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Now is the time for action!

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Awww, that's no fun NCC.


Good luck man!


You can help by fixing my mask on your boards, looks like your admins aren't what they used to be!


(Thanks tho bro)



So you're saying you need actual women? Do you provide chocolate, stuffed animals, and free cuddles? 


Well I don't have any cash to lure people in with so we might have to resort to the above


hehe so ~rAnDoM~


Pretty much yeah 

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Latest from the Grand High Mayor's Office of Lavender Town


Greetings my fellow fellows, the great mayor of Lavender Town here to state the greatest of occurrences has occurred. We are to be the proud hosts of the greatest sporting events of all time, and will be promoting a new group to make sure that it goes swimmingly. We have heard great things about something called the Women's Action Group and thus have decided to take them under my mighty wings across the sky.

We have decided to do hide and seek while I play along while rushing cross the forest, while doing money business on a sunny afternoon. The fuel was fired all over the air, and could feel it coming in the air tonight, I mean, I've been waiting for this moment, all my life... can't you feel it coming in the air tonight?

The hurt doesn't show; but the pain still grows, it's no stranger to you or me.

Lavender Town endorses this alliance, and shall protect them in the interim!


Lavender Town, where may i go to attempt to get you into the Storm Bloc?

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So are you recruiting women only here?  Because if so I feel as a public service that you should know the odds are not exactly in your favor on these boards.

Actually... An all female alliance in this game could get treaties with most likely every alliance out there... Maybe it will take women to unite CN as a whole.

I'm assuming that the female alliances reduce income by 15% compared to male alliances?

Nations headed by women start out with the glass labor camps.

P.S. neither of us are women and currently have no plans to become women

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The only admin I will ever love is you.  The rest are just pathetic imitators.  In my retirement, I've forgotten what the ACP is...old age does have it's benefits you see.

Want me to teach you, Steve Buscemi? I've got all the time in the world! It's nice to see you again!

Lavender Town, where may i go to attempt to get you into the Storm Bloc?

Best place for that would be at Lavender Town's forums.

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I would like to apply for dual membership.


This is my application.


Thanks for the obligatory "hoop jumping", but formalities are not important here. Just be sure to have mango in the fruit basket. I hope that reference wasn't lost.



mindless hails ♂

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