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To Selenarctos *Important*

Kevin Kingswell

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The following message would be electronically sent to the nation of Selenarctos with the highest security possible and marked as urgent and important. Included would be a contact point for any return messages.

To: The Government of Selenarctos


From: The Government of New Gabon




For some time now we in New Gabon have been looking for somewhere oversea to establish a military base and government retreat in case of catastrophic invasion or public unrest. We have noticed that the island of New Caledonia lies under your protection but has not been taken into your actual claimed territory therefore we would like to propose an agreement with yourselves to transfer this island territory to the nation of New Gabon.


We are willing to negotiate a price for this agreement and we give you our assurances that the native population there will be well treated and respected. We await your reply. 



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Encrypted Reply:

The national government of Selenarctos thanks you for inquiry. Please begin by understanding that Selenarctos is not in the habit of parceling out territory from our Protectorate Zones. In the past we have entertained the notion for a protectorate zone to separate and join another sovereign nation rather than form its own government and in such situations a public referendum was held for the inhabitants to decide for themselves. However, we do not believe that an entire island becoming the auxiliary fall-back base of an African nation's military and government is in the best interest of New Caledonia's current population. As such, Selenarctos must decline your request.
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