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Want to be more than a number?

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Hello, nations everywhere! I am knights111, your king and your servant. Here at the brotherhood, you mean something. To us, every nation counts. Here, you are important. We are a new type of government that we made ourselves, a Brotherhood-Monarchy. It is where all are equal. Here, if you want to join, if you want to be a royal, according to our declaration, we are forced to give you a chance, thus upping your chances of getting what you want. Our royals inspect our forums everyday to look for any kind of tips, advice, or anything you need help on, and we will answer.

If you are already part of an alliance, no need to worry! Ally with us and we will open an Embassy for you! 3 alliances already have!

Why us, you ask? We are comrades, team players, equals. The only reason there are us royals are to make sure this alliance does not fall into complete anarchy, so we are there to keep the peace!

Want to join? Joining is open, no approval needed right now, so join!FOR NEWCOMERS: All you need to do is go to my in-game profile, knights111, and look on my nation info until you see where it says Brotherhood of Kings, then click the first icon from the left below it. Then look on that screen for a button that says something to the effect of "Join Alliance". To become an official member, you'll also have  to sign-up on our off-site forums, at bofk.forumotion.com . Then you can begin!


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