the bottom of the ocean." she kissed him, waggling her eyebrows playfully. Mogar smirked "At least a few very well could be, now at least, we'd be headed back to before the Minoans sank I suppose." looking at the mask he still held, "And why am I the bird and you're the cat, are you trying to infer something darling?" she smiled innocently "Of course not dear, there are some breeds of large birds which eat cats instead of the other way around, and owls are some of those." she says, "Besides, the cat is adorable, and I'm adorable, so it's a perfect fit!"
Mogar tugged at her hand the moment the door open, shaking his head. The train waited for them as always he opened one of the storage compartments underneath the seating as they started to move, dancing slightly to the music playing over the speakers above, mockingly unbuttoning his shirt, unable to hold back his laughter he quickly changes out of his dirty clothes, sliding into the dark tan suit waiting for him, leaving his clean white shirt unbuttoned he puts the jacket on, pouring himself a drink. Cohen was sometimes difficult to deal with, the lubrication would help him mentally prepare. looking out onto a pod of whales he nodded so Antasija would look as well, "One day I'm going to make a machine to speak to them, they sing us songs every day, I wonder what they're saying."
 "They're probably asking if anyone wants to $%&@." she says matter of factly, "Take it from someone who can talk to bats, most of the time when animals talk they're talking about sex." she dances a little to the beat of the song. Mogar snorts "Sounds like humans are just like every other species on the planet then." he gestured his free hand to the bar, "Wine, Sanguine? you want anything while I'm over here?" he asked her after setting down his now mostly empty glass.
Antansija makes a moderately impartial gesture, "I think I'd prefer wine right now." she says, "Not terribly thirsty though." Mogar refilled his own glass, filling a wine glass with a Beaujolais, too distracted to read the label, he handed it to her sitting down, "trust me, you're going to want to be drunk before you meet this one." handing her his tumbler he finished buttoning up his shirt, "If he didn't own half of fort frolic and high street I would not be showing up."
 "Is he that eccentric?" she asks curiously, "Sounds like a lot of fun." she says, deadpan as she downs the glass and refills it. Mogar tugged on her dress, pulling her onto his lap "Doll, you spend every day with me, I'm sure you can handle eccentric, he is to art what I am to science, I'll never pretend to understand most of his work, but the city seems to love him, and that's all that really matters." as they pulled into the market street station. Antansija puts an arm around his neck, "If I've not learned to deal with eccentricity by now I don't know what will make me." she says, putting her mask on  and looking at him from under it, "How do I look?" Mogar smiled, "mee-yow!" donning his own mask, he took her hand and they walked through the station, a waiting elevator to take them to high street above, the elevator operator knowing exactly where they were headed because of the masks. he wrapped his arm around her waist, holding her by the hip against him, "I hope I look WHOOOnderful." sticking his tongue out at her
Antansija pushes his arm a little, giggling, "That was awful." she grins, "You look great darling, absolutely devastatingly handsome." Mogar takes her along the "street" light music playing in the background, there were at least a dozen others with masks similar to theirs, it seemed they'd not be late arrivals. He gazed out the giant windows to the left of them, as they walked, when they turned the corner he nodded to the entrance of the place, "Glad you didn't pick rabbit for me." he mused, the dancer upon the top of the place's shadow showed his prominent ears. Antansija shrugs, "I thought that that one looked more than a little silly, didn't feel like you would appreciate looking the fool." she says as they go down the little aisle towards the door. Mogar was amused by the men and women dancing upon the lights on either side of them, wondering how boring of a job that must be. "I feel like a regular WHOduni." he remarked as they reached the door, being looked over by the doorman before he lets them in, passing the dress code for the gala.
 "Aaaarg, you keep up with the puns and I'll go absolutely mad!" she laughs again, "You thought the Cheshire Cat was crazy, wait till you get a whiff of this kitty. Provided you keep it up of course." He looked back at her, retorting "You should know by now I have no trouble keeping things up."  Mogar blinked his eyes upon passing through the doors, the solid white room they had walked into almost overwhelming to him, "Welcome to Cohen's, Sir." said the receptionist in his rabbit mask, bowing respectfully. "Mr Cohen wanted me to inform you that he may be wrapped up in a project by the time you arrived, and to pass along that he is glad you decided to partake in his opening should he not get the chance to speak to you personally." Mogar shrugged, "No worries, Anything I can do to help the patrons of this great city." The receptionist gestured towards the door to the right of him, "Step into the Darkness." Stepping onto the stairs, Antansija says amiably, "What a charming receptionist." she  "So, how shall we begin the night si- dear?"
Mogar held onto Antasija a bit tighter as they went down the winding stair case, "I had figured a stiff drink to start things off, but I had also expected something more... colorful.." he said as they went down the dark stairs, the only source of light coming from the stairs like in a movie theater. at the bottom of the stairs, they were greeted by two massive busts of Cohen, "And I thought I was egotistical..." stopping on the balcony overlooking a large pool, Mogar noticing Cohen standing upon an elevated platform, painting two dances in the middle of the pool, lights from all sides beaming down upon them.  "This takes eccentricity to a new level I think." Antansija says, looking down curiously at what was going on beneath them, "They say that art should be incomprehensible so I guess this is pretty good."
Mogar shook his head, "Well, the sun and the moon dance in the sky, perhaps it's some sort of allegory." referring to the masks the dances wore. He caught the attention of one of the many white suited rabbits, "Can I get a glass of whiskey, and Red Wine for the lady." the waiter nodded and returned with their drinks within a minute. he handed her a familiar pill, "maybe we have to be on whatever drugs he is on to understand it properly?" he asked with a shrug. "That would seem to make sense." she says, nodding and taking the pill, popping it in her mouth and swallowing effortlessly.
Mogar swallowed his own washing it down with his new drink, "Shall we dance?" the song changing to something very fitting. "Of course!" she says, standing and beginning to dance with you after putting her drink down nearby. He takes her arms, swaying them in time with the "dun dun" of the song. he couldn't help but laugh, they probably looked silly to anyone watching, but they had masks on, so who cared what anyone else thought? Antasija does her best to keep them in time with the music, their strangely dissonent dance getting them no small amount of attention from their onlookers, "Strange choice of dance type." she says, smiling at him. Mogar dipped her in his arms, upon the end of the song, the onlookers clapping softly "looks like we've gained some fans for our moves, doll." kissing her passionately before bringing her back to her feet, grabbing his drink from the table they had left them upon. "I kinda like the masks, they provide a certain sexyness to everything."
Antasija grabs her drink and downs it, "Gives a certain amount of mystery. Mystery is sexy I guess." she says, holding the table and feeling the drug begin to work itself into her system, "I like them, they add a certain panache." Mogar looks down at the sun and moon dancers wondering how they got onto their little stage without getting wet, "The Wise Owl and the Agile Cat, you certainly picked fitting masks for us at least, I wonder what the rabbits represent though." wondering why every waiter and the majority of the other guests wore them. "That's a really good question." she says, looking around and observing the other guests critically, "I wonder if there's any kind of symbolism at all, really." Mogar snapped his fingers. "Oh my god! I remember something about rabbits... Centzon Totochtin, a pantheon of 400 rabbit gods from Aztec mythology, no less. They represented fertility, parties, and drunkenness, fitting really. Maybe we brought Cohen back with us on one of these trips." he suggested sarcastically.


"What a coincidence." she shrugs, "I like that explanation. And then there's us." she smiles at Mogar brightly, "Rabbits are our prey." He looked around at how many rabbits there were, "I'm starting to think there was a method to his madness." he looked back at her with a smile, "but are we WHOrrible people for preying on these poor rabbits?" he managed to say with a straight face. "Aaaaargh, the only reason you'd be a horrible person would be because you keep making these !@#$@#$ puns." she throws her head back and groans, though she still can't help but smile. Mogar kissed her again, his own mood changing fairly quickly, he was in a good mood before but now it was almost overwhelming. "We did make an appearance... do you want to perhaps go somewhere more private, and with less gigantic heads surrounding us?"


 "Why yes, I think perhaps that I would like that." she replies, taking another kiss before continuing, "Lead on, I don't know this place well enough to know anywhere remotely private." Mogar thought for a moment, the Tower was at least 20 minutes away, "hrmm, The Adonis Resort in on Market Street, we could rent a room for the evening, I don't really feel like having to go all the way back to our place..." noticing Cohen walking away from his painting he grabs her side and begins walking towards the staircase "Let's at least say hi, so he can't say we never showed." he says, remembering how important the hollow gestures were. "Fair enough." she says, rushing to keep up with his strides as he ushered her along. The pool was magnificent, he could understand why Cohen called it The Garden of the Muses, but he only required the muse attached to his hip.

Cohen was yelling at one of the waiters, his shirt stained, probably from a guest spilling a mimosa on him Mogar thought to himself. "-And HOW CAN YOU WALK AROUND HERE THINKING YOU CAN REPRESENT ME SO SLOPPILY?" Mogar grabs one of the drinks off the waiter's tray, handing it to Antasija, taking another for himself, letting Cohen continue his rant for at least another minute "Just get out of my sight!" he finally said,


Mogar took the chance to change gears and stepped in "Sander my friend, how are you besides hating the help?" he asked dryly, then nodding towards the girl on his arm. "This is Antasija, She's a fan of your work, I have to say I am enjoying this Masquerade you've set up. This Garden is definitely a place I could be inspired." Cohen's expression quickly changed, grabbing the girl by the hips and kissing each of her cheeks, "Such a beautiful woman Mogar, how do you stay so pale?" his own face covered with white makeup. Antasija being familiar with the practice of greeting that he was utilizing, mirrors his movements, minus the placement of her hands, "It's a pleasure to meet you Mister Cohen. To answer your question, I simply don't get out of the house often. More of a night person anyways." she says, shrugging a tad nonchalantly.


 Cohen laughed "We're all night people down here darling." he teased, turning to Mogar, "I'm so glad you like the place, you're always welcome any time of course." Mogar nodded, "We'll definitely be returning. Your receptionist gave me your message, but I saw you were taking a break so I figured we'd come down and say hello." smiling warmly at their host. "Good to see someone who works for me can do their job.." he says shaking his head, "I must get back to work, but It was a pleasure to meet you Antasija." Still admiring her unnatural beauty. "And you as well mister Cohen." She nods and smiles at him, hooking her arm with Mogar's so that he could properly escort her out.


Mogar walked with her up the multiple staircases, he noticed everyone who wasn't a rabbit was someone he knew personally, the thought that perhaps they were simply hunters in a room full of meat sticking with him. keeping him quiet for most of their journey. nearing the top of the dark set of stairs he thought out loud "How are we even supposed to open the door from this side when we cant see the handle?" almost on cue the door opened from the other side.


"Clearly it is musings such as those which open the door." Antansija says dryly, "A marvel of modern science and art's pinnacle, truly." Mogar glanced behind them as they walked through the door, noticing the small green dot attached to a motion sensor aiming down near the door. "I was thinking magic personally." he quipped, walking them back out of the blank room and into normal civilization, or at least as close to it as they got anymore. "This isn't going to be the best hotel in the city, but it's still five star." he commented as they walked back to the elevator with an operator, a passing whale singing his haunting song. "As long as the bed is comfortable I don't think I'll complain too vocally." she continues the dry, understated humor, "Perhaps I'll lodge a discrete complaint with the manager, but ah, life is short, perhaps i won't."


Mogar nodded at the elevator operator as they walked off, the hotel was only a few blocks away "At least I know the entertainment will be up to your standards." he whispered, his breath against her neck. Antasija drummed her fingers slowly on the back of Mogar's neck, "I would be dreadfully disappointed if it wasn't, it would have to fall a great deal to get even remotely close to being inadequate." Mogar lets out an impatient sigh as they walk, "What can I say? I aim to please." he said as they walked into the hotel lobby, it was nearly 3am, the clerk was sitting disinterested, he slid the mask up, giving the girl a smile, her face quickly changing from bored to beaming now at rapt attention."W-Welcome to the Adonis Resort, what can I do for you tonight Sir?" He slid his mask back down, enjoying the anonymity  "Would you kindly take us to your best room?"


She grabbed a key off the board behind her, a quick elevator ride and they were at the Zeus Suite. "If you require anything, just call down, we'll get it to you right away." the girl said proudly. "I'll keep that in mind, goodnight." he said shortly, closing the door behind him, he grabbed Antasija by her thighs, wrapping her legs around him and kissed her hard, tossing her down onto the giant bed nearby "Now what were you saying about owls and cats earlier darling?"


"Something about certain breeds of owls eating house-cats." she says, looking up at him suggestively and stretching herself on the bed seductively, "But the question remains of if you're the kind of bird who eats kitty I suppose." Mogar climbed over her, his hands on either side of her head, leaning down he whispered in her ear, "it seems to me you just chose a bad night to stay outside little one, don't you know the night belong to me?" his lips pressing against hers slowly, he wanted to toy with his prey, her words from previous bringing out more primal urges.


Antasija purrs rather genuinely into Mogar's mouth, a talent she'd developed rather spontaneously a very long time ago, before her turning, "Oh, I think I do." she holds him close, "But on the other hand, I've already been caught, so what'll you do to me?" Mogar kissed down her neck, her dress's fabric tearing easily as he pulled upon it, his hands tearing upon every piece on her body, He leaned back upon his legs, knees on either side of her. His suit jacket got tossed onto the floor, he unbuttoned his shirt looking down at her pensively, "The Owl is wise enough to know how clever the cat can be, I think we'll test your wits to see if you can be of any use to me, otherwise you'll become just another snack."


She really liked that dress, but she figured that she could just as easily get a new one as complain about losing the old one, "I don't suppose we could compromise and have both?" she kisses him again, a short peck on the lips, winking at him, "I'm not opposed to being a light snack, but only so long as I'm well fed in return." Mogar climbed off the bed, standing in front of her. He slipped out of his pants, kicking them off his leg he climbed back over her, kissing her harder, lust overtaking his desire to tease, only pulling away long enough to reply "Have I ever left you hungry before?"

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Chapter 9: Repurposed Rosies, and Assassin or Addict?


 A lush jungle surrounded Mogar, the sounds of birds filled his ears, looking around he was alone on an overgrown path. He followed the path, it snaked through the jungle, the sounds of drums thumping growing louder and louder. The path eventually leading to a massive temple in a clearing, thousands of loin cloth wearing natives all facing the structure, he walked through the crowd of people, trying to see what they were seeing. Golden warriors stood atop the structure, a young woman was forced down upon an altar, knife at her throat, the drumbeats became droning, their sound twisted and warped into a buzzing like flies, he ran through the crowd, shoving people out of the way, "NO!" he shouted, the buzzing grew and grew, constant now.


Mogar flew up awake, muttering "no, stop!" he looked at his wrist, fluttering his fingers first brought up the time, it wasnt even 6am yet, he had barely gone to bed and katelin was waking him up? he read the message she had sent, the contents bringing him fully awake faster than a bucket of ice water. Shaking Antasija, he said groggily "Darling, you have to wake up, we have to go." Antasija wakes up slowly, yawning and stretching, "What? What is it? What's happening?" she asks, the stream of questions coming at a confused and groggy pace.


Mogar pulls up the image of one of the girls, it wasn't Masha, but they had developed similarities after the symbiosis surgery. The girl's dress was torn and numerous cuts and bruises upon her arms and legs. "it appears the ADAM has value enough to try to kill for, I need to get back to the tower and see how damaged she is, according to Katelin, the subject who attacked her was killed by one of the security drones, I had programmed the system to keep a close eye on them, but it appears even that will not be enough." he said while putting his clothes thrown about the room back on, looking down at the torn remains of her dress, "You think room service would have a dress?" he asked sheepishly. Antasija stands and looks at the dress, "See, this is why ripping them off isn't a great idea." she says, a tad upset but mostly at the prospect of one of those girls being hurt, "They might, I mean, this can't be such an uncommon occurance."


Mogar washed his face in the bathroom, grabbing a glass of water to soothe his dehydrated body, noticing a bathrobe on a hook, he tossed it to her "Throw this on for now, I don't want to call them and have to wait, I have no idea what being attacked could do to one of the little sisters, it isnt like I've ever harmed any of them before." grabbing his mask from the side of the bed, and hers, he gestures for her to pick up the pace. Antasija put on the bathrobe and tied it in front of her, "Well let's go then, no telling what might happen." she exits the room and hustles down the hall, carrying her heels and walking barefoot.


Mogar puts a hand on her back, gently pushing her along as they walked to the elevator, walking in silence far too lost in his own thoughts. He was rarely so pushy but he had developed an attachment to every single one of these girls, they carried the next step in human evolution inside them, and the fact they were being attacked before any of the products had even been released meant there was far more risk to their safety than he ever would have expected. The addictive nature of a limited number of the plasmid formulas created so far was noticable in roughly 15% of the test subjects, but it was generally only a mental addiction, the ability to become superhuman a natural desire for many. Or was this attacked based upon other motives, perhaps someone else in the city had wanted to learn the process themselves, Mogar had a monopoly on the ADAM production, maybe someone else wanted in on the market, the only way to recreate a little sister would be to dissect one, since he had never revealed how the process worked to anyone. Was Fontaine behind this? There were so many questions, and few would get answered.


