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Operation: Sunny Seas

Kevin Kingswell

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The citizens of Libreville would find their usually normal daily lives being interrupted when the area around the military docks and shipyards was suddenly cornered off to all civilian traffic. Only a few short hours later a small convoy of military trucks drove into the city and drove all the way through to the docks without stopping. Here only those out on the boats in the bay would be able to see the soldiers and sailors waiting at the docks unloading a number of boxes of cargo and having them stacked at the dock side. 


This process would still be under way when one of the New Gabon fast attack craft sailed into harbour and moored itself right alongside where the unloading process was being carried out. The sailors there would then begin to load the cargo on to the military ship and once the cargo was fully unloaded off the trucks they would be driven away. Finally some different vehicles would come bearing missiles and other ammunition which would be loaded into the ship whilst at the same time a military helicopter painted in navy colours would fly over to and land on the fast attack craft before being strapped down.


Once the loading was complete the fast attack craft would drop its moorings and head out into the bay and into the open seas to carry out its mission. On land back at the docks the barriers would be removed from around the dock side areas and civilians would be free to travel around next to the military areas again.

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The fast attack craft had been sailing out in the Atlantic for a few days now, going back and forth across the Atlantic ocean switching between the north and south over time. To all appearances it would appear that the ship was undergoing sea trials. Now the vessel was located in the north and was continuing to head north in the direction of Ireland and Britain however, when it reached their proximity the ship kept going and continued to head on towards Iceland. Eventually it would reach the proximity of the Icelandic waters and here it would make sure that it arrived in the middle of the night.


The fast attack craft would come to a halt just before the crossing point into Icelandic waters and would shut down all its electronic devices that would be emitting any signals that could be picked up by radar. On the rear of the ship a squad of New Gabon special forces commandos loaded the helicopter on the landing pad with enough supplies and survival equipment for an extended operation before climbing in themselves. Once everyone and everything was loaded the helicopter would take off and keeping all lights off the pilots navigated by night vision goggles and used NOE to fly just above the waves and head for a flat area just off the beaches on the western side of the island. 


The helicopter landing zone had been chosen in a desolate area where there was no urban centers of any kind or size and where they could approach below radar detection level. The helicopter would come in low and fast before going into a hover just off the surf and allowing the special forces team to disembark with their equipment and supplies. The helicopter would then turn around and fly back out to sea using NOE to stay off radar detection whilst on land the team quickly gathered their equipment and trekked through the barren landscape to the Snaefellsjoekull National Park.


Here the team would stay well away from the tourist and walking trails preferring to stay in the wilderness to avoid detection before settling down and establishing their camp. With the vegetation around them providing plenty of natural cover they only added what they needed to for even greater concealment. Then they set out their over watch positions so that they would spot anyone approaching them long before they got close.


The helicopter returned to the Fast Attack Craft after flying the whole way under radar detection level and landed on the landing deck before being secured. The captain then had the ship turned about and started sailing south for home, he made sure to open up a sizable gap between his ship and Iceland before turning all active emission sources back on.  

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