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The Canadian Bacon Accords

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What is Canadian Bacon?

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In the interests of friendship, peace, and shared economic development, the Knights of the Round Table and the United Republic of Nations do hereby enter into this Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty.

Article I: Sovereignty

Each alliance shall remain sovereign and independent. Either signatory undertaking action, aggressive or defensive, against other entities not included in this agreement does so without the support of the other signatory.

Article II: Peace

Neither signatory shall conduct, support, or condone acts of war, espionage, or harm against the other.

Article III: Intelligence

The signatories will share intelligence that constitutes a threat or possible threat to the other.

Article IV: Aid

Either signatory may request foreign aid from the other. Either signatory may actively seek and improve economic development through technology and resource trade. Either signatory may solicit senate votes from the other.

Article V: Termination

Either signatory may terminate this agreement with 48 hours written notice.

Signed for the Knights of the Round Table:
Knights of the Grail, Knight-King
Amstel78, Knight-Administrator and Bear-Trainer
Eviljak, Knight-Ambassador

Signed for the United Republic of Nations:
Manussa, Chairman of Foreign Affairs
Lord Vescus, Chairman of Internal Affairs and Trade
Areceus, Chairman of War and Defence

April 21, 2014 Edited by Knights of the Grail
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KoRT has found some awesome allies with this treaty. Congrats to both alliances!






Edit* Canadian Bacon is a (normally) a salt cured ham slice fried over a flat top skillet. 

Edited by Xanth
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Best of luck to both alliances, and hope your micro alliances succeed and grow


Off subject but... Is KoRT really still considered a Micro? It's 55 members strong, and is in the top 60 AA's in the game. I'd personally call that middle ground. :/

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