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Republic of Romania Rises


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"Today, the Republic of Romania with the blessing of the Athenian Federation rises onto the world stage. We are ready to take our place amongst the nations in Europe and create a new future. We shall soon be strong again and the Romanian People will work towards a prosperous new age!"




President Joanna Trieusna would walk to her new office after the short announcement, ready for her new task as the first President of the new Romanian Republic. She expected that the first greetings from other nations would come soon, plus she would also begin to form the Romanian Armed Forces and other Government Departments. It would be the start of her greatest challenge.

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To: President Joanna Trieusna
From: HM Kralj Dragojev Belojevic

To our neighbor,

It pleases me tremendously that the Romi have banded together in such a trying time and have risen in unity as a country, hopefully ushering in a new era under the laws of the new nation. While the Serbs and Romi are no cultural brothers, we are brothers and neighbors in the same region within Europe, thus the people of Serbia, the Serbs welcome our new neighbors to the world stage that is Earth and may we see interesting and cooperative times between our two nations.

HM Kralj Dragojev Belojevic

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The Euphaian government, and the Freedom Fighters (or People's Army, as they like to be called), both welcome the Republic of Romania, it's government, and President Joanna Trieusna.


The Euphaian government and the Freedom Fighters both extend their hand in friendship and diplomacy to the Republic of Romania (and the Freedom Fighters also extend it in comraderie and solidarity as well).


Both the Euphaian government as well as the Freedom Fighters request an embassy in Romania and the start of formal diplomatic relations.  


The Euphaian government also offers the Republic of Romania an embassy in Euphaia's capital city of Jarriston.

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