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The Great Leap Forward Falls Short of Its Goals


The Union of Communist Republics and Terran Empire have walked the long march together for several years, We have had peaks of great cooperation during our time together... but there have been many changes between us that have made it clear that we found ourselves on differing paths forward.


Acknowledging that our FA paths are heading in non-parallel directions, we have mutually agreed to activate Article VIII of the Communists on Terra Accords.  We spoke in private, the 72 hours have passed, and now the pact is dissolved. 


I would like to personally thank UCR for the years we had together.  There was a time when UCR was our closest ally, and I thank them for their participation as a founding member of Arizona.


I would like to thank the membership of UCR, especially KI and RA2 for friendship over the years, and for this respectful parting of ways.


There are some outsiders who could easily point fingers at what they think are the reasons for this break, but the whole picture behind their observations was never made public, and thus such theories are incorrect.


Numerous changes in leadership led to breaks in communication. FA actions created conflicts in interests, which interfered with cooperation.  We slowly become incompatible. 


There is nothing to blame here.  We each followed FA we felt was in the best interests of our own alliance...but sadly, these decisions have led us to the point we are at now.


We had our ups, we had our downs... but now we are at the end of our treaty.


Farewell my comrades, I wish you all the very best as we move forward separately.






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A cancellation with an explanation.  It must be retro day.


Throwback Thursday :awesome:



No pixels were hurt in the making of this announcement.


The worst kind of announcement  :ph34r:

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