Mogar walked with Antasija out of the elevator into the lobby, the same clerk was at the desk, she looked a bit surprised at the mistress's attire, she went to open her mouth but Mogar spoke before she managed a word. "Bill me for the room, an emergency came up, the room was lovely by the way." walking past her, they made their way through market street, only a few stragglers leaving Cohen's at this early hour. the train was waiting for them at the station, a fresh pot of coffee waiting for them, Katelin's work, he presumed, he poured them both a mug, his turning irish before taking a swig. "$%&@, this is really bad, I never expected someone to harm a little girl, even with their enhancements..." getting lost in his thoughts once more.


Antasija sips at her coffee, revived fully almost immediately, "Someone in this city lacks quite a bit of conscience." she growls, "I would like to get my hands on them." Mogar shrugged, "Unfortunately morality was not one of the requirements to be welcomed into Rapture, though now I'm begining to wonder if that should have been one." sipping his own mug. "I will run an autopsy on his body after I ensure the girl, Lucy I believe the file said was her name, is safe. If he has evidence of splicing then perhaps I will monitor anyone who has been a recipient of the plasmids, if not... we are facing someone in this city who wishes to steal this creation for their own purposes. I pray to gods that it was just a rogue addict attack, it would be easier for me to deal with."


"People are so difficult sometimes." she grumbles. She'd become attached to these girls, a figurative older sister to them all, regardless of the realities of the situation, "Idiots."  The train had rushed as fast as they were safely able to, Mogar was unable to even enjoy the sights of the glowing ocean that surrounded them, his eyes remaining on Antasija, letting out a deep sigh the sparks of one of the Rosies reinforcing the tunnel they were flying through caught his eye. "Hrm... I wonder..." he mumbled, bringing up the schematics of their suits. "Perhaps the problem of protecting our symbiotes can be solved with adding another member to the symbiosis. I'd need to come up with a way to force them to have a paternal instinct for the girls, but their suits make them walking tanks, they'd make very effective bodyguards."


 "I imagine so." she says, still thinking to herself primarily, "It makes sense since we can't have ourselves on the scene at all times to have some sort of guards." A list of hundreds of chemical compounds steams in front of Mogar, searching for something that would provide a similar behavioral response to what he needed. "I may have to create something entirely new, I'm not sure I've done anything like this," some of the lines were a dark red, noting their... extreme effects. "This may not even be a problem science can solve, I might have to fall back on some of the other research we had in the lower labs."


 "Oh, THAT sort of thing." she says, she wasn't entirely comfortable with the whole concept of things outside of science, but on the other hand she was one, so who was she to judge? "And how do you propose to do that?" Mogar shrugged as they pulled into the MoG[Tower] station, "I'll have to go access those records to see if that will even help, I don't store those on the city's intranet for obvious reasons." standing before the train had come to a complete stop he downed his coffee, setting the mug down. he took her by the hand, expecting many a strange look from his employees at his mistress's attire, but she had plenty of clothes in her room, not that he expected her to leave his side until after they had ensured lucy would be perfectly fine. Antasija takes the coffee with her as the enter the tower, going quickly to the elevator and, as expected, recieving some odd looks from the employees. Antasija didn't particularly care for being stared at, but on the other hand, there were bigger things to worry about.


Mogar walked with her into the elevator to take them up to the medical lab where Lucy was being cared for. the little sisters were spared no expense for anything. a screen showing the girls anatomy, the slug prominent in her stomach. Mogar turned to Brigid Tenenbaum, the chief geneticist on the project, who was standing beside the unconcious girl laying on the bed, looking like a doll in the bed designed for an adult, hooked up to wires and machines. "What's her status, did he do any permanent damage?" he asked impatiently.  "She will make a full recovery, the slug was bruised but as you know they can repair themselves rather easily, but the host will need a week or so to fully heal," she pointed to the screen with the girl's body upon it. "her most traumatic injury was this stab wound, it appears as though he was aiming to main the slught to prevent her from simply instantly healing the injuries as the little sister normally do, he was successful at this but it makes me wonder where he got the information, it isnt as though every citizen knows how the little sisters function."


Mogar let out a sight of relief, running his hand through his hair, "good, good, has she spoken to anyone about the incident? the attack happened out of sight of the camera system, if it werent for her cries for help she may not have survived." Brigid nodded, "she only said the man had promised her lollis, and then when she followed him he was a bad man and hurt her, you should know getting a solid story out of one of them is not going to be easy." Mogar looked back at Antasija, "I'm not going to let this ever happen again."


"Well the whole picture is rather disturbing." she says, obviously upset by the little girl on the bed. Mogar glanced back at Brigid, "I'm going to go find out what I can from this monster's corpse, inform me immeditately if her condition changes, and try to get the story out of her, I want to know everything I can about this." She nodded "Of course sir." he took Antasija's hand into his and walked them back to the elevator. "Do you want to go put on actual clothes, or come find out if this was just an addict, or an assassin?"


 "I'll go with you, it's not like I'm making anyone uncomfortable here." she says, shrugging and following him, "I suppose I'd like to see the !@#$%^& who did this." The elevator doors opened, and he led her to the morgue, his body would be waiting for them on the table, not yet touched, major trauma would easily be seen on his chest, at least a dozen .45 rounds were put into him by the security drone. he was a bloody mess but still intact enough to get at least one answer Mogar sought. he wrapped his arm around Antasija's waist, "you don't have to stay you know, this is going to get messy quick."

"I've ripped men's throats out with my teeth and hands and sucked their vital juices right out of the jagged hole dear, I think I can handle this." she says, the rather brutal sentence incredibly understated. Mogar raised his eyebrows at her comment, he tend to forget the beast that dwelled within her, his own demons usually the only ones that surfaced since they came undersea. "Just making sure..." he said as took off his suit jacket. He pulled rubber gloves on with a snap, putting on a smock, he grabbed one of the waiting scalpels, making a Y cut.


"Now for the part I always hate." he muttered as he cracked open the man's ribcage, the sickening noise echoing in his ears. After about ten minutes of careful examination of the man's internal organs, here were minor signs of splicing upon his lungs and heart, but nowhere near enough to cause a psychical addiction. "Just as I had feared," slipping the gloves off. tossing them onto the table. "There's no way this was just an addict, he had a purpose of catching the little one, and his intent to harm her slug and not actually kill her leads me to believe whomever he was working for wanting her alive, and knew our process enough to know how where to aim for."


"Who would know all of those things?" she asks rhetorically, "There aren't exactly any people who we've told." Mogar thought for a moment, the answer seeming obvious when it finally dawned on him "Fontaine is the only one who would have the resources and knowledge to create such a plot, but I cannot throw around that serious of an accusation without much more evidence." Walking with her back to the elevator, he would need to head to the private lab in which he kept their more supernatural research, it was not his expertise but perhaps there would be something in there to provide him with a solution. "Go get dressed, I'll send a new list of research for you. Disappointing really, I had hoped today we could begin our adventures, but I will have to delay those until we ensure the home front is safe enough to be able to leave."


"Oh well." she sighs, "I don't mind waiting if it means ensuring the safety of these girls." she said as she got off the elevator on her own floor to go find some clothes. Mogar grabbed her my the wrist, pulling her back to kiss on the lips softly, "Thank you for staying with me, you know you could have just went back to sleep at the hotel, but I appreciate you coming along, it definitely kept me calmer to have to deal with all of this." he said to her, not normally showing such weakness. "I've never been known for apathy." she says, "I care a little too much most of the time." looking back at him with a soft smile as she went to her room.


He sighed as the elevator doors closed, a flutter of his fingertips and he would get Katelin on the line, having her send 3 test subjects and 3 suits of Rosie gear to one of the larger labs, once he found what he was looking for he would not want to waste a moment. entering the other lab, he sat at the computer listing the numerous experiments that had been left for him, most half finished. Lot 273, from her notes it must have been originally designed for the bodyguard program, the intent was to provide blind obedience to the first individual to imprint upon the user, following any orders given by them. Lot 91 also had protective qualities in its effects, specifically geared towards children, it would take him a few days to blend the two together properly but it would not be that difficult, the notes left provided enough information to manage to do so successfully.




:Rapture Radio, a week later:

"An attack against one of the Little Sisters that occurred last week has spawned the creation of bodyguards for Rapture's Children, a Modified version of the familiar Rosies that keep our city safe, these new bodyguards were nicknamed "Big Daddies", and will be ensuring the safety of every little sister in Rapture. Any threat against the Little Sisters will be dealt with harshly. Please report any suspicious behavior or threats against the Little Sisters immediately, the Little Sisters hold the future of our city, perhaps the future of our species, protect them as you would your own children."

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Ariana remembered being at a party for something or other, and she remembered taking a drink from a Azteca woman, but after that things were sort of a blur, and not the enjoyable sort of blur. she woke up on a staircase leading up from the ocean leading up to a lighthouse. She sighed, this routine had become rather annoying at times, the Capean doctors she had seen had told her there was nothing wrong with her brain or body, but blacking out for weeks or years at a time was not normal. She had a throbbing headache, and knowing better than to drink salt water, she climbed the stairs, perhaps there would be someone in the lighthouse with a glass of water. She pushed open the door,  darkness surrounded her, the door swung closed, she stood in the dark for a moment, lights slowly turning on, she walked down the stairs to the left of her, lights turning on as she moved, used to motion sensors by now. there was a panel next to what appeared to be some sort of underwater vessel, she wasn't certain what it was but it was transport at least, which was more than she had 5 minutes ago.
Ariana examined the panel nearby, there was a computer screen above it that said "place hand here" with an arrow pointing down. she shrugged and followed the instructions, there wasn't any food or water in the room so maybe there was where ever the bell thing would bring her. the sensor scanned her hand for easily 10 seconds, "User Identified, Subject: Classifed. Please wait for further assistance." the robotic voice chimed at her. Ariana let out a loud sigh, wondering who built this place, and how it knew who she was. She started to pace in the room, unsure of her next move.
A voice came over the loudspeakers. "Hello miss Grande, My name is Katelin, I am the secretary to Mogar, You must be... Ariana. He's been expecting you." Ariana was startled by the booming voice, "E-expecting me? Where am I?" Katelin quickly replied "My dear girl, you're in Rapture, Enter the bathysphere at your leisure and I can answer any further questions you may have when you arrive, there is refreshments in a small fridge inside for your journey." Ariana could only manage "Thank you!" before getting into the bathysphere, the door closing quickly behind her as she grabbed a bottle of cola out of the fridge and downed most of it immediately. music started playing over the speakers inside, She was spared the traditional speech that nearly everyone else received.
She had wondered who this Mogar was, but she hadn't been in touch with the world since the Australia Incident as she liked to call it. She had appeared on over a dozen beaches since then, usually with tragedy quickly following her. or having recently been there in the case of the Nords. she just wanted to live a normal life again, even being a pop star was not as hard as running a country or fighting monsters, the parties were enjoyable but few and far between, and the participants were always there for ulterior motives, very few ever wanted to simply have fun in this world, nearly all of them wanting to expand their power or cause needless destruction. She sighed to herself, the music almost hauntingly beautiful, She missed making music, looking at her backpack in the seat across from her, she had exchanged MP3s for an MP5, maybe in this city she could go back to her roots and create instead of being forced to destroy.
Music changing, Ariana's jaw dropped as the city appeared in the vessel's window, it was magical. the glow surrounding Rapture only highlighting the lights of the city. The bathysphere went to the welcome center as normal. "All good things of this earth, flow into the city." she said to herself, repeating the motto glowing above her. Katelin was waiting for her in the welcome center "Welcome to Rapture Ariana, you must be tired, I only have a few questions and then you can rest. Is there any particular line of work currently holding your interest? I have been assigned to assist you in finding employment in whatever you would like to do." Ariana looked around for a moment, still amazed she was in an underwater city. "I was a singer once... could I do that down here?" Katelin smiled, "Of course dear, I'll get you a contract with Rapture Records, for now though, would you like to see your apartment?"
Ariana nodded, and Katelin led her to the metro station, getting on a private train to take them to Olympus Heights. "Now, the next question I have to ask you, is what do you remember, according to our files from The Cape you were experienced memory loss lately, is that still occurring?" Ariana stared out the window, the schools of fish against the bioluminescence was hypnotizing. "Yes, sometimes I just wake up and I don't remember anything, it may have been hours or years, it happens randomly and it scares me." she shook her head Katelin smiled warmly, "Don't fret, we'll get to work on curing that, Mogar has a theory of what causes your lapses, and should have a solution for to stop you from blacking out anymore." Ariana looked at Katelin, "Who is Mogar? I've never met anyone by that name before."
A whale swam over the tunnel they shot through, Katelin glanced up at it before returning Ariana's gaze. "He is the current chairman of the City Council, and CEO of MoG[Corp]," she pointed to the tallest building as they passed it, "He had the vision of this city, a place for the artists and scientists of the world to create without fear of the governments of the world bringing it down. I'm sure you know of the chaos that consumes the surface." Ariana nodded, "Will I get to meet him then? Is he the one who brought me here?" Katelin wasn't sure really. "You'll get to meet him eventually, he's been incredibly busy lately, I am sure you will run into each other sooner or later. As to him bringing you here, I do not think so, but after creating this place, I wonder if there is anything he couldn't do." both of them sitting in silence for the rest of the trip.
Finally reaching Olympus Heights, a quick walk to Athena's Glory and an elevator ride, they walked into Ariana's Apartment. "Just one final question, do you swear to maintain control over your weapons at all times? Mogar normally does not allow weapons to be held by civilians, but you are being given an exemption, so long as you will ensure the security of them." Ariana yawned exhausted from so much information, seemingly going from a party in South America to Gotham under the sea in the span of five minutes. "Of course, I've had my custom guns for, what 150 years now?" Katelin smiled at her response, for what appears to be an innocent flower she certainly had the qualities of a serpent. "I'll be in touch, feel free to call me if you need anything." leaving a slip of paper with her number on the counter near the phone. " I'll leave you to rest, It was a pleasure to meet you Miss Grande." bowing respectfully before heading to the door, "A pleasure to meet you as well Katelin, bye!" she said waving, letting out a long sigh after the door closed, she fell face first into her new bed, wondering what sort of adventure she had gotten herself into now. Edited by Mogar
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 Chapter 10: Theories and Traitors, Promises and Portals
Rapture progressed at an astonishing rate, the city expanding outwards as rapidly as building could be constructed. It took Mogar several weeks to create enough Rosies to ensure the safety of the little ones, but their protection came before his own plans for adventure. He finished sewing and welding up the last last Rosie of the day, throwing his rubber gloves into the nearby garbage can he nodded to the nurse assisting him and left for the day, she could wrap up the final few details. Mogar went to his private elevator, returning to his office, another day's security footage on Fontaine to go through. With a heavy sigh, he went through the footage and Fontaine's computer records, the keylogger on Fontaine's computer sending every keypress to him.
It had been fruitless so far, but who else could have possibly wanted to kidnap one of the little sisters? Mogar had been adamant of his agreement with Fontaine that MoG[Corp] would maintain full control over the production of the ADAM, as much as Fontaine tried to persuade him otherwise. Another day of information proved worthless, there had to be some way he had communicated to the agent that wasn't electronic, but even with all the technology available to him, he couldn't track every slip of paper that exchanged hands throughout the city. There was not much else he could do besides wait for Fontaine to $%&@ up somehow, everyone made a mistake eventually, and when he did Mogar could act quickly against him.
 With a flick of his wrist a small holographic clock appeared in front of him, it was nearly 6:30pm, he had plans to meet Antasija a half hour ago to go on a recon mission to the first location of their journey. He yawned and poured a jack and coke from the small bar by the door in his office, figuring a pick me up would get him in a better mood to play with space-time. A short elevator ride would bring him to the expansive room containing the Einstein–Rosen Gate, where Antasija was waiting for him. The gate was fully operational, and now with enough security for the little ones, they could take a quick hop through the fabric of time. How long they would be gone for was unknown, the last attempt in The Cape was nearly a full day for them, but only 37 minutes real time, the dilation became dramatic the further back they went, and the 4,000 years and as many miles that this trip would take would surely cause some interesting effects.
"Hello ssss-" She almost called him Sir again, "-ssso where are we going to be going today?" Mogar tried to hide a smile, old habits die hard he mused. "Just a simple reconnaissance mission, it shouldn't take too long, I just want to make sure this is in fact the place we need to go to find the first of the sixty five left." taking the necklace they had recovered from their previous adventure off the nearby table, "this will let us know if we're in the right ballpark. I assume you are ready to go? apologies for making you wait, I got wrapped up in my investigation."
"Yeah, I'm good to go." she says, looking down at her cargo-pants, long sleeved shirt, and pack, "Or at least I think I am. Still ironing out the kinks." Mogar grabbed his own pack off of the table, double checking its contents before throwing it onto his back. "There's always going to be kinks when it involves you and I darling." he said with a laugh, dialing in the location and date they were headed to, getting specific would prove difficult but they should arrive within a few months and he had hoped that would be accurate enough to find what they were looking for.  "Well obviously, I'm just trying to throw out the ones which aren't sexy." she sticks her tongue out at him as she picks up her own bag, "Can't be getting myself killed because of under or overpreparedness."
Mogar returned the gesture "You should be fine, we're just going to scope the place out, from my discussions with our guests, the last place we went was just a village, their capital is where their god actually resides, and with any luck, this "God" will hold one of the artifacts, or at least know the location." The gate swooshed to life, the swirling portal appearing before them, he smacked the large button on the cart containing the portable vita chamber and the door to return home and watched it disappear through the howling portal. holding out his hand to Antasija he said "Come on doll, I promised you adventures, let's change the world together." Smiling at his comment she managed out. "Oh, finally I get some action I suppose." she takes his hand and goes through the portal with him.  Traveling through the portal, their bodies became incomprehensible shapes, the very atoms they were made up of stretching unimaginably as they slipped through time and space, upon the other side all they could see is white, the trip briefly blinding them, and then...

