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A Spartan Treaty

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Sparta and OcUK sign a MDoAP.




The Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts Treaty

Article I - Proclivity
Each will like the other.


Article II - Acumen
If each has tendency to unlike the other then parley will ensue.

Article III - Preservation
If one is subjugated the other shall consider themselves to be equally subjugated and both will retort as one.

Article IV - Encroachment
If one chooses to subjugate an exterior entity then the other may or may not jointly subjugate at whim.

Article V - Disestablishment
If each or both come to unlike the other and parley is null then the both shall diverge. Divergence shall be when day=day+1.


Signed for Sparta

Yerushalayim – King

DeathAdder – King

MetalSnow – Ephor of Lykoi

DarkIceDragon – Ephor of Mesoa

bombuator – Elder of Philoxenia

Whitetigger – Resident Brit


Signed for OcUK

MrWhite – Lord Protector

DavidMarq – Chancellor

Smithy – Proctor Prime

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