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Declaration of Existence


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Whats up?


Oh yea?


That's cool bro. 


Well don't mind me, I'm just here to declare the existence of a new alliance.


Our name? Nirvana. Our purpose? To have fun.


Here's some details about us...



We do not have forums that are currently open to visitors.


They will be open to diplomats at a later date. I will let you all know when that day comes. Until then, you can find us in #cnnirvana. 


We do not have a normal government structure.. Here's what we have...


The Guru - Supreme Commander who has final say over all alliance matters including foreign affairs and war.

Advisors - Advisors are appointed by the Guru. There is no limit to the amount of advisors the Guru may have. Any member may be appointed as an advisor.

Mentors - Mentors will be appointed by the Guru to help with day to day operations of the alliance. There is no limit to the amount of mentors. Any member may be appointed as a mentor.



We do not have a "charter", but yet a "code of conduct"


Our members must agree to abide by this CoC upon joining. They're pretty simple.


Nirvana Code of Conduct


  1. Any and all rules and laws made by the Guru currently in effect or made at any future date MUST BE FOLLOWED.
  2. While not strictly enforced, it is recommended that you are on the Yellow team
  3. No raiding alliances with protection and/or with more than 10 nations. Do your research first. 
  4. Aid slots should be maximized at all times, either tech dealing or for alliance purposes. 
  5. Respect yourself, your alliances mates, and our friends and allies



We look forward to seeing you all in #CNNirvana. Also, we are temporarily protected by Kashmir. Check the following posts. :wub: SirWilliam :wub:



~Cynic, The Guru of Nirvana


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Well, congrats and welcome to Bob!  


You'll get your detractors, but I think if the guru is squared away, your government structure will work just fine.


Lotta movement on yellow recently.


Walsh you want to make this page too? I'm feeling extraordinarily lazy at the moment.

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[color=#ff0000]G[/color][color=#ef2f0f]o[/color][color=#df5d1f]o[/color][color=#cf872f]d[/color] [color=#afcd4f]l[/color][color=#9fe65f]u[/color][color=#8ff66f]c[/color][color=#7ffe7f]k[/color] [color=#5ff39f]C[/color][color=#4fe0af]y[/color][color=#3fc6bf]n[/color][color=#2fa5cf]i[/color][color=#1f7ddf]c[/color][color=#0f52ef].[/color]

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Good Luck,Cynic..



I see nothing wrong with this gov structure.


Good luck, Nirvana


Good luck, and hello, Cynic!



Congrats, Good luck, and Come as you are!



Good luck guys.  Welcome to the world of micros.


.  Good Luck  Cynic its nice to see you back at it




Good luck Cynic.


Thanks guys. Its going to be a fun ride. :)

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You don't know the lyrics to teen spirit, I will ruin this alliance. you're going down bro, WATCH YOUR BACK


How many times do we have to do through this brah.... This alliance is not based around some other worldly music. The word Nirvana means "a state of perfect happiness; an ideal or idyllic place". Nirvana is THE PLACE TO BE.

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