Continues in;   "Though I speak with the tongues of Men and of Angels"

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There were many singers in Rapture, creativity in every field a core tenant of the city. Ariana however was a unique case, one of the few to have her music and history well known before entering Rapture, It wasn't often a musician went on to lead a nation. She was on her way to Poseidon Plaza to visit their branch of Rapture Records to attain an instrument in her apartment, probably a piano. Looking around the train she was riding it, it entertained her to see so many girls with unnatural hair colors like her own, green, blue, purple, a veritable rainbow of hair, though appearing to be rarer on the males, quite normal she supposed. "Now Arriving at Fort Frolic!" came over the intercom system. Ariana grinned, she had read up a lot about the city but this was her first exploration of the wondrous city. She got off the train, stopping about 15 feet away she looked around for a few moments, taking it all in.
There were numerous signs to guide visitors to all of the stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues in Fort Frolic. The complex was by far the most frequently visited by new arrivals and designed with that in mind. Ariana quickly found her way to the record store, according to Katelin, she should be provided with anything she needed. Music was playing as she entered the store, she enjoyed the beat and the girl's voice her walk becoming exaggerated, dancing as she wandered through the store. "Excuse me, miss, is there anything I can help you find? We have copies of everything from Abelard to Zedd, and anything you can imagine in between." Ariana smiled at the clerk, pointing at the white piano in the corner. "I was originally here for that, but can I get a copy of the album that's playing now as well?"
"Oh, you must be Miss Grande. of course mam, is there anything else you'd like? I trust the studio equipment was set up to your satisfaction?" smiling warmly, the girl before him was their latest contract and he knew to treat all of their artists with great respect, most of them were incredibly fickle, this girl seemed far more relaxed than their usual fare though. "The equipment was set up perfectly, I just need a piano to play around with to get the right sound for the lyrics I've started working on."
"We'll have it brought to your apartment right away, you're welcome to have a look around and see if there's any more music you'd like to listen to, I know how inspiration works." he said with a wink. she spent easily another hour looking through their music, the selection overwhelming, hundreds of thousands of artists from everywhere and every time period. the piano had already started its journey to her apartment before she finally decided to leave, her stomach growling at her. She decided she would stop at the Central Square Bistro on the way home, a quick meal of Pad Thai filling her belly. By the time she finished eating the piano had been unloaded, set up in the corner so she could look out upon the city as she played. She squealed in delight, and sat down before the beautiful instrument, she would spend hours there before heading to bed exhausted.

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St. Alban's 


A very old woman, long since thought to be dead by those who loved her and cherished her, shuffled through an exceedingly large pile of papers on her desk. Being the Mother Superior to an entire religious order was an entire magnitude different from her last job, Empress of Sudan. Still, despite the step down in stature, she keenly feels that she's made several steps up in the eyes of god. Being close to god has also brought whispers to her ancient ears, whispers about a great many things, some of them including vague truths about a city in the eyes of heaven.


Was it possible that an entire city could transcend the filthy machinations of man and be elevated to place of peace and harmony? The rank corruption of the ancient nations of the planet made it seem improbably that common decency towards one another could even be remotely possible.The order she manages with a firm hand has managed such a thing, so why could it not be possible for the same sort of thing to come about for an entire city of millions? It is possible she decides just highly unlikely, yet no matter how unlikely, how improbable, and no matter how fantastical, the Mother Superior still keenly feels the need to discover this place for herself. 


Well, perhaps not herself, given her 83 years of age. There are others who could go in her place. She could call upon her son if he isn't too busy with Legion's affairs. She could call upon one of her nephews and nieces if they aren't caught up in their daily lives. This would require her to reveal herself to them, while her son knows she's alive, she prefers it go no farther than him. The chances of Jebbidiah being available aren't too good either. The anguish that weighs down her son concerns her greatly, anguish heaped on him during the so very recent rebellion of Legion's elitist Generals. The torture, imprisonment, and the fighting after he escaped from the Rebels had scarred him permanently, a time in a place in peace would still his angry heart. Perhaps the future might reveal a chance for him to visit this magical place that exists only in rumors and whispers.


A sly smile dances across her ancient face, when in need of a rough individual who is capable of both endless violence and seemingly great depths of beauty, call Gentleman Jonny Germaine. The old reprobate, now enjoying another one of his quiet retirements, no doubt filled with 20 year old college coeds and wild parties, is the only other person who knows of the Mother Superior's past. She lifted up the ancient telephone off her desk and spun the rotary dial to connect to connect to Germaine's private line, the phone being her only treasure from her time as Empress is also the same phone she and her husband Robert Denard used to call their fellow African leaders with to form the African Union Pact.


"I never thought I'd see this number pop up on my caller ID," Germaine says when he answers.


"God works in mysterious ways my old friend," the Mother Superior replies.


"You must need something."


"Yes, I need two things. I need for you to check in on Jebbidiah and be sure he's recovering properly and not overworking. I also need you to send me one of your sharpest investigators to solve a riddle for me," she says as she thumbs the beads on her rosary one by one.


"Of course, I will send word to Jebbidiah that we should have lunch at my estate when he is free. As for the investigator, Malcom Reynolds?"


"He's not dead yet?"




"Does he still have those two ghastly left arms on his mantle?"


"I understand his new wife made him get rid of them. They've been buried in the local cemetery and given a nice marker."


"I don't know.... he's so.... so...."


"He's Malcolm Reynolds my Emp... Mother Superior, no better man with a pistol and no better man to solve a riddle," Germaine explains.


"Very well, send Malcolm Reynolds to me, remind him of his oath to Robert and swear him to secrecy," Mother Superior orders as she relies on her stern demeanor honed at the expense of so many young troublesome nuns who needed a firm hand over the years.


"Yes Ma'am," Germaine replies as he flashed back to his school boy days and the tyranny of the nuns who paddled his backside raw on more than one occasion.


"Germaine, I trust you have found a measure of peace in your life as well? Are you one with god yet?" 


"Ma'am, I'm a retired Gentleman of means, I give generously to my causes, I quietly read, and I travel when I can. I look after my family and on occasion, I get on my knees and I thank god for all he's given me, but really, I'm still am who I am."


"For you an improvement, keep working at it," the Mother Superior orders as she slams down the phone.

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Continued from Here

Chapter 11: What a Wonderful World


Mogar was flung through the portal first, dropping his pack on the ground gently he laid down on the floor, thankful to finally be out of that nightmare of a jungle, Katelin stood waiting for them, her beacon made her aware of their return and waited for their arrival, finally opening his eyes after a few moments he looked up at her, she intentionally stood so he could just barely see up her skirt, a tease as always "We're back in case you didnt notice." She nodded, "of course... you brought company, she said as Antasija brought Nenetl through the portal. "set up the education/observation room, and get me whatever drug we have to stop dreams." She smiled down at him "right away sir... I uh... am not sure we have something that does that, I will go look through."


 "Thought you said you had those." Antasija says to him, stretching and looking around at the technology around them, "Oh sweet present, how I missed thee." Nanetl had stopped in her tracks almost immediately upon being taken into the room, awestruck by everything she could see, her mouth hanging open. Mogar closed his eyes again listening to the click clack of Katelin's heels as she walked out the door with a familar woosh letting out a deep sigh "I don't know what I have anymore, I'm a hot mess these past few days, either way, we're home, and i'd rather have nightmares and be waking up in my own bead than in the middle of a !@#$@#$ jungle." his almost yelling scaring Nenetl, "where do we even begin with you doll? There's a thousand different things I could tell you right now that you wouldn't believe."


 Antasija looks at Nanetl as she gawks at the scenery, "How..." the girl begins, unable to pick something out from the vast array of alien things that stood in her vision as she blinked at the brightness of the room, "How do you keep such a bright fire from harming this place?" she puts a hand between her eyes and the nearest light fixture. Mogar sat up and stared at the light bulb for a moment, it was incredibly bright compared to the fires they had to use most of the time, "Well, do you remember lightning when it rains out? We've learned how to control that and put it into lots of things." he looked back at Antasija, "Not to overwhelm you as well, but we're currently... fairly deep under the ocean, I created this place as an escape from the world above."


"The ocean?" She looks around a bit incredulously, "But where is the water? Is this some manner of boat that it can hold it out? But how is it so large?" she bristles with questions, much to Antasija's amusement. The latter girl lets out a giggle. Mogar smiled, going along with whatever she asked, it was easier to just explain things as they went for now until they could automate the process. "We're not in a boat, we're in a City.." He takes her hand, walking them out of the gate room across the hall into one of Katelin's offices, a large window filled the entire wall, allowing a postcard view of the city alight by the bioluminescence and of course the man made luminescence as well. "Welcome doll, to Rapture."


The girl briefly panics, unfamiliar with such a vast use of glass it looked to her as if the water was simply suspended, waiting for the right moment to fall down, "H-how?" She asks, clutching Mogar closely. He takes her hand and presses it against the cold glass, not even some of the fancier creations they had in his bedroom or in the observation decks. "This is what happens when you take sand and heat it up, with alot of organization and skill added you can create nearly anything that's clear and able to hold back liquids, solids, even the air itself." holding the rest of her against him, as she clung, her body trembling. "Cme on, there's alot other things to show you." he said walking over to the computer, a few waves of his fingertips and the monitor turned from black to a grainy video, A black man appearing standing in front of a man. "This is called a video, and you'll hear music, you had drums in your time, we've had a bit of an improvement since then." She was stricken by the complexity of the musical composition almost as much as she is the wonders of technology that go into producing the video, but only one question readily comes to her mind as she watches it, "Why is that man so badly burnt?"


Mogar snorted at the question. "um.... I think I'll let that one get answered by someone else, glancing over at antasija, "would you like to field that question angel?" he asked smirking at her, "OR you could just come up with someone else to show her and we'll let her learn about that on her own..." he shrugged at Antasija bemusedly. "The man is Louis Armstrong, he is part of a people who naturally have very dark skin, he's not burnt." Antasija says, rolling her eyes at Mogar as she answers the question, "There are many different kinds of people across the world, which is much larger than I think you know." Nanetl looks at her and then at Mogar, "How large is the world?..." she asks hesitantly.


Mogar looked out the window past them for a moment, thinking deeply as he calculated in his head, taking a few moments to translate it into a measurement she would understand, "The earth is... 2,787,136 land rods for a radius, imagine a... round calender that big, that would be the earth."  The girl briefly tries to comprehend this before giving up the attempt, "That is... very large." she says, attempting to keep herself calm in the face of this information. Antasija shrugs, "Just wait until you see how we get around it." she mutters almost to herself.


 "It's... going to be a lot to take in, fortunately we developed a process to allow you to learn all of history in a few weeks, which you'll soon be experiencing, but since Antasija suggested, how about we show you a good look at the city and get you some.." Mogar said, glancing over the girl, "Well, some slightly less revealing clothing." he chuckled as Kateline arrived back on the floor, "Wait a bit on the education, we're going to take her on a little trip." he mumbled as he walked past her, tugging on Nenetl's hand. "Did you at least consider where all these girls you keep bringing home are going to sleep?" he shrugged, "We can always expand, we could always build the Mog Mahal next door." he said as he faced her, all three of them in the elevator, Katelin shaking her head. "Just don't take too long, you dont want to overload her!" she hollered at the doors closed in front of her face.  "I think she's taking all of this rather well personally." Antasija says to him, looking at the rather shocked girl as she tried to puzzle out what was going on with the elevator, "She's not had a heart attack yet."


Mogar thought of how to explain an elevator for a moment, "We're sort of in a dart in a blow gun, but it can travel both up and down the tube, the next thing we're going into is sort of the same thing..." he said as the doors opens to the station, it was three in the morning so there was nobody in the Tower's station. "That metal cart is what we're going into, it uses the lightning to travel everywhere in the city." he said slowly and clearly. he doubted she would remember most of it, but it wasn't that important, just letting her get a feel for her new home and enjoying the innocent wonder before teaching her the evils of 5,000 years of human history. "This is incredible." the girl says, overwhelmed, "How has all of this come to pass? What great gods leant you the power to harness such wild force?"


Mogar looks at his left hand carefully, sparking jumping from his fingertips to his thumb, "Well... I learned how to harness such force through a different way, but this was originally learned about.... 400 of your years ago or so, on an organized level, by either Thomas Edison, or Nikola Tesla, depending on who you ask. You'll learn way more about it later though," He said as the train started moving, "But for now, would you like a drink? I'm sure you're parched Angel." he stated rather bluntly, pouring himself his usual, just in a larger glass.  "Absolutely." Antasija says, licking her lips in anticipation and practically baring her fangs unconsciously, much to the worry of Nanetl, who answered simply, "Yes." He poured Antasija a glass of her usual fare as well, keeping his back facing Nenetl so she was unable to see exactly what he had poured in it, pouring the girl a glass of red wine. "A bloody mary for the angel, and just a glass of Bordeaux for the doll." he said with a smile, sitting down across from them, "Thinking about it, Katelin is right, I am going to have to stop picking up strays eventually." he says, mostly to himself.


 "Hey, they're cute. Something like living museums." Antasija says, biting the rim of the glass and drinking greedily for a minute before taking a breath, "We should try to get one from Rome and Ancient Egypt too just to round out the collection a bit."  Nanetl looks at the dark liquid and smells it experimentally, "What is this?" She asks before drinking it and making a face at its taste, "Some bitter fruit's juice?" Mogar tried to think of the closest thing she may have tried that would be like grapes. "you know of... pulque, right? this is like pulque from a far away land, drink it, it will help relax you!" turning his attention back to Antasija, "I was hoping we'd just go around collecting a princess from every century, but I suppoooooosse your idea works too." he said mockingly sad.  "Goodness, every century?" she asks, putting a hand to her chest in mock shock, "Where ever would we find room for them, the janitor's closets?" Nanetl drinks the glass down, not entirely satisified by the value of it to quench thirst, "May I have another?" she asks.

Mogar leaned over pouring her another drink slowly, too lazy stand at the moment, exhaustion covered his face when he briefly glanced at Antasija, while Nenetl seemed far more interested in staring at the ocean rushing by them, whales swimming in the distance with schools of fishes. "You think you can help her make this shopping trip quick?" he asked Antasija as he handed Nenetl her refilled glass.  "Absolutely." Antasija says quickly, "In and out in no time at all really." she looks at Nanetl, "You're going to have to follow me pretty closely hon." Nanetl isn't paying much attention, however, and seems more interested in drinking the bitter drink she'd been handed. Mogar pats the couch he was laying on, looking at Antasija with a soft smile "come over here, we still have a few minutes..." Antasija walks over to him, glass in hand, and sets it down next to her, turning at once to face him and wrap her arms around his neck, "I think we do, yeah." she says, snuggling up close to him.


 "I just can't wait to lay in my own bed for the first time in what feels like forever. It's like we've been gone for decades." he said looking up at her as they pulled into the tunnel to bring them to the mall, he barely noticed the shops surrounding them, walking in almost a fog with one of the girls on each arm until they walked by a television store, showing news from all over the world, he paused for a moment to watch the feeds. It appeared as though nations had sprung out of existence in places nations already were, some sort of alternate reality according to one station, a tear in the very fabric of space time said another, he simply shook his head muttering, "There's no way..." continuing onward to Bella Mia's High Fashion. Antasija looks at the screen interestedly, "Weird." she says, practically hanging off of him, "What'd you suppose it's going to do to the political structure?" Nanetl drinks another glass.


Mogar just kept shaking his head as she asked, "who knows, the only problem will be if Rapture exists in that other timeline and we start to blend with them or some crazy nonsense." he said the doorman opening it before they reached the luxury store. It was the highest quality clothes in Rapture, the most expensive at least, they had nearly anything Antasija could imagine, and nearly everything was beyond Nenetl's own imagination at this point. "Pick her out something nice for her normal outfit for the next few weeks, obviously we'll pick up a few." he mumbled to Antasija, pulled her down to kiss her lips before smacking her on the ass and laying down on the couch inside the place "don't take too long or else you'll be dragging me home along with all the bags." he shouted after her, eyes drooping quickly.


 Antasija leads the slightly inebriated Nanetl around of the train, "Will do love, I'll work as fast as I can." she turns on her heel to walk around the place, which held everything from the simple to the decadent, for a steep price. "So doll, what's going to happen is that we're going to go in here and pick you out some new clothes. It's going to be very noisy but don't get too overwealmed, just follow me and do what I tell you promptly and you'll do great." she says as she walks in taking a look around for something that would fit the central american girl. Nanetl agrees with a nod, being led by Antasija's hand in case she got too distracted to keep her eyes on her Vampiress mistress. The two of them quickly find a blouse which not only fit the girl, but complimented her frame well, but jeans were a different story.


"Yes, they're very tight." Antasija says as the girl stands uncomfortably in the skinny jeans, "But I swear, you get used to them and they look reeeeally good." The girl blushes, "I don't see why I should have to wear such a thing. Could I not simply have a skirt or something of the like?" Antasija couldn't actually come up with a good reason why not but tried anyways, "Skirts are old news Nanetl, you'd be better off getting these." The girl remembers who she was talking to, a veritable goddess, and sighs, "Fine, I shall try it, but I do not think I will learn to enjoy it."


