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Destruction At It's Finest

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Our April elections have concluded and we now have a most despicable group of trained killers to invade your precious sweet dreams.

We also had a change in leadership. Bassman has decided to join the geriatric community and let some young hot blondes change his adult diapers for him. I heard tell he gets daily sponge baths and the food is supposedly halfway palatable.

Raymond Jaeger has stepped up to the role of Elder and is currently taking names to deliver future ass-whoopings to.

For those of you that may have missed our notice of protection awhile back, ABLS is off limits. You raid them, you die. If you decide death isn't very becoming, then you'll accept the very reasonable amount of reps you'll be paying.

Our gov is:


Raymond Jaeger

The Blessed,

Mr. Gross

The Annunaki Bloodline Society is off limits, hands off.

Oh yeah, for those of you not in the know, we're the Disciples of Destruction.

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Good luck to the new government, was a pleasure being apart of DoD from the start and through our first war together. All things come to an end and it is my time to step aside and let the youngsters take over, except that old Hormones guy :lol1: 

Obligatory appearance done, back to retirement.

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Bassman and The Disciples have been more than generous to us from the begining. Even though I hate the smell of old folks homes, I will visit once a week to make sure that his shave and haircuts are done.


Congrats to Raymond Jaeger who I have practically shadowed since the start, Much deserving!


o/ DoD

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Bassman's son has to take him to a nursing home.  He goes to visit him on the first Saturday he's there and the son asks him how he's doing.

"Fantasic!"says Bassman, "I had a hard on my second day here and a hot nurse came in and said, 'let me take care of that for you.'" :D

Bassman's son comes back the next week and finds his dad waiting for him at the front entrance with his bags packed.

"What's up dad?"

"I fell yesterday and a big 6'6" 300lbs male nurse buggered me up the ass!" :blink:

"Well dad you need to take the good with the bad."

"Screw that!  I get a hard on maybe once a month, I fall down three times a day!"


Here's to the hot nurses, but for your own safety use a wheelchair if you need to Bassman! :smug:

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