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Alliance looking for a leader and members

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Hello, TE members! I am King Knights111, although i have no jurisdiction here. I come from the Brotherhood of Kings, an alliance still progressing, but recently became an alliance in TE, as well. I am leader right now, but i need someone with experience to take over my position in TE.Once you do so, you will have complete jurisdiction over the TE section, and we will only communicate at the occasional council meeting, so you will be in charge of everything there. You will be the official leader, yet i will be called Royal King, and you will be Heir of Tour, yet you WILL be the leader. if you want to do this, first  respond telling me your username(TE) and why i should pick you, then go to http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1000662   , then click on the alliance and join.

P.S., also sign up on our site and i'll give you admin at bofk.forumotion.com

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Try the TE Police.  Or Skaro.  But I don't think a small alliance is the right fit for you.

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Its probably NOT a good idea to leave your.alliance.in.the hands of just anyone who comes along.


I would apply but I am currently in the process of taking over Skaro.

Id focus on yourself, If I were you.
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