 "So long as you give it a try for the next few weeks I'll be satisfied." Antasija rolls her eyes, "Now, underpants..."


 "Everything before has made at least marginal sense. But I do not understand this." Nanetl says, looking at herself in the mirror, "Why do I need the smock if I have the... brassiere beneath it? And why do I require pants Under my pants?"

"Because people will look at you funny if you've only got one and not the other!" Antasija motions a bit zealously with her hands for emphasis, "It's just a cultural consideration we have in this time, it's really comfortable, I promise."  Nanetl looks at herself in the mirror critically for a few minutes, breaking her own silence indignantly, "But why do hey have these... polka dots on them?" Mogar laughed from across the store, they were the only ones in the place and the conversation was definitely keeping him amused enough to not fall asleep just yet.


Antasija glares at Mogar across the store, "Because it's cute, don't ask so many questions." she says, crossing her arms across her chest, "We're getting them for you and that's final. Leave them on and just put all the other clothes over them, you're going to wear them out of the store once we pay." He laid back against the couch, "you know her sizes now at least, right?" he called out, not really feeling like having to figure that out himself, he would have the next few weeks to have to learn everything he could from the book they found and make sure the dreams actually ceased. "Yes, 33 22 33." Antasija says with a certain amount of confidence, leading the newly dressed girl to the register, "Mogar, could you come pay for this stuff?" Mogar groaned "urrrrrgh." getting up groggily he opened his wallet as he walked to the register, "What's the damage darling?"


"Only four hundred, I kept it cheap for you." she says with a shrug. Mogar just yawned and tossed the money on the counter, looking over Nenetl, "I mean... she looks wonderful, but next time I think I'll just give you plastic and just not read the bill." Antasija snorted, "As if you've got to worry about the bill." Mogar smiled, it was true, he supposed "I do read them....I mean, I get bills... I think, I dunno Katelin handles all of that."


 "See?" she throws a hand up, "You'd never even know." Mogar hands her his wallet, "Since I have my hands full the next week at least, just don't go too crazy or else Katelin really will want to kill me, I dunno how she puts up with all my !@#$ and isnt even getting laid out of the deal."


"She's a marvel of modern raising. A real paragon of a secretary that woman is." Antasija says, remarking nicely about the woman who handled everything small enough that it wasn't worth her employer's time. Mogar took Nenetl by the hand and twirled her around in his arm, looking over her new outfit, she would fit in like a normal citizen soon enough, just needed a quick jumpstart on her education. "Let's get back to home, I'm going to pass out if we stay much longer."

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Over the next few weeks, Nenetl spent 16 hours to a rather unique device designed for rapid education and assimilation for "feral" humans as its original purpose. Mogar had modified it slightly to allow for it to be used in the "catchup" of people from ancient times, beta tested in the previous two females Mogar and Antasija had saved from a sacrificial altar roughly a hundred kilometers from where they had found Nenetl. they currently were living in the Olympus block working as a waitress and a researcher under Antasija. Mogar had suspected that one had a crush on his mistress, but her infatuation with his vampsicle made her a hard worker and they needed all the assistance they could get.


Reports of "murders" by the big daddys against the civilian population had gradually been rising, messages were being broadcast more regularly now, and Mogar felt any alleged murder by the protectors it was brought about the stupidity of the "victims" trying to kidnap little sisters.


His research into the book had been... intoxicating, it seemed as though this book didn't just contain a roadmap of their adventure, but everything.

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Chapter 12: Distractions and Static.
 It was early evening, and Mogar was laying in bed cuddling with Antasija, watching the news from across the globe as they had been doing these past few weeks. The dimensional rift had not ceased, his belief that it was just a temporary effect had not been proven, in fact it had gotten worse to the point the alternate world was beginning to show signs of life of similar levels to the Earth they lived upon. the rift had caused so much electronic interference, with signals from both worlds competing amongst themselves. Nenetl was on the couch to the side them, playing on the Rapture version of a modern cell phone, the girl had taken to technology as a fish to water, her appetite for music was insatiable, her desire to read, to learn, was impressive to him, they had found an excellent choice to bring home with them. Turning off the TV, he turned to Antasija, "We've been spending so much of our free time worrying about up there, let's worry about ourselves tonight." he turned his head to Nenetl, "Hey doll, you hungry?"
"Yeah," she says, having also taken well to the language, "What do you have in mind?" Antasija looks at him, her face mirroring the question. "Let's go out and have a dinner like a proper $%&@ed up family would." he said sarcastically as he stood, he still wore his charcoal suit pants from earlier in the day, but he took off his t shirt and pulled out a dark green dress shirt, selecting a red tie along with it, along with the charcoal jacket that matched the pants. "Not that we really have to follow the rules, but you two should probably select something slightly more appropriate for formal dining." he said bluntly, Antasija wearing shorts and a tank top, Nenetl wearing a skirt and most of a tank top, she would try to get away with wearing as little clothes as possible when in private. "I feel like we superficially resemble the Adams Family in how we operate." Antasija stands and goes to his closet, pulling out her favorite formalwear, stripping without hesitation and putting it on, tossing another to Nanetl to wear, the girl standing and catching it deftly, "What's the Adams Family?" she asks curiously, wondering if it was some kind of famous aristocracy with a pechant for eccentricity.
Mogar laughed tying his tie, "but would that make you Morticia or Wednesday, Angel?" he asked Antasija. "The Addams family is a movie I will have you watch after we have dinner, Nenetl, its a good movie." he looked himself over once more in the mirror before turning back to watch the two dress, always enjoying this part of any outing.  Antasija scoffs and pouts at him, "It was a great TV show before it got anywhere near being a movie. And I'd be Morticia of course." She says, adjusting herself in the garment she'd selected, "We even bear a superficial resemblance, although her features were way sharper." Nanetl looks at the two of them curiously, "I'd love to see both!" she says as she begins to dress. Mogar snickered as he grabbed Antasija by the waist "But ma chère, it would be me who tied you up in the dungeon, though I do share Gomez's love of weaponry. and might I add you look ravishing as always." kissing her lips. "I'm sure we have the cartoon, the tv show and all three of the movies on the intranet, doll, you can look them up when we get home though."
"That's true, the roles are reversed." She says, kissing him with a smile, "But the general concept is the same. We go about as if what we do isn't the weirdest thing." Nanetl brightens up at the thought of absorbing more modernity and finishes dressing. Mogar shrugged, "I don't see what you mean, I date a vampire, travel through time, live in a city 5 miles under the ocean, having a girl from 2,000BC as a pet, I thought this was like the American dream or something?" trying hard not to burst into laughter "I'm sure it's absolutely boring compared to what some people do for a living." she shrugs and grins at him, a rare thing for her, as it showed her teeth. Nanetl continued to stand in silence. She'd not mastered the techniques used for makeup yet so she mostly didn't wear it.
Mogar returned the smile, glad to be free of the dark cloud that had been surrounding their moods lately, he turned to Nenetl and held out a hand. "You ready sweetie? I'm sure Antasija can help you if you want to doll yourself up like she did, otherwise let's go fill our stomachs and enjoy each others company."  Nenetl shrugs, "We can practice more later, I'd rather we left. I'm hungry." she rolls back and forth on her heels, not having put on footwear yet. Mogar danced with Antasija as Nenetl picks out shoes, "Tomorrow I think you should come down to the lab, this book is... just incredible, it's like something uploaded the internet into paperback, well... leather back at least. I've never had such information at my fingertips besides using the internt, I've read about everything from Aztec rituals from when we were to things, i'm not even sure have happened yet."
"You sure that there aren't more pages in that thing than it looks?" Antasija asks, waltzing with her lover around the room while Nenetl debated between a pair of slippers and high heels, not quite having mastered the latter yet. Mogar leaned his forehead against hers, rubbing there noses together, "You saw it with your own eyes, the pages... change under light, every page is actually ten, or a hundred, or even more, I haven't had one repeat yet, I'm not sure if there's a pattern or if they change at random. I am not exactly an expert at the arcane, my skills lie within the scientific arts."
"Don't ask me, I don't even know how to navigate a map." Antasija says, giving him a peck on the lips, "Although I'd love to give it a read when you're done, if you ever finish." Nenetl finally decides to go with the slippers, putting them on with an air of finality before standing and waiting for her Master and Mistress to finish. Mogar dips Antasija to end the dance, looking down at her "Dancing should be a requirement for everyone at least once a day, gets the blood flowing..." he whispered to her as he lifted her back up, pressing her body against his, finally noticing Nenetl was done being fickle. "Let us depart, my lovely ladies." wrapping his arms around each of their waists and getting into the elevator for the trip down to the lobby.  "I imagine that a lot of people make it a part of their daily regimen." Antasija says, walking with him into the elevator, clinging a tad less than Nenetl was.
Mogar nudged Nenetl forward slightly to allow his hand to reach the lobby button, looking across her body while he did, "You selected a wonderful dress for her tonight Antasija," he said turning back to her, "You're such a wonderful older sister figure, or would you be younger sister, she has you beat by several thousand years after all."
 "I think I still count as older when it comes to life experience, besides, she didn't live those years so it doesn't count." Antasija says, smiling at the compliment, "And yeah, I've got pretty good taste I guess." Mogar kisses Antasija's neck, "You are more experienced, that's true, and you've been so helpful these past few weeks, I am sure you get tired of hearing it but I am so appreciative I have you around." his hand on her side moving slightly lower pulling her by her rear into him.  "Get tired of being told that I'm useful?" She says incredulously, "Never, if I ever tell you that I don't want to be told that anymore feel free to shoot me on the spot because it isn't the real me." She smiles up at him as he pulls her closer and kisses her. Mogar turns and kisses Nenetl on the forehead "As for you doll, I'm very impressed with your progress so far, you're like a sponge in how fast you pick up information, I'm sure you'll end up making a wonderful assistant to Antasija some day, or maybe even your head own research team, not like we have a shortage of subjects to study." he said playfully, the constantly juggling of attention and affections quite a difficult game.
 Nenetl looks across Mogar at her Mistress and beams a little at her, to which Antasija chuckles, "I'd be delighted to have such a gem as an assistant." she says.  "How am I going to ever get anything done with you two around?" he asked as they got off the elevator, their private train waiting for them. Mogar walked them all over to the train, letting go of their waists before they boarded, and made himself comfortable, grabbing a cigar from the table that sat opposite the bar, "I always get the drinks, tonight it's your turn Angel!" he said looking up at Antasija, Nenetl having already crawled up next to him, the girl rarely was out of arms length. 
"Fiiine. What do you want? Nenetl?" she asks, grabbing a particular bottle of thick red liquid and pouring herself a glass. Nenetl, amusingly enough, had developed a taste for Martinis, "Can I have a martini?" She asks, predictably. Mogar cuddles against Nenetl laughing softly, having known the answer before Antasija had even asked, "Do I need to tell you what I want, or am I as predictable?" he asked puffing on the cigar, Nenetl would take it from him and have a drag herself, but she quickly handed it back, he was a bit surprised but not entirely, she had striven to fit into the dynamic that Antasija and Mogar had, and she took whatever steps he could to do so.
 "Hey, you never know, you could be craving something different tonight." she says, grabbing his favorite bottle and pouring him a shot and handing it to him, "But I suppose that's not the case, is it?" She mixes Nenetl's drink quickly and gives it to her. Mogar raises the small glass to her "I am but a simple man with simple needs, a fine drink, fine women, and a fine city to enjoy both in." he said knocking it back, they had left the concrete and he could finally enjoy the ocean views, the familiar luminescence surrounding them, their whale friends and colorful fishes, it was a place of inspiration, it was no wonder they attracted so many artists. Edited by Mogar
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Chapter 13 Televised Toasts and Trusting Others.


 Their train finally pulled into Kashmir Station, their favorite destination for food, drink, and friendly conversation. Nenetl ran out in front of them, Mogar and Antasija walking together, his hand on her hip and hers on his. "She is far too dark skinned to be wednesday, I guess people are going to be able to tell she's adopted." he remarked as he watched her walk through the crowd, accidently bumping into a tall young man and falling over onto her rear. "Alas, who would guess that she wasn't our biological daughter if not for her skin tone?" Antasija says teasingly before she sees Nenetl bump into the man. Nenetl blushes and stands quickly, checking to see if the man was ok, "I'm so sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going, are you alright?"


The man smiled at her, Nenetl was incredibly beautiful, long black hair flowed over her shoulders, a perfect smile, and her dark eyes were easy to get lost in. "I'm much better now that I've bumped into you sexy." he replied "Where you in such a hurry to tonight? I was about to go dancing at the Kashmir Club, do you like to dance? I bet you know all sorts of moves." he said with a wink. Mogar watched the teenage display whispering "I was never that bad when we first met, right?" to Antasija."Yours was more buried in innuendo than his, but yeah, you were about that forward about it." Antasija smiles up at him, remembering their first night fondly in hindsight and watching Nenetl react, "Um, I can dance some..." She figured that the man wasn't talking about traditional tribal dance, but she suspected that some of it could be adapted, "Um, I was actually going to go to dinner with my... family though." The teenager shrugged unhappily "Awww, you sure? you couldn't tell them you're gonna go hang out with a friend, where's your family anyway? Maybe I can ask them for you." Nenetl looked around for a moment, "Um, they're um." she points at Mogar and Antasija, "Right there..."


Mogar waves with a smile at the kid, waiting for the inevitable expression of shock. "Y-your dad is Mogar?" he asked, his attempt to get a date quickly going down a far different path than he had intended. Antasija merely grins at the young man, her fangs featuring more prominantly than they would in a normal mouth, "Uhm, yes..." Nenetl says, "That's not a problem though right?"  He managed to studder out "U-uh, no that isn't a problem at all, lets go over and talk to them." he mumbled, mustering up all of his courage, "Good evening sir, mam, I was hoping I could take your... daughter with me to T-The Kashmir Club? I wanted to take her dancing." Mogar looked the boy over, his internal computers having already pulled up his record and genetic pattern, parentage, psych evaluations, any useful information in trusting his prized posession into another's care. "Hrm, I will have to think about it for a moment, what do you think Antasija?"

"I don't know dear, he seems a bit shifty to me. A little too eager if you catch my drift." Antasija says playfully, teasing the young man ruthlessly. Mogar flicked his wrist, looking at the time "I'll tell you what, You have two hours and then I expect her back at the Kashmir Restaurant, Nenetl will know where We're sitting at. Just remember though, she is a treasure to me, and you should treat her as such, I'm always watching." Nenetl's face lights up, excited at the chance to experience the city with someone new.


Mogar walked with Antasija up the stairs, shadowing the youngsters, they went to stand in line to get in and as he walked past to go to the next floor he whispered "Now, I could have just gotten them in, but they can spend the time chatting and not touching each other, slightly less for me to worry about eh?" nudging her slightly."Good thinking." Antasija says, looking at him curiously, "What do you suppose you'll do if they hit it off? I imagine that if he figured out that you and her have... well, I think that since she couched it in the terms of family that it might be a bit odd."


Mogar kissed her neck as they ascended the stairs, "I'm not overly worried, she needs to experience being a normal teenager and he is harmless, I'm sure she'll have fun but she isnt experienced enough to even notice what he is trying for I think, and we do need to come up with a better way to explain that to people..." the maître d' walked to them the moment he saw the couple on the stairs, "Welcome Sir, We're so happy to have you with us tonight, I must warn you however there is a news crew inside interviewing a few of the celebrities, I will strive to ensure they do not bother you or the lady while you're here." Mogar nodded, "In a few hours our... daughter should be returning from the dance club, you remember her right? Make sure she is brought to us as soon as you see her."


 "Yeah, putting it in the context of family kind of makes it a tad awkward." She says, "She's our... charge? I can't really think of much else to say about what she is, it's really that odd of a situation.'" Mogar slid into the usual booth that were given, by far the most private in the place and a spectacular view of the beautiful city. the waiter simply smiled down at them, knowing Mogar only spoke when he was damn well ready, Mogar looked over at Antasija, before ordering "You're going to be so shocked, A bottle of your finest Shōchū, I'm feeling very adventurous tonight, a plate of Fugu for me, What would you like tonight Antasija?"


 "Well I can't say I'm feeling that adventurous..." she says with a smile, "I think I'll have the lamb, lightly roasted with salt, I wish to be reminded of home." The waiter glanced at her, always treading lightly on his next question. "And your usual bloody martini I presume?" he asked. "Naturally." she smiles up at him, "Thank you.'







 Meanwhile, a few hundred feet away, The kid and Nenetl were edging closer to the front of the line, the pulsing music making conversation difficult but at least possible out here, it would be even worse once they got through the door. "What your name anyway, I'm Eric, How did you end up with Mogar as a dad? you must be crazy smart or something." he said into her ear. "I'm Nenetl, and uh, well, it's sort of a long story..." she says, "I think I might be smart but I've not gotten all that much by way of education yet..." she fiddles with her hair nervously.  Eric shrugged, "I was home schooled myself, so my education is rather strange, you're not really related to him though right? he must have adopted you, you're way too dark to be his kid." Eric knew nothing about this girl but she was so exotic, he had to get to know her, and now that he knew she was the daughter of Mogar, he didnt want to $%&@ it up.


 "Yeah, the situation is rather... special." she says, not sure if she was allowed to give away how they'd met, "It's complicated."  He smiled at her "I'm rather simple myself, I like to listen to music, I like to have fun, and I think my parents are nuts for moving to a city underneath the !@#$@#$ ocean, but what can I do about it right? So I try to enjoy the entertainment of the place at least, it'll never have a starry night but I can't pretend like this place ain't fun! I can gamble, get any drug I can think of, and any sort of liquor, all within arms reach." gesturing around him.


