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Sudan Factbook


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Capital: Khartoum


Official Languages: Arabic, English


Table of Contents:


1. Government & Treaties


2. Sudanese Army


3. Sudanese Airforce


4. Sudanese Navy


ooc- this nation can be recognized or not, I do not care. I will not recognize attacks that have not been agreed upon by me in advance. Wars and rp should be collaborative. If you want to play with me, the following are the rules.

1) RP is discussed in advance.
2) Using ooc logs and conversations to justify ic actions, not allowed.
3) The rp desired is long term rp, don't bother me with your whining about needing a cheap thrill. If you want a war, we can do something, but only after the rp is put into place to justify a build up to war. While I don't require pre-planning for war, I will require that any war declared against me have an OOC discussion (private or public, I don't care) involving rule 4, to ensure that the war goes smoothly.
4) War posts will be very clearly written using technology we've both agreed upon, likewise so will character combat posts. All fights must start with the exact equipment, units, and locations of the units being stated by both sides.
5) RPing a character in Sudan is permitted so long as you aren't burning down entire cities or controlling my citizens.


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Government & Treaties


Chancellor: Okot Samara


There are two branches of government: The Secretariat, in charge of administrative duties, maintaining records, and overseeing or performing secretarial duties. The Chancellery, in charge of legislative duties, headed by the Chancellor, who also serves as the Command-in-chief of the armed forces. The court system reports to the Chancellery, with the Supreme Court members being appointed by the Chancellor.


The region of Darfur shall be granted semi-autonomous status with its own sub-Secretariat and court system.


The Secretariat is divided into sections, which are in turn given legislation to follow via the various ministries of the Chancellery.

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Culture

Ministry of Economic Development

Ministry of Intelligence & State Security

Ministry of Civil Security


Police report to the regional Secretariat offices, under the power of the Ministry of Civil Security. Upon arrest, criminals are handed over to the Chancellery-run court system.



Nation - Treaty - Ambassador


Union of Guinea - ODP & Free Trade Agreement - Rasha Darzi


"Round Table" NAP

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Sudanese Army



Total: 86,752

1st Infantry Division - Khartoum State


2nd Infantry Division - Ad-Damazin Base, Blue Nile State


3rd Infantry Division - Al Qadarif Base, Al Qadarif State


4th Infantry Division - Kassala Base, Blue Nile State


5th Infantry Division - Port Sudan Base


6th Infantry Division - Prepared for Deployment via Aircraft


Additional Forces - General Security Duties



Infantry Division - 12,000

1st Brigade - 3000

2nd Brigade - 3000

3rd Brigade - 3000

4th Brigade - 3000


Company - 100

Platoon - 50


Infantry Section - 10

Fireteams A & B

Squad Leader


x2 Riflemen



Each brigade is armed with a Artillery Company, which has six 4-gun "Half-Batteries" (4 gun, 2 rocket.) The Artillery Company is also in charge of distribution of anti-aircraft weaponry to the infantry. The Anti-Materiel soldier is armed with several SMAW rockets and a launcher in addition to their standard rifle & Underslung Grenade Launcher. Each soldier is normally equipped with: an entrenching tool, a hand grenade, an incendiary thermite grenade, body armor & helmet, MOLLE webbing, a small first aid kit, 1 liter canteen, rain parka, gas mask, communication device, combination combat knife & bayonet, and of course, their personal weapon and sidearm. Equipment may vary or be added accordingly for environment.


Standard Equipment & Weaponry

Standard Caliber: 7.62mm NATO


H&K G3 Battle Rifle


Browning Hi-Power Sidearm


Rheinmetall MG3


M67 Hand Fragmentation Grenades


MK79 Underslung Grenade Launcher




Starburst MANPADS


Protection: PASGT


L16 81mm Mortar


FH-70 Howitzer




Breda Folgore


Standard Transportation for Infantry Divisions

Pinzgauer (W/ Desert Modifications)




M939 Truck


M970 Semi-Trailer Refueler


Heavy Equipment Transport System


The Sudanese Army Maintains a force of 242 Helicopters.

100 Mil Mi-24

100 Mil Mi-17

60 Mil Mi-2

20 Mil Mi-26

30 Kamov Ka-27


Hardened Military Bases/Sites:

(B) Army Base, (C) Control Site, (S) Satellite/Intelligence

Khartoum (C), Dongola (C), Ad-Damir (C), Ad-Damazin (B), Port Sudan (B), Al-Fashir (C)(B)

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Sudanese Air Force


Fighting Aircraft Squadrons

The Sudanese Air Force maintains squadrons of 6 aircraft.


30 Squadrons of Dassault Rafale

10 - Kassala Region

5 - Northern Region

5 - Kurdufan Region

5 - Blue Nile Region

5 - Darfur Region


7 Squadrons of A-10 Thunderbolt II

2 - Blue Nile Region

2 - Kassala Region

3 - Khartoum Region


3 Squadrons of OV-10 Broncos

1 - Khartoum Region

1 - Kassala Region

1 - Blue Nile Region


3 Squadrons of BA Harrier II

1 - Khartoum Region

1 - Kassala Region

1 - Darfur Region


Non-Combat Aircraft

E-3 Sentry, BN-Defender, and Antonov An-72


SAM Systems

The Patriot Missile System has been installed in two ways. The first are fixed SAM sites at state capital airports, which supplement the airbase radar with their own secondary radar vehicles. The second is handful of warehouses connected to the freight rail network, which house vehicle-mounted, highly-mobile versions of the Patriot system. These are for deployment in times of war should the air force and airbase sites be destroyed, or simply if it is deemed necessary. Air base and SAM site radars typically operate in passive and low-power single-frequency modes during peacetime, but will switch to both rapid frequency hopping and the use of anti-radiation missiles on ECM emitters during war.



Sometimes not everything owned can be in active service. This is a list of what the Sudanese Air Force has stored in various warehouses and hangers. They are considered replacements for combat losses of active aircraft.


30 Squadrons of Dassault Mirage 2000C

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