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CNRP-Somolia Edition

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This is my proposal for a new rp that will be popular for a week then die. First the rules.


Rule #1 of CNRP-Somalia Edition: Don't talk about CNRP-Somalia Edition

Rule #2 of CNRP-Somalia Edition: There are no rules


I realize rule #2 contradicts rule #1. Get over it. There shall be no rules, anarchy shall reign supreme. Want your people to be tacos that poop ice-cream? So be it. Want your African nation to be full of Asians? Go for it. Want to worship a flying spaghetti monster? Well that might be going too far, because God will curse you with boils and anal warts, but if you're ok with that then so am I.



There is no map





Just post your super serious nation here. Here we go...




Capital: Noir City

Ruler: Count Blackula


Exports: Purple Drank and Menthol cigarettes

Imports: White women


...blah blah blah.

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Capital: 'Murica

Ruler: Richard 'Dubya' Reagan

Population:  'Muricans

Exports: Reality TV shows, stupidity, and obesity

Imports: Everything else.

Tech Level: Star Wars/Trek

Special Abilities:  'Murican Exceptionalism -always right, always win.  No matter what.  We do what we want!

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Capital: Cocagota

Population: Drug Lords and Sexy Latin Pop Singers

Exports: COCAINE!

Imports: 'Murican Exceptionalism and Junk

Special Abilities: Ruining 'Murican Secret Service Agent Careers with Prostitutes

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