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Selling 7 tech

Petey Panther

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That's not a suitable transaction.  Join a real alliance so they can help you.  They would teach you the game plus buy all your tech.


Check them: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/forum/24-player-created-alliances/


Good luck!

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Here's a little segment from a quick and dirty guide I wrote up - you should also think about joining an alliance to properly learn the game. :)

Tech Deals are the main way for nations of your size to increase in size. I highly suggest sticking to the $6m-100 path for the benefit of the alliance in which your buyer sends 6 million, then you accept and wait 10 days for the aid to expire, then buy 100 tech, send said tech to your buyers, wait 10 days for that aid to expire, then send another 100 tech, then once that aid expires after 10 days your buyer sends 6 million again and you start the cycle over again.
I also recommend waiting until the day before the aid expires to accept the money so you aren't a big juicy target for rogues.

As a small nation, you should not buy technology above 100. When buying tech to sell, do it in this order to save money.
First, buy 4.5
then 10 more for 14.5
then 10 more for 24.5
then 5 more for 29.5
then 10 more for 39.5
then 10 more for 49.5
then 10 more for 59.5
then 10 more for 69.5
then 5 more for 74.5
then 10 more for 84.5
then 10 more for 94.5
then 5.5 more for 100

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