 "It is all rather exciting isn't it?" she says, remembering home and how incomparably dull it was, "It's overwhelming really." she fiddles with her hair as an excuse to cover her face a bit. They finally reached the entrance, the bouncer looked over Eric, he was scrawny in comparison, but his date was sexy as hell so he managed to get in, if it weren't for her lack of attention while walking around he never would have been able to see the inside of the Kashmir Club. putting his arm around her waist he yelled in her ear over the thundering music, "You want to dance, or to unwind with a drink first?"


She looks at him, the thunder of the music reminding her uncomfortably like a lightning storm, much more dangerous in the time before lightning rods, "I've already had a drink or two!" she shouts back, "We should dance I think!" Eric takes her hand and leads her onto the dance floor, surrounded by sweating bodies, the lights were stroking to the music, lines of lines bouncing over the writhing mass of bodies, he held her body against his, he only grinded against her for a few moments before pulling himself a few inches away from her and making sure she stayed that far away, looking up at the ceiling, there were security drones access tunnels everywhere in the city and Mogar's words stuck in his head, he could be watching from anywhere, his friend had gotten nicked by the security guards less than 30 seconds after snatching a ladies necklace that fell off her neck, he had thought he could just slip it into his pocket and walk away, but the security drones had other plans.


 Nenetl is a bit disappointed by the brevity of his more intimate attention, but likewise remembers what Mogar had said and understands why he didn't want to risk it. She danced as well as she knew, the exotic tribal dance surprisingly appropriate for the setting. Eric was amazed at her dance moves, he'd never seen anyone move quite like she did, they worked up a sweat, he couldn't control himself for long but always pulled away after a while. repeating this process for a few songs, "I'm thristy as $%&@, let's go grab a drink babe."
 "Alright." she shouts at him, wiping her forehead with the back of her hand and trying to make her way to the bar, after a moment letting Eric lead.






Upstairs, their food had just arrived, the plate of lamb steaming in front of Antasija, Mogar's exotic sushi laid upon a bed of seaweed paper, with a flick of his wrist he brought up a display, his the robots flowing in his bloodstream becoming inert for now. "I always thought you were my little lamb chop, not the one to eat them." he teased, taking a slice of the Fugu onto his fork and slipping it into his mouth, the slight numbing sensation was incredible. "Does that make me a cannibal? Well, more than usual." She'd always been fascinated by the question of whether or not she was really a cannibal because of her man-drinking tendencies, but she never let it bother her. She cut a piece off and took a bite."You just enjoy the taste, not the actual meal, I think that makes you a conissour of humans, not a cannibal, when you start cooking them though, we'll have to have an intervention." the fugu was amazing, he had never tried it before but the sensation of being poisoned was enjoyable and it was putting his mind at ease for the evening, which he needed since he had just handed over his ward to a stranger. He didnt want her to end up getting roofied or something, then he'd have to hunt the kid down, throw him out of an airlock, it was a whole issue.


"What? You don't want a regular Hannibal Lector as a girlfriend? I mean, feeding would be expensive obviously..." she trails off and giggles, eating her lamb in ernest, the simplicity of the flavor reminding her of home more than she'd expected."You know how expensive it is just to find proper donors for you?" he asked rethorically, he didnt have much of an idea either but know it was a pretty penny. "We need to install a chip in that girl, I don't want him getting all grabby, she's mentally still fairly child like, I hope he doesnt get any ideas since now he's alone with her."


 "Well the stone age didn't exactly have a good educational system dear." Antasija says, "And I'm sure they'll be fine, the concept of being broiled alive should keep him rather restrained, not to mention that I showed him quite a bit of teeth." Mogar couldnt help but wonder if he was eating the brother or sister of one of the schools of fish swimming by their larger window. "I guess you're right, I guess we are sort of her parents though, I am worrying about her first time being off on her own." he chuckled, "I still wonder what would happen if i had laid it all out for you in that abandoned research lab, would you tell me to just freeze you back up again?" Antasija considers this for a moment, "I'd probably have agreed to come with you and then ditched at the first sign of civilization, never again to be seen by you except in your dreams." she says playfully.






The younger couple had spent a while at a table near the bar, a waitress finally came by to take their drink orders, the club was always full so occasionally the staffing kinda lacked, the club didnt share entirely in the elegance of the floor above. "Just a glass of Jack and Coke for me, and the lady will have..." eric said, they had spent the past 20 minutes talking but he had entirely forgotten to ask the question. "Margarita!" she says excitedly. The waitress quickly left, Eric leaned in closer to her "So what's it like living with him? you behave so strangely about him. they treat him like he's a god around this city, sure he might have come up with the idea for it, but he didn't build it personally, I just don't get the whole personality cult of Mogar, I guess." Nenetl briefly remembers how she'd believed him to be a god previously, "Well, he's a genius, what is there to say, he's fairly skilled in many areas."


 Eric shrugged, "is it interesting at least? He is the one coming up with all these superpowers people have been getting lately, and made the mutated little girls with their robot bodyguards," he shuddered slightly, the thought of the unnatural little girls horrified him deeply for some reason. "It's extremely interesting." she says, not wanting to give much away but still overwealmed by the volume of things she'd learned in the last weeks, "I don't think I can even describe it." The waitress having finally returned with their drinks he raises his drink to Nenetl "To accidents making new friends." then downs half the glass easily, looking at her with a smile. Nenetl raises her glass and starts to sip at the drink and lick the salt off the rim slowly, "To new friends!" she says, still quite excited by the whole concept.


Eric sits and amires her for a moment, "Sometimes I feel like you're from another world, I enjoy hanging out with you, we should do this more often if you want to." he said warmly, the girl was exotic, though he would never really know just how close to the truth he was. "Heh, I'd not mind that." she avoids giving any answer to the comments about how she may or may not be from another world entirely, judging that anything she could possibly say would tip her hand severely.  He looked at his watch, "!@#$, we have to go," he said, finishing his drink, "I'm not going to be late bringing you back to him, your mom scared me."


"She's really nice if you get to know her!" Nenetl says as they get up and begin to head to the stairs. Eric smiled, "She... didn't seem human, I don't know what Mogar is up to his that Tower you guys live in." walking with her, holding her hand, not getting too close but she seemed comfortable with the gesture."Well, I guess you're sorta right in a way..." Nenetl says, not saying which of the two statements she was answering.






Mogar meanwhile, was feeling as though his whole body was numb, snuggling up against Antasija as she finished up her own meal, the bottle on the table had been nearly finished, his face a bit flushed and enjoying himself rather nicely. "How do you feel about Japan darling?" his nose tickling her neck, "A nice enough place." Antasija says, "I mean, it's got its own flaws but the people are generally considerate which is better than most nations can say."


Mogar kissed Antasija's neck, his hand moving down her side, "We're going to Japan one day, I need to find the source of this nectar, pouring the remains of the bottle into his glass.  "Fair enough dear, so long as we don't get caught in any interdimensional rifts along the way I think I might enjoy being in the open air." Antasija says, kissing him. The camera crew finally found them, leaving Eric Nenetl and the matri 'd all standing behind them, "Mogar, Rapture News here, can we get a few minutes of your time?" Mogar nodded sliding out from the booth, taking Antasija by the hand and pulling her to his side, "Of course, I have a few things I havent said yet to the people of this city."


After waiting for the camera to be set up he grabbed the microphone from the reporter "Hello Citizens of Rapture, Mogar here, I'd like to thank all of you for choosing our city to be your home, it has been six months since we officially opened this city, and in that time period our population has grown, you have succeeded beyond my wildest expectations, music, science, art, all flowing freely and without any restrictions, creativity is what drives this city, and with such spectacular citizens, I cannot wait to celebrate our first anniversary together!" he said, raised his glass to the camera, taking a sip and pushing the microphone into the reporters chest "How's that for an interview? now go find someone else to talk to." he asked as he pushed past the reporter, downing the rest of his drink and sitting back down at his table."You're really good at that nowadays." Antasija says, finishing her glass.


Mogar gestured to the maître d', bringing over Eric and Nenetl, looking at Nenetl first he asked, "So , did this young man treat you properly?" he asked, his view changing to Eric, "and you made sure not to get too grabby, right?" Nenetl nods excitedly, "Yeah, it was fun!"
 Eric nodded "Of course sir, I'd like to take her out again sometime." Mogar pursed his lips, "Perhaps, I will have to have my secretary get into contact with you to arrange that." for now though, would you mind terribly letting us have a bit of privacy? we rarely get any in this city." Eric stood up and reached out a hand to shake mogars, "It was a pleasure meeting you sir, you raised an excellent girl." he smiled a bit at this. "Go on, they'll set you up with something to eat if you're hungry, my treat." nodding at the maître d' as he said so.


"Are you sure he treated you fine Nenetl, the boys of the modern era can be very grabby." giving her a serious expression."It was fine Master," Nenetl says, smiling and moving her hair out of her eyes. "You hungry? We already ate but I don't mind waiting around if you've worked up an appetite, doll." he asked while nuzzling back into Antasija, which was true, but he would like to go home, the drinks and poison fish had gone to his head. "I'm not that hungry, i'll get something from the kitchen at home." she asks.


Mogar smiled and forced himself up, "Then let's go home my lovelys." taking each by the waist and walked them down to the station, he leaned a bit more against Antasija than normal, but she was used to it when the nanites were turned off. "It's going to be so weird going home and seeing myself on the news..." he thought out loud as they boarded the train, he flopped down onto the seat stretching out. "Hey, could be worse." Antasija says, "You could be put on a wanted poster."


Mogar chuckled at the thought, "When we get home, look on the inside of the closet in which I keep my suits, I've been there before." the poster was incredibly rare, printed out in Athens before their Decleration of War against Mogatopia, they had not needed it since he gave himself up rather than allow his citizens to die needlessly for his own sake. The ocean itself seemed to shift colors for a moment, he thought nothing of it at the time, he was quite intoxicated with two types of poison, the fugu and the drink, mixing together in his bloodstream. Antasija sat next to him, "I've been on a few in my time, mostly when I was living in the Netherlands, interestingly enough."


Mogar leaned against Antasija "What did you do? Or the usual being a member of the undead stuff?" he asked her, pulling the still standing Nenetl down onto his lap, cuddling her against him, "You don't even know how worried I was about you for the record, I am sure Antasija was not happy that the only subject that seemed to be on my mind was you." Antasija shrugs, "Tearing a man's throat out and drinking from the bleeding hole, right in the middle of a crowded bar, I believe I might have mentioned that story." she said, giving his throat a careful examination. "I didn't mind terribly, you've got to talk about someone other than me sometime." she says. Nenetl blushes, "I can take care of myself Master, I know what I'm doing." Mogar grinned, "You hear that Antasija? Only a few weeks in the present, and already we got ourselves a normal teenager." smiling at Nenetl, "She's adjusted well." Antasija says brightly, "I suppose a teenager is a teenager."


 As the train pulled into the station Mogar slid out from under Nenetl, moving to the front of the station "I wonder... why its so dark?" he asked, the lights in the station were flickering that were still on, it seemed most had burned out, rather suddenly he thought, the fixtures in the city were designed for 100,000 hours or more of usage, it made no sense for them to have all simply went kaput. coming to a stop he quickly opened the door, stepping outside the train he looked around "D-Did either of you notice a flash or the ocean seem to change color for a moment?" he asked, starting to put the pieces together, his nanites having automatically began filtering his blood reaching his brain, the stress levels kick starting the process to ensure he had full focus in pressure situations.


 "Uh, not really." Antasija says, "What's going on exactly Mogar? This isn't supposed to be possible." Mogar runs his finger across a dusty surface, looking at the accumulation. "This place has been abandoned at least 3 years, if not longer, it isnt as though dust is that common in a place where all the air goes through a filtration system. As to its impossibility, I was reading a page in the book that said the entire nation of Tikal disappeared from the face of the earth at some point in the future, I would have expected it to have been a nuclear attack, but perhaps it literally disappeared." he turned back to them, "I... Don't know what to do," he said frankly. "Well, I guess we wait it out? Survive while this works itself out IF it works itself out?" Antasija says, shuddering as a thought hits her.


Mogar saw the color change through the ocean out the windows that covered the half of the station behind Antasija and Nenetl. "It seems like we're in lu-" the transition back to realtime was nearly instant, the lights all became fully functional once more, no more dust or torn papers or broken items laying about. the toll on their bodies was a different story, they'd all have incredible headaches due to the rapid adjustment of light and their bodies existing in multiple dimensions at once, the very atoms that create them becoming confused as to where thet even existed. "You two alright?" he muttered out. "Yeah, yeah I'm fine." Antasija says, relieved that they were back in a time where sources of sustainance weren't scarce. Nenetl merely nods gently, her head throbbing horribly.


"Let's... just go to bed, this is beyond my grasp for right now, and sitting up worrying about it will just make it even longer until I can look at this with a clear head on my shoulders." he said taking both girls into his arms, holding them closely as he walked them to the elevator and up to their rooms. "C-can I sleep with you two tonight?" Nenetl asks, shaken a bit by what they'd just experienced and not wanting to go through it alone in the case that it happened when she was asleep. Mogar looked at Antasija, "I suppose that won't be much of an issue, so long as it's ok with you." he had originally planned for a more stimulating end for the evening but that plan seemed to be deflating rapidly, time portals or not, he had trouble getting his mind off a subject once he started.  "I'd be fine with it, my head isn't really keen on any rapid movements right now anyways." she says with a sigh, "Come on Nenetl." Mogar bit his lip at her comment, their relationship had become psychic it seemed. The elevator doors opened to his bedroom and they all began moving towards the large bed, their clothing littering the floor on the way, the doll sneaking her way between Mogar and Antasija, nuzzling against Mogar's chest. "Well, looks like she is taking your spot tonight angel."

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Chapter 14: A Match Made in Hell, and Arguing Along with An Angel


The dream world finally came back, the shift in time returning his nightmares. Back into the darkness he sat in the room again, his confusion only lasted a few moments, while he was aware it was a dream he could only sit in his body and live it out. Terazoharon's lantern finally appearing once more. "Hello again, my dear Mogar." she said, her smile showing far more teeth than any human mouth. "Hello Miss Tera, what shall we discuss tonight darling?" he asked playfully their relationship now slightly beyond friendship. "I have been thinking of that for the last 8 years of roaming these halls..." she said, passing through the door to the cage in which he had no escape. "Perhaps tonight we can speak a bit more personally." she said quietly, her fingertip running down his chest. He remembered this visit clearly, this was much further along than he should be if this was simply reliving the memories of the pit, something wasn't right about this, but there was nothing he could do about it.


"Oh? What did you have in mind there, you know I've always been an open book when it comes to you." he said, not entirely sure of what she meant and her intimacy giving him conflicted thoughts. She stepped closer to him, the edge of her mouth grazing against his cheek, leaning in to whisper against his ear, "I was hoping to learn more.. intimately about you Mogar, you are my most interesting prisoner after all, the very thought of you igniting a fire within me, what is it that sparks your flames?" she asked, her breath steaming against his cold flesh. "I must admit I am attracted to the exotic and the unique, you wouldn't be so coy as to be trying to see if I am attracted to you, would you?" his hands remained at his sides, playing this situation carefully.


Tera looked up into his eyes frowning, "You don't find me beautiful?" she asked, feigning hurt. "I never said that, my dear Tera, merely I never could have imagined you for shyness, you've been direct up until this point with me, to answer your question, I think you are the most beautiful creature I have laid eyes upon, your skin unlike any others, your eyes brighter than the very sun. In sincerity, your beauty has enraptured me and left me almost comforted that I may spend the rest of eternity in hell, so long as I have you to spend the eternity with." He was never one for half measures. She grinned at his flattery, "Your ability to maintain your sanity is what attracted me to you, you show intelligence unlike any other down here, most drown in their arrogance, you seem to breathe yours in like a fish."


He shrugged his hands moving to her hips, finally returning her embrace, whispering in her ear, "I think you'll find much more than that attractive about me as you get to know me..." he trailed off, letting her respond before seeming too eager. "What if... what if it didn't have to be an eternity down here, would you still want to spend an eternity with me? or do you merely see me as attractive because you have nothing else to look at?" she asked genuinely fearful.


"I would spend an eternity with you anywhere, preferably not here of course, I cannot take you out to a candlelit dinner, or serenade you under starlight, I am left with only that lantern you carry as light, and nothing but the darkness and our own bodies for entertainment, not that I couldn't entertain us with just that of course," he said teasingly, "But I sense you belong somewhere else than here, you've been wanting a new path for so long, and I arrived on a silver platter. If you're worried I would abandon you after we escaped, I am not one to run from my responsibilities, the only reason I'm down here is because of that assassination, if it weren't for a 7.62mm, I'd still be up there in Bangkok snorting blow off mistresses stomachs and ruling southeast Asia. I find it rather entertaining that it only took me being sent to hell for me to find a moral compass. I would find you genuinely beautiful no matter where we are, you'd be the first demon I ever slept with, that had real horns anyway."


She shook her head. "It's not like that, I believe you are attracted to me, but would you stay with me forever? Could I ever be enough to satisfy you?" Mogar lifted her head up by the chin and kissed her, "You should worry less, I don't think that is much of a problem considering you are the only contact I get anymore, what would it matter if you satisfied me or not? I would have to be satisfied with whatever you gave me." Tera took pleasure in the kiss, the first time she had done so in millennia, before pulling away from him. "I could... I might be able to get you back up there, both of us out of here... but I don't want you to just abandon me when I am human again." her eyes began filling with tears.


