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Della Luna DoE and Recruitment Message

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Wow. What. A. Round. Let's get Round 30 started!


Della Luna officially declares its existence for round 30. So, here's a quick recruitment message from the Head Dellunatic (that would be yours truly).


Are you sick and tired of being involved in ridiculous alliance politics? Do you want a fun environment dedicated to helping YOU grow? Come to Della Luna! We will get you set up in a trade circle ASAP, and you'll get building advice out the wazoo. We don't take ourselves all that seriously. We are a black team alliance, so when you get onto the game, join black and get with the club! Last round was quite the rounds. Lots of grudge wars, and plenty of politics. Sure, we Dellunatics like to have fun declaring, but we'll ask for your input. I promise you won't be disappointed! Join today!

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