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United Republic of Ireland Foreign Ministry


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United Republic of Ireland

Ministry of Foreign Affairs




Minister of Foreign Affairs- Madam Kendal Mayers

  Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs- Mr. Russell Charton

     Secretary for European Affairs- Madam Alyssa Rowe

     Secretary for African Affairs- Madam Kira Osen

     Secretary for Asian Affairs- Madam Sumiko Shinawatra

     Secretary for Middle Eastern Affairs- Mr. Jaheim Hattan

     Secretary for North American Affairs- Mr. Jonathan Southam

     Secretary for South American Affairs- Mr. Mathew Stradling


[OOC- Please post anything relating to diplomatic relations with Ireland here.]



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Grand Chancellor Leonardo Kennedy has appointed the following:


Mr. Shane Jacques: Ambassador to American Commonwealth

He previously served as Secretary for European Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Hon. Harold Bushnell: Ambassador to Faraway Realm of Quebec

He previously was a Chamber Deputy and Speaker of the Chamber in the National Parliament.


Madam Kendal Hewitt: Ambassador to Republic of Kanadario

She served as the Minister for Cultural Heritage before her ministry was combined into the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


Amb. Rosemary Franklyn: Ambassador to Stormlands

She served as Secretary for Asian Affairs before being appointed as ambassador to Japan. After the fall of Japan she served as the Consular-General to Tokyo.

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The Ambassador from the Norse Kingdom would come by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to talk with the Foreign Minister.


ForeignMinisterMayers "Hello sir, welcome to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. How may help you?"
Odin_Yoriksonn Good afternoon Minister Mayers, please forgive the short notice of my visit, but it is of paramount importance that we discuss recent events in both Copenhagen and the North Sea
ForeignMinisterMayers I agree Ambassador Odin. As you may already know my government has taken some precautions as we do not yet know the type of response Copenhagen might have. I assure you that these are defensive in nature.
Odin_Yoriksonn The bombing in Copenhagen is still under investigation, however, Irelands response to the bombing is alarming. What reason does Ireland have to enact such defensive measures? Measures such as placing UCAVS into the North Sea, and our intelligence office indicates that the Irish North Sea naval forces have had a significant increase in activity.
ForeignMinisterMayers As per our own reports have indicated, the Norse Kingdom has reason to believe that it was Polish patriots who were responsible. Considering our two countries' diplomatic histories, our political backing of Poland, and the recent North Sea exercises it was determined by our Ministry of Defense to take certain measures to assure our national security.
Odin_Yoriksonn Your Ministry of Defense will also have on record that we conduct exercises in the North Sea and Atlantic on a regular basis with large formations and small formations of warships. Those exercises you mention had been underway for weeks before the bombing more to the point Minister.
Odin_Yoriksonn Irelands knee jerk response to the Copenhagen bombing and the subsequent press release is alarming to say the least Minister, almost as though Ireland is expecting to be made responsible for the bombing.
Odin_Yoriksonn Which would indicate a lack of trust towards the Kingdom.
ForeignMinisterMayers With the news of the bombing reaching Dublin and with naval exercises being conducted in the North Sea without previous notification to my government set off alarms. I would say that there is a lack of trust between our two governments and that in order for this to change both of us must be open to such trust.
Odin_Yoriksonn That does not answer my question Minister, those exercises happen almost like clockwork on a regular basis, and were underway weeks before the bombing. It does not explain why the Irish response to the exercises come immediately after the bombing in Copenhagen.
ForeignMinisterMayers Our naval assets were already in the region. The maritime mulitmission aircraft were scheduled to conduct regular patrols upon their delivery. In reference to UCAVS they are now to regularly deploy with our naval assets as part of a new Navy directive by the Admiral. They only "true" response was the heightened alert status of the North Sea Fleet.
Odin_Yoriksonn What is the actual reason for this raised alert status Minister? A bombing in Copenhagen has nothing to do with the security of your own fleet.
ForeignMinisterMayers The heightened alert status was in response to growing worries over our national security.
Odin_Yoriksonn What threats to your national security are present following the bombing of Copenhagen Minister?
ForeignMinisterMayers To be quite frank ambassador Ireland is worried that the Norse Kingdom may associate the Polish patriots with Ireland's political backing of their government during the war. Your state news agency's articles on the fall of the Polish government were not necessarily the most moderate of tone.
Odin_Yoriksonn The illegal invasion of Prussia by Poland was not moderate in its tone and the murder of Norse soldiers sleeping in their beds was not moderate in its tone either. Poland collapsed under the weight of its own hubris and military industrial complex, that cannot be denied Minister Mayers.
Odin_Yoriksonn The Kingdom has give no such indication that Ireland is involved in the bombing of Copenhagen in any way, shape or form. Only Irelands response to the bombing indicates such a thing, as does your excuse that you seem to believe that we would automatically assume Irelands involvement with Polish terrorists after its association with Poland before its collapse.
Odin_Yoriksonn That is borderline paranoia
ForeignMinisterMayers Ambassador Yoriksonn I am not here to meet with you to debate history, but to possibly to come to a resolution to this mistrust and misunderstanding between our two countries.
Odin_Yoriksonn There was no mistrust from the Norse Kingdom, or misunderstanding Minister, it is quite clear to see that you are concerned that we will pin the bombing on Ireland. Is that about right?
ForeignMinisterMayers Not necessarily Ambassador. But if there is clarity in our relations why wasn't Ireland notified of naval exercises in the North Sea?
Odin_Yoriksonn Because the Norse Kingdom's only method of gaining access to the Atlantic is via the North Sea, if we notified Ireland each and every time our ships left port into the North Sea, you would block our contact number out of irritation.
ForeignMinisterMayers So now you do say a state of mistrust exists between our two countries correct?
Odin_Yoriksonn All joking aside, the notification was most likely lost in post so to speak. It does not go directly to my counterpart in Copenhagen, it goes through several departments first.
ForeignMinisterMayers Ambassador are you here to formulate a mutual resolution?
Odin_Yoriksonn No other European state has responded to the attack in Copenhagen.
ForeignMinisterMayers Well consider our response as an act of concern for your people. I never said the increased naval activity was directed at your government. Just in response to recent events in Copenhagen.
Odin_Yoriksonn Yes, but a response for what reason? Increasing naval activity, is not an act of concern for my people, although your words do bring warmth to my heart inn that regard and I thank you.
ForeignMinisterMayers We are prepared to contribute whatever resources are necessary for bringing those responsible to justice. What I am about to tell you must remain in the utmost confidence and can only be transmitted back to your government through highly-encrypted lines, understood?
Odin_Yoriksonn I understand