He wrapped his arms around her, rubbing her back slowly. "Hush, We're a match made in Hell, if you can get us out of here, let's go, I'll spend the rest of my life giving you anything you could want, from affections to Australia. if I can a chance to be human once more I will make sure to live a life that was worth living, rather than one that sends me back down here." She smiled at him, "You have such a way with romantic prose, why did you never settle down, I'm sure you could have any woman you wanted fall in love with you." he could only shrug at the question, it was a very good one, he had thousands of lovers in his life, but could count the loves of his life on one hand. "Perhaps I never wanted a woman to fall for me, but an Angel." she laughed as she began to walk out of the cage and back on her endless circle of the level. "You came to the wrong place to find one of those."






Mogar began to stir around 5am, Nenetl had shifted around all night, eventually ending up sprawled atop his chest on the opposite side she had began, Antasija had taken the chance to snuggle her way against his freed up side, her face pressed into his neck, the feel of his pulse against her lips like a metronome, it had always put her to sleep quickly. He shifted around, still asleep he kisses Antasija's forehead, his grip upon her tightening suddenly, "Don't go Tera, I don't want to be in the darkness again..." he mumbled.


 Antasija wakes to being held tightly, "Mogar, what?" she slurs, barely awake, "What is it?" She shakes him a bi after noticing that he's still asleep, having another dream. He begins regaining conciousness, muttering, "Tera? what took you so long..." still stuck in a dream world even though his body had responded to her prodding, "Mogar, wake up." she shakes him. If he was still having dreams of this girl they definitely needed to talk about it. She props herself up on her elbow and shakes him a little. He finally opened his eyes, "What happened? did we go through another portal thing?" he asked, he remembered his dream clearly, but had no idea he was talking in his sleep, his mind jumping to the incident that happened last night.


 "You were talking in your sleep about Tera again." She says, Nenetl now coming awake. She sits up and blinks blearily, "Wha's going on?" Mogar glanced at Nenetl, "nothings going on, can you go grab us a pitcher of water from the kitchen?" he turned to Antasija as she left the room, "I was back there again, I think i supressed the dreams but the timeline continued even without me dreaming them, tonight I remembered... when we first made the plan." he said quietly, "Why are you so fixated on her all of a sudden?" Antasija says hotly, not comfortable with the whole concept. "It's not that I am fixated on her... it's not as though I want to relive hell again. I don't know why it always seems to come back to her, I may know anything when it comes to science and invention, but we're in uncharted territory for me right now, I just want to be able to sleep without being in hell again, it isnt a very restful sleep." he managed out, not really certain of what she wanted to hear.


"Perfect, you don't dream, and when you do it's of a woman you met in the pits of hell." She said almost before she knows what she's saying, fatigue leading her to filter her words more laxly. "So sorry We didn't meet sooner darling, perhaps you would have taken the bullet to the head that brought me down there in the first place then?" he shot back, the subject of past lovers a sensitive topic to him, especially her. "Maybe I would have." she retorted, wounded deeply by his words. She turns around and puts her head back on the pillow, curled slightly, "Sweet Dreams." Mogar sighed deeply, "Don't be like that, I'm sorry, I just don't like being attacked for my past, you make it seem to be like the dreams means I want her back."


"Don't they though? What wouldn't you do to have her back, tell me, I'm sure you can count it on one hand." He threw the sheets off him, "That's not true." standing up and pouring a large glass of whatever the first alcohol he could get his hand on was, pouring a large glass and drinking it slowly, he leaned against the bar looking back at her lithe form laying in bed on her side looking at him. "I made a promise down there, are you telling me I should just go around breaking my word again? I want to go up my next time I end up dead."


 "What promise was that? To never forget her? Well you're sure doing a damned good job of that." she stands, her feeling of being threatened by the whole situation leading her directly into each angry outburst, saying what she thought might hurt him most. "You think I should just up and forget someone I loved? That's a path you don't want to go down miss "I could be cured of vampirism at any time but i don't wanna!", keep his curse, it won't bring him back. " he caught himself before he got more wrathful, "Look, you think we just waltzed out of !@#$@#$ hell? Lucifer just opened the gate and said, "you two lovebirds go have fun!"? because that's no how it played out, We had to do... terrible things to get out of there, things you couldn't imagine, I promised her I would never abandon her, once we got to the surface, she was afraid I fell in love with her as an escape route."


"Then what happened to her huh?" tears stand in Antasija's eyes and her voice comes out in a croak, "Where is she now? Am I nothing more than one in a long line of girls to you? I suppose you're already training my replacement right under my nose, just like with..." her throat constricts on her and she sobs, sitting and hiding her face in her hands.


He was distraught by her sadness but it was beyond the point his consoling would be moot. "If I knew maybe I wouldn't be having these fucking dreams. You know that I care for you greatly and appreciate everything for me and all the help you provide around here. Things just happened to work out that way, if it were up to me we'd still all be one big happy family, but you know why she left and that we can't do anything about it. Nenetl is not your replacement, but we had to bring her back with us, leaving her there after everything we did would have been torture beyond measure." he poured a small glass of wine for her, sitting down on the side of the bed next to her, he held it in front of her "Can you calm down and try to talk about this with me maturely? I'm sorry for being rude to you, you have every right to be upset."


She shies away for a moment, far beyond the capability of speech, but after a moment she throws herself at him, hugging him around the chest and sobbing into his shoulder, "I don't want to lose you Mogar, you're all I have!" she cries, muffled his flesh, her grip nearly cracking his ribs. Mogar struggled to breath under her grip, the glass of wine in his hand spilling over as she shook him, "*cough*could-*cough* you relax for a minute angel? I need to breath to continue this conversation..." he trailed off, She loosens up, realizing that she must be crushing him more than a little, momentarily being grateful that she hadn't thrown her arms around his neck instead. She continues to sob, unable to stop herself as her mind threw all of her past failures at her in a montage, just because it could.


Mogar downed the glass, deciding he needed it more than she did, tossing it over to the couch to not step on it later, "Look, I can't help what happened to me, and I have no idea why these dreams keep happening, I want to put an end to them but I think whatever we're looking for is what's sparking these nightmares. The book, the artifacts, the time ripples, Tera, they're all connected somehow. Please stop crying and talk to me." he asked, lifting her head up by the chin, looking into her tear filled eyes, forcing himself to smile down at her. "Please? It'll all be ok once we finish talking."


She looks up at him, sniffling, "I'm sc-cared Mogar." she continues to sob pitifully, though she takes steps to start to control herself, "I don't want to be forgotten in a lab again..." Mogar brushes her hair out of her face, using the bottom of his shirt to try to wipe her tears, "You'll always be by my side, thouh hopefully next time you will be a bit quicker on the uptake when I tell you how to help me." he said with a smirk, it had taken her a few minutes to figure out how to get Nenetl to learn English. She shivered quietly and holds him to her, still tight but not nearly enough to be uncomfortable. A moment later Nenetl returns, "I got the..." She trails off, the sight of her mistress so broken down nothing if not a jarring sight. She looks to Mogar questioningly.


"Go sleep in your room Nenetl, this is going to take us a while." he says to the girl, shaking his head slightly so she knows not to ask questions. Nenetl puts the pitcher down and backs out of the room, "Ok..." she says quietly, turning and retreating quickly. Mogar wraps his arm around Antasija he rubs her back slowly holding her against him. "I don't mean to upset you with my dreams, I'm not going to promise it's going to happen, but the fact you're laying in my bed and she isn't should say something to you, shouldn't it?" Antasija looks down, putting her cheek against his shoulder, "It could mean a few things, few of them are very encouraging." Mogar kisses Antasija's forehead, "well go over them, I'm about 240 and you're 143, we should be handling this like adults, not like teenagers arguing about the cheerleader I used to date."


"Well say she broke up with you; That doesn't help me." she proceeds very cautiously, not wanting to arouse his anger, "If she died somewhere it means that you were unwilling to go back for her. If you left her for some reason, it means there's still the possibility that you'd want her back, maybe go searching for her." closing her eyes, not wanting the tears to return. "What girl would break up with me?" he asked sarcastically, the theory was wounding. "If she was dead, I would have soon followed, Lucifer would have come for me personally, How many people do you know of escaped the pit? as for searching for her, I have a bank account with more 0's than most people know how to pronounce, do you think I couldn't find her if I wanted to?"


"Yes, I do think you could find her." she puts a heavy emphasis on 'do', "That's what I'm afraid of." Mogar sighed, "I'll even humor your theory, lets say I do go looking for her, you think I would leave you here while I went off chasing windmills? I wouldn't, I'd make sure you were by my side if I were to ever see her again, she made have been someone I was in love with, but I had hoped you learned by now I don't live in the past, I live in the present."


"But what if she came back on her own? What would I be to you then?" she asks, grasping the concept but still not fully convinced. "I'm not going to sit here and make a promise, If she is even still on this plane of existance, we'll cross that bridge when we get there, you make it sound as though she would want me back..."  Antasija pauses for a good long moment, "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking straight and now I've hurt you..." Mogar shakes his head, "it's not you, I just genuinely don't know what happened, we spent a long time together and then she just vanished, sometimes I do think perhaps Lucifer came and took her back, but then, why not me? why would he only punish her?"


 She says nothing in response, having nothing to say and feeling immensely guilty for what she'd already said to him. Mogar continued ranting, she had touched on something he hadn't wanted to think about again. "And what if she was captured by him again, What happens when I die then? I get to go down there see her in chains and he'll be sitting there with a smile?" He stood again, begining to pace, going over all of the scenarios he had buried, "What if she was doing this for him all along, give me a psuedo second chance, convince me to fall in love with her, disappears, and then I spend the rest of my life wondering, just to end up back in the pit, the ultimate hell is reliving the same reality, knowing you can't change the outcome."


"I don't know..." she says softly, unsettled and exhausted by the whole thing. Mogar finished the rest of his drink he had left on the counter, pushing Antasija down on the bed, he climbed over her, pinning her wrists to the bed looking down at her, "As of right this moment, I want no one else in the world but you, and that should be all that you need to know." he says, kissing her hard on the lips.  She blushes, pulling away for a moment to speak, but hesitating, a second passing before she speaks, "I, I love you Mogar..." she didn't remember ever having said it, it was just something they'd understood between the two of them, but it felt good to say all the same. Mogar rolled off her, laying on his side looking at her for a moment "Well it's nice to know I have your heart Angel, even if it isn't beating."

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Chapter 15: Apologies and Alexander.


Mogar had left the bedroom an hour later, leaving Antasija to sleep. He wasnt getting back to sleep so he went down to the lab to continue his research, it seemed as though this book was never ending. He had debated going for what appeared to be ten artifacts together in India, a group of necklaces all emblazioned with power. but after the trouble they went through the last jump, he reconsidered and felt they should aim for something easier. The hours passed and through careful reading he found something that should be easy enough, Phrygia 340BC or so. Perhaps Alexander was not so great after all Mogar mused to himself, preparing their kits for the task at hand. He thought about it and called Katelin, "Can you take over mother duties for Nenetl for a few days?" he asked her, realizing she was not trained in the slightest for the concept of time travel. "Of Course Sir, where will you be headed this time?" she replied, "To help a teenager named Alexander solve a riddle." he teasinglly, her knowlege of history affording her the ability to deduce his answer. "Greece then? or helping him take over the world?" Mogar thought about it for a moment, "For all we know I may be the only reason he was so successful in the first place!" he quipped back, "You know how to handle her, and No Boys, she isnt to use our absence as a reason to become a harlot."


 "I will keep careful eye upon her Sir, shall I wake Antasija?" She asked, wondering if he wanted to leave this moment. "No, let her sleep, she will come find me when she is ready." Hanging up he began refreshing himself on the languages of the day, this time taking a syringe with the babel nanites in them in his pack. He would simply sit and read while listening to music and wait for Antasija to be refreshed.


Antasija walked about an hour later, fully dressed, and sits down next to him. She didn't speak for a few minutes, finally mumbling "Sorry about last night." Mogar doesnt look up from the book about alexander he was currently reading upon hearing her entrance, only turning his headto her after she opens her mouth, "These things happen when it comes to me, most people couldn't write a novel the size of War and Peace about their dating history." he remarked, turning the page.  "That's true I suppose." she says, still looking rather guilty about herself. "I decided upon Ancient Europe for our next excursion, Turkey in 340 BC roughly, what do you know about Alexander? We might run into him." choosing to change subjects for now.


 "I think he was kind of an !@#$%^& but rather inspirational regardless." She says, "Quite the skilled commander overall."  Mogar stifled a laugh, "I'm kinda an !@#$%^& and inspirational, but you love me!" he said in jest, "anyway, it appears that knot he cut may have been an actual thing, quite magical in fact." looking at the drawing of the knot on the page before him. "Oh really?" she says, seeing where he was going with this, "And you want us to go find it?" Mogar opened a holographic map from his wrist, "I've already found it, exact location and time, the trouble is going to be getting there before Cleopatra's boytoy gets to it."


Antasija twitched a little in the eye at the remark but leaves it as is, "I shouldn't think that would be a problem. It's time travel after all right?" Mogar shrugged "The trouble is I may get an exact date, but I can't bring us back to EXACTLY that using a time machine, there's more and more leeway the further back we go, few decades, exact minute, few centuries, exact day, few milennia, it starts to become weeks. I haven't tried beyond that but I would imagine the pattern would continue if I somehow found the exact day the dinosaurs kicked the bucket, I may end up a few months before or a few months after." now wondering if his book contained that information. "I don't think that'd be a good idea regardless." she comments, "But I see your point. Couldn't we just try again if we missed though?" Mogar shook his head closing the book, "The Gate can't just make jump after jump right away, it takes me a while to repair the damage that happens to it every time we make one of these trips, I suppose we could, but I'd only like to use that option if we arrive past the point of it's destruction."


"So why not just put us where no matter what the range of error is we'll arrive before Alex does?" she asks, sure that there had to be a reason for that too. "I'm sure you know the myth of the knot, unfortunately the real history of it is a much smaller window, we have maybe 2 weeks total of it confirmed to be in Telmessus, and thats just before it becomes Telmessos thanks to our boy Alex." he answered."Oh, I see." she purses her lips, "Well that's a pain in the ass. When do we head out?"  He poured himself a drink, looking at her, "I'm ready to go, Katelin is going to watch Nenetl for us, if you want to say goodbye to her personally though I don't mind waiting."


"Nah, we won't be gone long, besides, she would ask questions." Mogar downed the drink, his nerves were getting the better of him, finally pulling his pack onto his back. "She'll know we're leaving, not much specifics but she needs to finish her education before we can really explain what we're doing I think. One thing of note, left side pocket in your bag, BABEL(Books And Beyond for Every Language) nanites, in case I have another episode, inject them into a local and they'll be able to understand you enough to get me better, though I expect your knowlege of ancient languages should be more than enough." he told her, "The Greeks of this time period will seldom know Latin, but I think I can get away with what Greek I know." she shrugs, "All the same I'd rather not have to."


Mogar holds his hand out facing away from her, he still had a tremble, fearful of what would come jarring loose this trip. he poured another glass of whiskey, "You want anything to brighten your spirits before we go? he asked as he began working on the new tumbler."I'll pass, would rather go into this with all my senses sharp." she takes his hand and notices his trembling, becoming concerned. Mogar pulls his hand away, "I'm fine, just a bit anxious to get this started, We have 65 to go, that's an incredible number of things to collect, and with the time shifts, who knows if we'll ever come back to this rapture, or some future abandoned version again, or even before the city existed and be 5 miles underwater?" he blurted out, normal self control on his tongue lacking. "That would not be a good thing, to say the least of it." she says, becoming mildly worried by the concept herself.


 "I have some plans on correcting that, I read in the book about a machine that can stabilize the rifts for a localized area, When we return I will have to meet the creators of such a device, find a way to replicate it for our city, that other world that we are seeing appears to be rebuilding itself, I am sure it has bright minds just as our world does, I don't much care what universe you are from so long as you think you can contribute to this city's greatness." the anxiety making him rant. "That'd definitely make it better. I don't suppose that there's any way to keep the timestream from absolutely demolishing itself?"Mogar shakes his head, "Whatever caused this to happen in the first place will have to sort itself out, unless you plan on finding me an electrical socket on the sun and a few hundred stars, I don't have enough power to stop it."


 "I do imagine that it would take that much energy, you're probably right." She shrugs, "Anyways, let's get going." Mogar finished the rest of his drink, activating the gate, the gust of wind flew through the room as the portal opened, the perfect spiral turning, he stood next to her just looking at it, leaning in to kiss the soft flesh of her neck he whispered "That thing you said earlier... me too." walking through the portal before she had a chance to reply.


continued in "Only sex and sleep make me conscious that I am mortal(ish)."

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Chapter 16: History and Homelands


It had been an hour since they returned from stealing out Alexander's prize, the Gordian knot was still in his history, but Mogar had suspected he would not have died quite so soon with this lucky charm in hand. He had just returned to the lab where it was being analyzed, it was definitely an artifact. he took a coin out of his pocket and held the small peice of metal in his other hand, flipping the coin in the air he said "Heads." catching it, it was of course, heads. he repeated this 20 times, the same result every time. Probability would no longer be an issue for him so long as he was aware of what outcome he wanted. Smiling he put the artifact back in the glass chamber it was being scanned in. returning to the elevator and up to visit sleeping beauty. a soft Ding as he reached their penthouse.

