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A Quick Announcement from Nirvana and MI6


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Hello all,


Unfortunately this other worldly phenomenon sometimes known here in this world by the acronym "RL" has made it very very difficult for Nirvana to even have a fair chance of growth and happiness. Maybe, some day down the road Nirvana may get another chance at life but at this time it is best for us that we let it go and move on.


As of now, the alliance formerly known as "Nirvana" is merging into the alliance of MI6. "Nirvana" will be under my protection until at which time I decide not to anymore. 


As part of the contractual agreement made by myself on behalf of Nirvana and Chimaera on behalf of MI6, I am glad to announce that upon joining MI6 I have been granted the title of 0069. I look forward to working with MI6 again, as well as serving my fellow spies to the best of my ability in my new role.


We would also like to thank Kashmir for its protection during our transition period. Love you guys.  



Thank you for your time,


Cynic, 0069 of MI6




e: Spelling

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