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This is a strange turn of events. Congrats to our treaty partners in RIA, and I hope this only spells good things to come in the future for the NSO-NpO relashuns. 


Also, hi Spartacus. 


That will be up to NpO and your best buddy TOP.  We can't force you to move on.


Congrats NSO.  I've always like how RIA handled treaty conflicts and it's loyalty to allies has never been in question.

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I'm not sure how you intended that to be read.

Maybe if you stopped making "umad bro" posts and actually read what I said, then you wouldn't comment with that typical Polar groupthink.


To address Lestat, NG and NSO/NPO as well, had moved on months prior the the outbreak of last war.  It didn't stop you then and I doubt your attempts to tell everyone you are over us now, matter all that much.  I'll believe it when you guys don't target us in a war for a change.  For Starfox:  That doesn't mean I'm bitter, just pointing out the obvious, mate.

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It seems like just yesterday NSO Government asked me to diplomat to RIA and R&R to keep them out of the "Upcoming Conflict". It proved successful with R&R and now it seems RIA has too been a successful mission.


To the future of friendship! o/

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