Antasija was sprawled across the bed, staring up at the ceiling. She wasn't thinking about anything in particular, but what thoughts she did have were alien to her. She couldn't sleep. The best she could do was wait for Mogar and hope that his presense helped somehow. He walked into his bedroom, grinning as she seemed to be trying to take up as much space as possible "Thought you were going to take a nap darling? I just wanted to check on my new toy."


 "Can't sleep." she says, still staring up at the ceiling before sighing and closing her eyes, "How's it work?" He bounced down upon the bed next to her, an arm across her stomach he pulled her against him. "I would certainly like to take it to Vegas some time, I've established it can control probabilities, you get what you want within a certain extent, the problem is you have to know what you want and I doubt it works as easily as "I don't want to get shot." for example." he said sarcastically, still elated they managed to walk through Alexander's army, hang out with the guy and then just walk away unharmed, cover working perfectly, he now realized it was the work of the knot, but who was he to rain on his own parade?


 "Well, that's cool." she says, feeling a bit more cold to the touch than usual, "So if you did go to Vegas, you could take all of our practically infinite money and make it absolutely endless."Laughing he cuddled with her, "Exactly babe, what do you want to do today? we have some down time before the gate is ready to go to bangkok, though i am partial to laying here with you all day."


 "Well, we could go down to visit our daughter, we could have sex, we could have a nice dinner, or we could talk." Anasija says, cuddling him back, "Frankly I'd prefer to just talk." He snorted, "You expect me to choose talking out of that list os possibilities? Hi nice to meet you, I am Mogar." he retorted, "I suppose we could talk though, we always have such fascinating conversations."


 "Thanks." she said, genuinely appreciative that he was willing to bend what he wanted to be more in line with what she would prefer, "So it's occurred to me lately that while my past is pretty much a book to you, that I don't know all that much about yours, comparatively." He bit his lower lip, not a subject he enjoyed talking about, but she was right, and equality, blahblahblah. "Well.... There is a few different stories there, it depends on which one you want to believe really, I'm not even sure at this point if any of them are real, or if they're all real."


Sounds fascinating." she replies with genuine interest, "Start at the beginning." Laughing he cuddles her closer to him, "Which one? Should I start with the traditional human story?"


"Sure, that seems like the most intuitive one." she says, shrugging.


 "Once Upon a Time, I was born in a hospital in a town north of New York City, I had an alcoholic mother and an emotionally detached father, my father was a gifted man but not a gifted father, when they died I was 14, it was not as depressing as you'd think, and it drove me to excel in school, My father was an inventor as a hobby, I wanted to turn it into a career. The life insurance made sure I had a comfortable time at MIT, by the time I was 24 I had two masters, and was ready to work, I started my first company two years before the global collapse, making weapons, specialized for urban warfare. the collapse was a boon to me, I turned into a billionare overnight, everyone and their mother needed a gun, and mine happened to be small, and very, very, effective."


 "Alright, that sounds pretty standard." she says, "But that's not the end of it by far obviously."


Mogar sighed, " Of course not, this next bit will be relevant to our next mission. Using all this money I decided to become something greater than a lord of war, and worked to create mogatopia in southeast asia, I expanded the company into every facet of life, anything that I could buy I did, within 2 years I controlled 98% of all businesses in the region, with an even higher employment rate, it made an election rather easy for me. I had the world at my fingertips, anything I could want I could have. It was beautiful really. Of course that was before I died. Then the Darkness of course, and I believe you know the rest up until now."


"Yeah, I was involved in some of it." she says, sighing, "A comparatively eventful life. You did a great deal it seems." Mogar laughed, "Not bad for a few centuries, at least. The problem is there's two other sets of memories I have, I don't know if they're just dreams, or something greater."


 "Oh yeah? Tell me more." she says, curious, "What about those?" Mogar shook his head, "I can only tell you about one, the other there isn't words to describe it." he said quietly, "I think I am far older than this body I am in. Similar story though, my father in this story was not exactly dad of the millenium, and killed my mother, daddy dearest in fact only allows me to exist simply to spread destruction upon earth, which is somewhat fitting of the majority of my life, wouldn't you say, chaos seems to follow where ever I go."


"Oh, well." she says, a little surprised, "Um, that's very interesting. That's way more than I can say for myself." Shrugging he just looked up through the glass ceiling above them at the schools of fish, "It isn't something I'm even certain about, just very vivid dreams I think, as for the other one, I don't know."


"Weird. It's not unpleasant is it?" she asks, a little bit uncertain.


Mogar turned his head, looking into her eyes, a familiar flame returning to them. "For you? It'd be very unpleasant."


"Erm." she looks back at him, her eyes slitting up a bit, "I more meant for you?"


 He thought about how to describe it, "You know how you feel when you just give in completely, that unrestrained bloodlust? imagine that times one hundred."


"Sounds unpleasant." she says, getting a little stiff in the middle of the cuddle.


 "I absolutely love it, I mean, I feel powerful at times in this body, but on that world, I'm a god."


 "Well uh, it doesn't sound safe."


 "it doesn't sound safe, says the vampire."


"Vampirism is fairly easily controlled even in the middle of the whole "I vant to saack yourrr blaaaaaad." thing." she counters


 "Control is a matter of willpower, it isn't like I can just... well I can now, but I'm no sorcerer on this world, I'm just a very rich crazy inventor."


 Antasija shrugs, "I don't know. It just sounds risky."


He sat up, turning to look down at her, "We are sitting in a city five miles under the ocean, we walk through a wormhole on a weekly basis to go through time all over the world, when is risk NOT a factor in our lives?" he asked her seriously.


She turns over onto her back to look back at him, "None of those risks are from You though."


 "So the risk is only ok when it comes from you? I know you fed on those people, what happens when that voice in your head whispers for you to drain me? We both have our demons, I have been controlling mine for just as long as you have, and actually been face to face with mine."


Antasija flinches a little and doesn't answer, rolling back onto her side.


"Look, I would bring you there if I could, but it only happens when I dream..."


 "I don't know if I want to see it, it sounds frightening." she says, turning back around to him a little bit.


"I'll just have to show you then."



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Continued from Here.
Chapter 17. Cauldrons and Cat Naps
Mogar was laying on his back asleep on the floor of a science lab, it had been a week since the "dream" and Mogar had left the next day, heading to Tikal. Two days later he returned and had gone straight into a large science lab. not having left since, Antasija had been worried but she was unable to get more than a few words out of him, he was working feverishly to construct something, he had only grunted when she asked questions, and she honestly wasnt sure if he had slept at all. She had started bringing him food but realized after a day he was not eating it, his diet consisting of brown liquors and ice.

The noise of her entrance into the room had woken him from his cat nap, he set to work silently, resuming tightening bolts, soldering wires and electronics together. The machine was massive, taking up half of the room easily. The only thing new since last night was a Cauldron bubbling in the corner, filled with a black bubbling liquid. Antasija looks at him and sighs, "Still working I see." she says absently, knowing that she wouldn't get any significant response from small talk and having nothing any more significant than that. She walked over to the cauldron and grabbed a pencil from her pocket, sticking it in and withdrawing it, seeing if she would find any pencil left when she did.

The caustic mixture would eat away at the pencil but leave a stick of lead. "Don't touch that." he said to her, still focused on working, but having heard her footsteps. His thumb went to his mouth after he shook his hand, electrocuting himself. He turned to look at her, "can you get me a glass of that? Glass, Ceramic would be a bad idea." Antasija takes a beaker from a nearby counter and scoops up some of the foul liquid, "Sure." she says absently. She'd been talking with their daughter much more lately, but it hadn't really been a substitute to Mogar. She brought the beaker to him.

Mogar knocked it back, handing the empty beaker to her, "Who needs sleep anyway?" he said smiling darkly, returning to work. a few more minutes and he took a step back, wiping he brow of sweat. He amired the machine for a minute, almost forgetting she was even there, lost in thought of what this new invention would unlock. "So what's it do." Antasija asks. It wasn't like she hadn't asked before, but she'd never gotten a good answer so she kept on asking.

Mogar put a hand on his hip and considered his answer. "Well, basically this machine will be a rubber band between the two worlds we have encountered, pulling them together at this exact point, and allowing for a more solidified world for us. As to how it does that, let's just leave it at, it just does." he said laughing, it would take actual days to explain he, he had spent two days with potential gods explaining it to him and he only barely had a full grasp on the science behind it.

"So what's in the cauldron?" she asks, taking a seat nearby and turning her crimson eyes on the boiling thing, which really couldn't be more sinister looking if it were really trying. Almost as if it read her mind it began bubbling angrily, churning within the cauldron. "Something I came up with to assist me when we encounter more supernatural opponents, which we should considering what we're collecting after all." he walked over to the machine, fingers racing over the control panel, "You might want to hold onto something."

"And why should I not touch it?" she walks over to it again, "I mean, you !@#$@#$ chugged that one." He shrugged, "I mean, I guess you could, but I am unsure of what it would do to one of your kind, I suspect that you would find yourself... quite hungry, at best case, at worst, you'd no longer be you." A few finger gestures in the air and his voice came over the intercom system for the entire city. "Greetings citizens of Rapture, In 30 seconds I will be conducting an experiment, make sure you are sitting or holding onto something secure, this might be a bumpy ride. As always, thank you for choosing Rapture for your home." he clicked off and turned back to her, "That table is secure, just make sure you don't spill that mixture all over yourself." he said with a smirk, turning back to the machine.

"Uh, alright." she says, taking another beaker and filling it again, looking down at the foul liquid and almost throwing it back before she looks at him, "Hungry how? And for how long?" Shaking his head, he says "No, No, No, don't drink it! I want you to hold the cauldron so it doesnt spill everywhere!" the count down had already started by now, 7, 6, 5... She puts the beaker down under the table behind something so she could hold onto the cauldron, making a mental note. 3... 2... 1...

A field of white lightning began shimmering out of the machine, pulsing through the walls of the room. The entire city began to tremble, shuddering at the energy being unleashed in this room, the waved began happening faster and faster, within 15 seconds of the countdown being finished they were coming out faster than their eyes were able to acknowledge, the entire room just strobing now. and then... nothing. the machine whirred off, only silence filled the room.

"So did it work?" Antasija asked, letting go of the bubbling cauldron and looking back at where she'd put the beaker curiously. He let out a long sigh, "It isnt as easy as just reading a gauge to figure out, it will take a little while to know, but I can say for certainty if we go through another time wave, that it did not work." he said dryly, lack of sleep leaving him with little patience.

"So what are you going to do now?" she keeps up the inquiry, knowing that it was pretty much the only way she was going to get any conversation out of him if he went back to work of some form."I'm going to go downstairs and tinker with the gate, and wait for the machines I created to inform me of my success to confirm or deny the results." another gesture of his hand, "Apologies for any inconvenience, Thank you for traveling Rapture Airways." he said quickly over the speakers. walking over to the door.

Antasija takes a seat nearby, "You have fun with that..." she says a bit sadly. "Go play with Nenetl or something." He says to her as he leaves, his attention upon a million other things besides her at the moment. Antasija watches him go before grabbing the beaker and taking a swig, still curious of the effects.

She would find herself suddenly warm, the breeze of the air conditioning that was in every room of the city not enough to cool her off, her top became tighter, chest having expanded, threatening to tear her blouse off her. Her skirt on the other hand, did tear, her thighs becoming more muscular, rear end growing as well. She transformed from a lithe vampiress to a sensual succubus in a matter of seconds.

She briefly wondered what would have happened if she'd drank the whole thing, but was soon consumed by a terrible hunger. Opening the door carefully, she stepped out, a pair of wings sprouting out of her back slowly after another moment, "Oh this is..." she shuttered as she walked with inhuman grace down the hall, removing her clothes and letting her hair down, "...Wonderful..."

A secretary was walking down the same hall, dropping her papers upon the floor she simply stood there mouth agape as the nude creature walked towards her. Mogar on the other hand, was already several floors below and tinkering with the gate, performing the normal maintenance required before another jump. Antasija opens her arms wide to the woman, "Hey there gorgeous, how's your day going?" she says, smiling at her disarmingly and spreading her wings, "Looks like it's your lucky day~"

She takes a step back, trembling, unsure of what to do. The secretary recognized the woman's face, but she was something monsterous now. "Come on baby, you know you want some." there was an irresistable fire in Antasija's eyes as she slowly approached the secretary, and with a wave of her hand the clothes disappeared from the woman, "How are you feeling right now? Tell your mistress."

The secretary quivered, now naked. "P-Please, don't hurt me, what h-happened to you?" she said looking up at Antasija fearfully. "Oh, I'm not gonna hurt you hon." she puts her arms around the woman and gives her a gentle kiss, which both made the woman incredibly cold and sparked in her an intense desire, with the side effect of having some of her soul eaten, "Don't you want me? I promise, nothing bad can come of this."

The woman stood there, she had new thoughts now, but this was her boss's mistress, she had known men to disappear suddenly for being overly friendly to his mistress, she had no idea what would happen to her, but she didn't want to risk anything. Breathing heavily she finally managed out "D-Don't you want to go find Mogar instead? I'm just an ordinary girl, he is your lover."

"Oh, but you're so convenient darling." she bites lightly on the woman's neck, wishing to punch a couple of little holes but holding off for now, "I don't see why I should wait when he's so far away and you're right here." She coughed, "I think he would appreciate your new look." she said quietly, struggling to keep her composure underneath the pressure.

"You've got a lot of willpower, I'll give you that." Antasija says, giving her another long, soul stealing kiss, "I'll go see him I suppose. I hope you enjoy yourself alone though~" she proceeds along her way. The woman leaned against the nearest wall, trying to walk to somewhere private, once out of Antasija's aura she was suddenly aware of her nakedness. her mind was clouded, she was definitely going to have an interesting next few hours.

Antasija moves on, seeking Mogar out as if by a homing beacon, "Come out come out wherever you are~" she whispers to herself. Mogar on the other hand, was oblivious to anything besides the machine in front of him, his body was exhausted but his mind was alert and wanting to progress, he felt like he needed 30 hours in the day. Antasija took the elevator, much to her annoyance. As she waited her wings stretched a bit involuntarily, striking a ceiling tile. Despite her near godlike form now, this made her a little worried, which only made the other one pop out and strike out another.

By the time she got out, the elevator was a mess of broken tiles, but her seething rage didn't last long. She had someone to find. He was pouring himself another drink, drunkenness giving him the best ideas usually, and not needing to be at that narrow gap of perfection, he was just doing grunt work. This was easily stuff he could have another do but he didn't feel right about someone else touching his pride and joy, it would have been like sharing Antasija with someone else, it was just dirty to him.

At that, Antasija walked through the door, "Baby, I have something for you." she says, her voice smouldering with sensuality. He didn't immediately look at her, it was normal for her to come and visit him throughout the day, but there was something magnetic about her, he turned and his mouth opened, liquor dripping out of his mouth. "You... look different."

"You know, I feel different." she says, approaching him, "I'm glad you noticed, it's something of your fault after all." He went to speak, mouth unable to form words for a few seconds. "You drank it didn't you? I told you not to, I don't know what it is going to do to you long term, it wasnt exactly designed for your kind." he said, though his mind quickly was beginning to lose interest in her long term consequences. "My kind eh?" she starts to saunter towards him, "Isn't that a little racist?" He could do nothing but put his hands out to grab her hips, almost hypnotized. "I uh, You are a vampire."

"Course I am hon." she plants a kiss on his lips, "And I think it's fairly obvious what the effects have been." He returns the kiss, "I don't know how to cure you, it doesn't have anything like this effect on me..."

"Do you really want it cured babe?" she asks, "And are you sure it won't just wear off like the last super serum you gave me?"

"I don't know, I can't think." he stammered out, kissing her again, pulling her new body tightly against him.

"Well, that's my fault isn't it?" she smiles up at him, "I hope you like it."

Next Chapter: Last Night in Bangkok.

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Chapter 18: Tick Tock in Tokyo


After a few days recovery from killing himself, Mogar was already back at work. The experiment to combine the two worlds for Rapture had been successful, and one of the artifacts required was in this "other" world. a carrier submarine would take them to the western Pacific. They had a few choices of how to go about this, Mogar felt going to the protectors of the region and offering their unique skill set would be the best course of action, win favor with one of the more powerful governments in this new world and make some money as well. Sitting in the VTOL as it flew to Tokyo he looked over at Antasija. "Looks like I finally get my wish, eh? Tokyo nights with you." he said with a smirk.


 "Tokyo, always wanted to go, never got the chance." she says, "It was always just a little bit outside the budget, what with all of my various expenses." she shrugs, "Worth it so that I get to see it with you the first time though." she continues in an uncharacteristic bout of romanticism. "I have not decided how we are going to go about meeting this Empress, but I've got a lucky charm that says we'll manage." he said with a wink. "Perhaps afterwards we'll stop by Paris, as all lovers should."


 "She sounds a bit crazy if you ask me." Antasija, once she'd realized that she'd have to essentially relearn history, had set about it with an incredible vigor, and had already essentially finished with the basics of their new world. "You'd be crazy too if you were basically tossed a nation into your lap." he said seriously, having had the... "pleasure" of doing so himself. "It's so much more work and stress than you'd ever think."


