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Declaration of Sovereignty - Sudan


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Let it be recorded by the Secretariat of the State of Sudan that on this day, the year 20XX, that the region of the Athenian Protectorate known as the Sudan and Darfur, with the exception of the lands of South Sudan, hereby declares itself an independent, secular state, with the position of Chancellor being filled by Okot Samara.


The Chancellor released this statement to the international community shortly after coming to power: "Africa has seen the rise and fall of many states, and seen many wars. Athens brought us stability, but stability from a foreign position. I do not discount the effects of this stability, the city I stand in now has remained economically prosperous and safe because of their rule. But without sovereign, domestic rule, Sudan is doomed to fall to the wayside of history. A strong, centralized leadership is what Sudan and Darfur need, and I am here to provide it. Sudan shall stand as a beacon of non-expansionist, militarist stability. Should any nation have any concern, I invite them to send representatives to the city of Khartoum and speak with me."




There are two branches of government: The Secretariat, in charge of administrative duties, maintaining records, and overseeing or performing secretarial duties. The Chancellery, in charge of legislative duties, headed by the Chancellor, who also serves as the Command-in-chief of the armed forces. The court system reports to the Chancellery, with the Supreme Court members being appointed by the Chancellor.


The region of Darfur shall be granted semi-autonomous status with its own sub-Secretariat and court system.


The official languages of the nation shall be Standardized Arabic and English. Regional dialects will also be supported within the schools of the region, but all official business must be done in the aforementioned official languages.

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"The Stormlands offers congratulations to Sudan, the newest member of the African and global community, and wishes it well as it organizes its affairs in the coming months. Of course these offerings of congratulations also extend diplomatic recognition to the aforementioned nation as well.


We welcome Sudan, like any nation, to dispatch an envoy to settle a diplomatic mission within the confines of our great capital, Stormsend."


[I]Statement from the Stormlands' Administration of the Executor of the Exterior[/I]

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*An ambassador from the capitalist government of Euphaia greets you.*


Ambassador: Euphaia is pleased to see that it's friends in Sudan has finally reached independance and sovereignty, and will gladly offer what diplomatic, economic and humanitarian help it is able to, to this great fledgling, and--hopefully in the future, allied--nation.  We'll do whatever we can to assist you in becoming a prosperous--and, hopefully, capitalist--nation.




*Later in the day, you are approached by a man who only identifies himself as "a friend and comrade of the people of Sudan".


Man:  The people of Euphaia are glad to hear of your success in becoming independant.  We, too, soon hope for our own change in government, and to spread freedom and wealth amongst all the people in Euphaia, instead of all the weatth being hoarded by the wealthy and the elite.  We in Euphaia hope our brothers and comrades in Sudan share the same goals and aspirations as we do.


(Both representatives extend a formal offer to initiate diplomacy.)

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