ForeignMinisterMayers Have you heard of the Northwest Syndicate?
Odin_Yoriksonn I am not Minister.
ForeignMinisterMayers They are responsible for the terrorist attack that happened during the first year of our government that murdered all National Supreme Court Justices along with 100 innocent civilians. Their leader, Michael Callaghan, has led the group for the past several years. He has been able to build up his organization with an estimated 1000 members, all of whom are very violent criminals.
Odin_Yoriksonn You believe he may be linked to the Copenhagen attacks?
ForeignMinisterMayers It is believed that the rouge Belfast mayor was also a member, the one who attempted to use a government jet to attack your country. We have intelligence reports indicating they are supplying materials and funds to Polish patriotic fighters and other groups around the world to cause havoc against their or another government.
Odin_Yoriksonn I would appreciate it if these intelligence files could be sent to the Norse Intelligence Services.
ForeignMinisterMayers Their organization is no longer headquartered in our country but probably in a 3rd world one instead. We have reason to believe they may have contributed in some way to the attacks in Copenhagen.
ForeignMinisterMayers I will see what I can do.
ForeignMinisterMayers We also believe that the King is not the only target either.
Odin_Yoriksonn Then consider the matter at hand resolved. I shall see that all notifications of military exercises are sent to my office directly from the Ministry of Defense so I can forward them directly to the relevant Irish department.
Odin_Yoriksonn Oh? do continue
ForeignMinisterMayers Back channel chatter has indicated that an Irish Ambassador in Europe has a bounty on his/her head. We are not quite sure who but we assume its our representative to your country.This increased naval activity is so that we may be able to quickly evacuate any Irish citizen or official overseas ASAP if/when we receive further intel.
Odin_Yoriksonn I can see to it that your Ambassador has a full military escort out of the Kingdom should the need arise.
ForeignMinisterMayers Thank you.
Odin_Yoriksonn I also have the power to assign an SAS security detail to guard him from a distance, without his knowledge of course. The less people who know, the less chance of compromising their security is.
ForeignMinisterMayers If you so deem it is necessary to uphold the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. I will be sending additions Protective Services Division agents to protect the Hon. Blake Markson.
Odin_Yoriksonn I shall inform my superiors in Copenhagen about this development, with the intelligence files you will be sending, his security will be of the highest priority.
ForeignMinisterMayers Thank you Ambassador. Is there anything else you'd like to discuss before you go?
Odin_Yoriksonn No, that should fine. I shall speak you again when more information is available.
ForeignMinisterMayers Very well. I'll walk you out Ambassador.


The requested intelligence report would be sent via secure channels to the Norse Ambassador and to the Foreign Ministry in Copenhagen.

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FROM: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, United Republic of Ireland


To whomever it may concern,


His Excellency Grand Chancellor Leonardo Kennedy has appointed Cmdr. Dakota Hailey as the Irish Ambassador to your country. He previously served in the Navy and the Irish Embassy to Japan. I invite your government to send a permanent representative to Dublin at your earliest convenience.


- Foreign Minister Kendal Mayers

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Grand Chancellor Leonardo Kennedy has appointed the following:


Mr. Dakota Hailey: Ambassador to Free State of Caledonia

He served in the Irish Navy as a Commander. He was previously deployed to the Irish Embassy in Tokyo.


Madam Hailee Powell: Ambassador to Sweden

She served as the Consular-General to Amsterdam.


Mr. Eduardo Herder: Ambassador to Gabon

He served as the Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation.


Hon. Charlie Aubrey: Ambassador to Legion

He was a Senator and served as the Senate President.


Madam Madeline Weedon: Ambassador to Madagascar

She served as the Minister of Education.


Madam Bridget Willman: Ambassador to Selenarctos

She served as a Chamber Deputy, Deputy Minister of the Interior, and later as Speaker of the Chamber in the National Parliament.

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To all governments of the world,


I personally invite you to send a permanent representative to Dublin if you have not already done so at your earliest convenience.


- Foreign Minister Kendal Mayers

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Grand Chancellor Leonardo Kennedy has appointed the following:


Mr. Jaylen Farrer: Ambassador to Meihua

He previously served as the Counselor-General to Hong Kong.


Madam Madilyn Ellson: Ambassador to Austria

She previously served as the Minister-Counselor for Political Affairs at the Irish Embassy to the Athenian Federation.


Mr. Ronan Belvin: Ambassador to Prussia

He previously served as Deputy Chief of Mission at the Irish Embassy to the Athenian Federation.


Madam Stephany Modrell: Ambassador to Tikal

She held the position of First Secretary at the Irish Embassy to Poland.


Madam Nicolette Lyne: Ambassador to Tierra del Fuego

She served as the Assistant Deputy Secretary for International Trade.

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