 "I dunno, seems like the kinda thing that's managable. Countless monarchs have managed in the past." she shrugs and looks out the window. "How many of them had to start in their early 20s with no family support though? usually they're groomed for the role a bit more than attending college and then "oops your parents are dead, have fun leading a nation!", you know?" They began turning, the pilot was eloquent in japanese, and explained they were from Tikal, and using information he learned while there briefly, for all intents and purposes, they were. They were giving a landing spot at Narita International Airport, and began their descent.


 "I dunno, surprisingly many of them were kinda orphans after like, five years of life." she shrugs, "But I understand your point." He laughed "I'll tell you what, let's find some nation to put you in charge of and see how well you do with your emotional development." he said sarcastically. "Power corrupts, do you really need me going mad with power anymore than I have already?" she asks with a toothy smile, "I don't handle authority well, and not for the reason you're implying. I've tried it, in hindsight I'm pretty sure my relationship with the fellow responsible for my immortality was more healthy in the long run."


 The aircraft shuddered at it landed. "We're here Sir." the pilot said over the internal speakers. Mogat stood and stretched, before reaching a hand out to Antasija "Shall we darling?"


"Of course, where else could I possibly rather be?" she says, taking his hand and standing to follow him. He opened the door and jumped out, helping her down, a private car was waiting for them. Holding the door open for her he got in afterwards and told the driver to bring them to the Tokyo Hilton in Japanese. He turned to her and said, "Penthouse and then room service?"


 "That sounds good." she says, nodding. She looks out the window some more, admiring the scenery from the ground now and being pleased by what she saw. The car sped out of the airport, the city was beyond crowded, having been flooded with immigrants since the nuclear attacks, both japanese escaping the rubble of Yokohama and Osaka, and numerous others from across the Imperium to help the rebuilding process. "It's sad really, such a beautiful nation and now it will be forever scarred yet again by nuclear attacks, they can't catch a break it seems."


 "They'll endure. They got through the first set alright, they'll probably survive the second almost as well." she keeps in mind that the most recent had been exponentially worse, but also that the technology to deal with it was much, much better. The city flew by, neons and flashy lights lining the streets as the sun was setting. "Funny Americans are bankrolling their rebuilding for a second time, I suppose Tikal isn't quite the United States, but it seems to be true that history repeats itself."


"I mean, it depends on the timeline you look at." she shrugs and looks out of the car, admiring more the architecture than the people and thus unbothered by the refugees. He snorted "That whole time travel thing is !@#$@#$ with you eh?" he reaches over and took her hand into his, "Just relax, You'll get the hang of this one just as easily as you did the last one doll."


 "It's just dumb that I'm having to do all this research all over again." she complains a little, "It's kinda !@#$%^&*." He shrugged as they pulled into the semi circle driveway, "It isnt like it is that much effort, 50 years compared to 400."

"You'd be surprised." she says, "A lot of things happen in fifty years."


 He got out offering another hand to her and closing the door behind them, they had no bags, they'd be shopping here for any clothing they needed and as for weaponry, they had plenty. "You mean like going from losing a world war and getting crippling terms to becoming the world's second largest economy and the closest ally to your former war opponent?" he teased.


 "Pretty much, yeah." she says, "But so much more than that. It's going to be a lot of work to relearn, let me tell you." Leading her by the hand he walked up to the front desk. "Kon'nichiwa, watashi wa anata no pentohaususuīto o motte iru koto? Wata!@#$achi wa wata!@#$achi no shinkon ryokō ni aru." he said with a smile. the receptionist bowed deeply and led them to the elevator. "I hope you enjoyed the wedding babe." he said sarcastically.


 "Oh, we're married now?" she asks, "You must have drugged me then, not that I'm not sure you haven't done it before." He wrapped an arm around her waist, "If anything you've drugged me, think of how many times i go unconcious and wake up with you all crazed? We just had a fast ceremony, so quick you blink and you missed it."


 "I don't see a ring." she looks at her left hand, "You know what they say, if you like it then you'd better put a ring on it."


He sighed, realizing they'd have to buy more than just clothes now, "I'll send for Nenetl and you two can go shop to your hearts content, sound good? Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Harajuku are all some of the greatest shopping in the world, I'm sure you two will have a blast."


"Well, I'm sure we'll all have a good time." she says, "Why wouldn't you be there just by chance?" she asks. "I figure you two should have some girl time while I figure out how to progress us into the Imperial Palace, it isnt like I can just waltz in there." he says as the elevator doors open. "Go taizai o o tanoshimi kudasai." the receptionist says to them, handing Mogar two keycards. "Arigatō" he says bowing to her. turning around he opens the door to the room.


 The room was massive for a hotel room, but then again, it was the penthouse, so that was entirely understandable. Antasija looked around at it, admiring the theme of scarlet red that it seemed to run with, comfortable chairs surrounding a coffee table facing a large television, another set of luxurious looking chairs around a small dining table, a large, self lighting fireplace standing near the chairs. The room's walls were all the same color of red, with paintings hung all around.


 Mogar admired the room himself for a few moments, sitting on the couch he put his feet up on the coffee table and put his hands on the back of the couch stretching out nicely. "It never gets old to me, another night, another city."


"Eh, once you see them all I could see it getting kinda old having to start repeating them." she says, taking a seat next to him on the couch and cuddling up a bit.


 He turned on the tv, some silly japanese game show was on but he was far more interested in her than the television. "But then there's always another hotel, a new club, something you didnt see the last time, and by the time you came back the whole city could be different, if we went to Bangkok right now I'd not recognize anything for example, or The Cape."


"True, but eventually it all just kinda runs together I would think. I've not done a lot of traveling myself except in the United States and Europe though so who am I to judge."


Looking at the small holographic display coming out of his wrist he flicked his arm turning it off, "Looks like we have about an hour before she arrives, I'm sure we can busy ourselves." he said with a smile, leaning in to kiss her passionately.

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Following I Love the Sound of Wagner In the Morning


Chapter 19: The Pride Before...


A few hours later her injuries had healed and they were on a flight back to Tokyo. She had been tightlipped about what had happened, and he had gotten bored of investigating the artifact. Sighing he looked over at her, laying back in her seat eyes closed. He knew she wasnt sleeping but didn't really want to start a fight. When they were 10 minutes out of Tokyo he nudged her gently. "So how is your leg?"


"Getting better all the time." she says, unsure if it had fully healed or not, "I think I'll be fine by the time we land."


"I got you a present, for when we land, if you aren't too hungry we can go play with it and see how you like it." he said cheerfully.


"What kinda present?" she says, becoming very interested in what could possibly be in store.


 "I get so few chances to surprise you, I think you will like it though, I got the inspiration from the Empress herself."


 "Is it a puppy?" she asks him curiously with a little joking smile, "Ooooooh, perhaps a kitten!"


 "You're not really helping the whole "I'm a big scary vampire" image, with those guesses babe." he teased, You'll see soon enough, I have made sure we will get our privacy to use it." he said with a wink.


 "I already blew the 'big' part by being 5'6 and about as heavy as some large dogs." she says, giving him a good look at her tongue as she stuck it out at him, "But I'll wait and see what it is I suppose."


 "Well sadly it is not a collar, though they have some very fashionable ones here." he said as the plane began its quick descent.


 "Oh yeah?" she says, "I suppose the reason you didn't get one was because you couldn't find a leash to match?" she asks teasingly.


 "I'm sure I could have found something that matched, your skin tone is perfection here afterall." he said as the plane bumped against the ground, slowing down and taxiing to the waiting car.


 "My skintone is perfection everywhere, because I'm perfect." she says, putting a hand to her chest in self-deprecating faux arrogance. He smirked at her and stood up, holding out his hand, "Let's go then, Miss Perfection." the pilot had already came out of the cockpit and opened the stairs. She daintily takes his hand, continuing her self-mockery for just a little longer, "Gladly, Lord Flawless." Down the stairs a gunmetal Fairlady Z Z34 was waiting for them. Knowing she was upset with him for something he did he took the extra stept o hold her door open before sliding across the hood and getting in the driver side. Looking over at her with a smile as he started the car he said. "I hope you're in the mood for some exercise."


 "Exercise? As if dodging grenades and bashing in skulls wasn't enough for a week!" she exclaims with a smile, "But I'll bite, I suppose a little more exercise couldn't do any harm." He had only driven through the city twice but already was comfortable with the roads, and knew exactly where they were going. "You always bite baby." he said honestly. "Just a bit of practice, can't let you get too comfortable, one day you might have to fight all by yourself without me there."


 "I did that. Outnumbered fifty to one. You shoulda seen it." she says, a bit disappointed that he hadn't but remaining relatively silent about it. "All the more reason to make sure you're well prepared, right?" he asked, speeding through the streets, getting closer to the dojo they would be practicing at.


 She rolls her eyes, "I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself Mogar, I've even gotten better with guns and stuff." she says, almost like the teenager she looked like. "And what about blades? I have only seen you use one once and that was... in a dream or something." he said as the car handled perfectly, it was night, the roads were dead for the most part so they had gotten to the dojo in record time, parking the car out front. "I can use blades." she says, "I used to fence." He got out of the car, waiting for her to join him and walked into the dojo, it was empty of course. "Now close your eyes." he told her, guiding her into the large training room, letting go of her, he grabbed an intricately designed sword he had worked upon yesterday, made of 6al–4v, a titanium alloy, the hilt decorated with etched red roses, a broken miror etched into the pommel. the scabbord was made of a black wood. All in all the katana was 1/3rd the weight a sword of steel would be, handling it lightly he held it out to her, bowing slightly. "Here, A gift from me to you."


 She looks down at her new sword after opening her eyes, "I can't say I've ever handled one of these before..." she holds it up and tests its balance, evidently extremely satisfied, "What's it made of? Was it made in the traditional style?"


 "A lightweight titanium alloy, technology has come a long way since the feudal era. As to its creation, No, I made it using my own technique, but I can assure you it is stronger than any traditionally created weapon, and just as sharp, not to mention it has a few added benefits, like being able to stop darkstuff for example."


 "Well that sounds nifty." she says, giving it a few experimental swings and listening to it cut the air beautifully. "Shall we see how well you handle it?" he asks, a blade emitting from the palm of his hand, almost identical to hers save for the fact it was made of shadows. He twirled it in his hand waiting for her response. She looks at his new sword suspiciously, "I suppose that that's the thing you talked about that it would work well to block right?" she asks nervously.


 "Surely you don't think it's only me who has this power? It was given to me so I could fight those from below, because they have the same exact abilities, and it seems as though they've taken an interest in our little adventure enough to be actively trying to stop us."


 "Well duh, I'm not dumb." she says, taking the Katana in both hands and taking a high guard, "But let's see how good I am, yeah. Don't expect much though." He bowed to her graciously before he swung at her with one hand, the clash of metal echoing against the walls, he pulled away and swung again, and a third time, each getting more intense.


 She deflects each shot, not trusting herself to be able to block them outright given the kind of strength Mogar had been throwing around lately. She starts to take steps back, not wishing to be overwhelmed by his momentum.


 "Don't just stand there, attack!" he shouted at her, holding the blade pointed straight at her throat, he gestured with his other hand, calling her to him. She swings right at his head with the Katana, putting all of her immense strength behind it and gritting her teeth fiercely.


 He blocked the strike, pushing her blade away from him, "that's it, try and stop me!" he swung at her again, the dangerous game more exciting than anything they've done lately. She deflects again, trying to turn the force from his strike into a shot at his belly but misaiming and ending up swinning up at his chest.


 He laughed heartily, her blade cutting off the three top buttons of his shirt. "So that's how we're playing eh?" he asked, swinging towards her again, aiming to return the favor on her own clothes. She struck his sword directly, the blow resonating a little too hard and ending up having to be a deflection anyways, though it still cut what she figured was probably his objective at this point, just in between her breasts where her bra would link up, it fell out of her shirt and onto the floor.


 He smirked and put his other hand upon the hilt of the shadow sword, the blade growing as he focused more energy into it. He sliced downward at her, forcing her to jump backwards, "no more pausing, attack or die, your opponents won't sit around and wait for an opening, you need to find your own." She tries to find an opening in Mogar's attack, but as she was highly untrained at this she could find none, and had lost her pants and most of her shirt before he finally simply knocked her sword out of her hands, her back now against the wall, "Ok! Ok! You win!"


Mogar let his sword disappear, "No, pick it up," he nodded to her sword on the ground and turned around walking away, "Again." She picks up the sword and shakes out one of her hands a bit, made a tad numb by the hard strike that had devoided her of it, "I don't think it'll have any different results." she says, advancing on him and giving him a series of underhand strikes. A rapier appeared in his hand now, deflecting her blows. "More, you have to be more aggressive, get mad!" he yelled, standing defensively.


She didn't get angry. Anger was reeeeally bad where she was concerned, so she continued with her calm attack, though it was no less powerful because of it as she switched to a more over the head style, chopping down at him a few times. His weapon of choice was unable to block such blows as easily, one of her attacks finally tearing a sleeve, he yanked the tattered clothing off, standing before her wearing just pants now, a thin red line where her black had nicked his chest. "That's more like it, you're going to have to learn how to use your anger though, you will be fighting people who do not fear death, and nor should you fear yourself."


"Anger's more dangerous to me than anyone else." she says, continuing her attack, "The more angry you get-" she swings up at him, "-The less coordinated you are." He parried her attack, the upward strike cutting his pant leg. "Hence controlled anger, focus it, channel it, dont let it control you, use it as your weapon." His rapier turned into a curved sword, he began swinging at her with lightning speed. She is able to deflect all of his shots, barely, focusing hard on where his blade was traveling, "There's no point though, it doesn't add strength, it adds recklessness."


 He swung deftly across at her, aiming just below her belt line, another small blade appearing in his other hand to parry her own sword, "Recklessness wins more often than not. Do you think I got anywhere by playing safe?"


"No but I Did!" she blocks the shot but not before most of the band of her panties had been cut through, a little red line appearing up her leg where it'd made contact, "And could you be careful?" she says frustratedly. He twirled the curved sword in his hand, holding it upside down, calling her to him with his left hand, pointer and middle fingers gesturing to her. "If you were attacking me I wouldn't have a chance to be striking you."


 "That's obviously not true." she says, taking deep breaths, "Otherwise I would still be on the attack when you said that." she starts to throw another series of attacks at him, advancing rapidly on him to try and catch him off his guard. The parrying dagger was knocked out of his hand with the strength of her swings, the curved sword protected him mostly, but another slide of his pants was taken off, "See? Don't just think about fighting me, FIGHT ME!" he staggered back, curved sword growing, changing, an axe now in his hands, he swung at her with all of his might, cutting into the floor as she stepped back.


Seeing a good opportunity in his staggering she aims a shot at the hilt of the axe, advancing forward again a rapid few steps and aiming a swift punch at his face with her sword hand. He growled, the axe disappearing from the floor, reforming into a greatsword in his right hand, he wiped his lip with his left hand, now bleeding thanks to her blow. "Let's see you do that again." he said, raising the sword with both hands he swung against at her, this time aiming for her body, not simply swinging.


 She spins and tries to block it with her full strength but doesn't quite brace as much as she needed and is knocked to the ground, though she quickly turns it into a little roll to put her back on her feet lithely, rushing forward to start striking at him again. He swings at her again and again, movements growing faster as they continue to fight, his sword clanking against hers loudly.  Eventually she takes a swing poorly again, the sword knocked out of her hands as she stumbles.


Mogar lets his sword disappear, prowling towards her slowly, "So are we ever going to talk about what happened earlier, or were you just hoping to let it disappear?"


"Didn't ever get a really good chance and you didn't really ask about it again did you?" she says, laying on the ground with her eyes closed and breathing hard.


He sat cross legged next to her, watching her beautiful body's every movement, normally he would have given in to his mor primal urges but this was something that couldn't be put off. "I had wanted to wait until you weren't heavily injured to ask again, I do think I deserve to know, these black outs are not exactly enjoyable to me." he said plainly. "Well basically what happened is this." she takes a deep breath, "You got really strange, started to get a little off putting in your movements, your voice changed a bit, and then you tried to kill me." she says, "And then I elbowed you in the back of the neck." His eyes grew wide, "I.. tried to kill you? why?" he said shocked, clearly not remembering any of this.


 "How should I know?" she asks, "I'm just as surprised by this as you are."


 "What happened before I tried to kill you?" he asked quietly, staring at her stomach, avoiding her eyes. "Well your arm got all black and stuff." she says, looking up at him. "Perhaps we both learned something tonight, having such power without any control is dangerous." his eyes moving up her body to hers. She takes a deep breath, "Look, Mogar... maybe it'd be best if we took some time away from each other." she says quietly. He ran his hand across her cheek, brushing her hair over her ear, leaning down he kisses her lips softly before pulling back with a sigh, "You're right, I couldnt deal with it if I ever actually hurt you, I am dangerous until I get a grip on this. I'll start researching it when we leave here, where are you going to go though?" they were in a whole new world, and knew nobody.


She considers her options, "Tahiti maybe?" she says, "I might go to Siberia, I've never been and I hear it's beautiful." she was obviously a little half hearted about this. He laid next to her, both of their cuts and scrapes fully healed by now, "Siberia eh? I hope you plan on getting some warmer clothes, unless you want to ve a vampsicle again." he teased her. "Tahiti would probably be nice, maybe afterwards I can join you, I've always loved the beach with you ever since Bangkok."


 "Yeah, I'd like that." she says with a little, sad smile, "It won't be the same without you until you're there." she finishes.

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