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The Monsoon Wind Blows


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The Shah awoke in the middle of the night to the rush of his general officer corps coming into his room.  On their tablet screens they had the path of multiple boogies coming in from directions all across the Pure Land, the East and South, and North East were reading attacks come on an off the radar screens.  As the Shah watched radars blipped out.  Each reducing further the visibiliy as wave of missiles came in, vanishing.  


"What the hell is happening?" he asked.  Xerxes only had a moment to wonder before the screaming sound ruptured his ear drum.  The West section of his Palace exploded in a blaze of fire.  A second bang occured as the cities lights blacked out.  


Air raid sirens barely had time to blare before engines roared overhead as cruise missiles flew over, their hypersonic engines shattering windows as they struck targets across Babylon.  In another moment an airplane careened out of the sky in a burning wreckage as the a pair of jets with black marks flew overhead low.  Out of their bay single bombs dropped then dispersed, each bomblet zooming in on a bed room window of a government official.  


The seen was chaos.  Xerxes found him being rushed to a bunker underneath the palace to try and gain a handle on what was going on.  [i]Was it the Russians?[/i] was the immediate thought.  


Then it came in as television stations found their communications across the Empire had been compromised by a malware infection, a grey haired figure came on the screen.




Good evening, I am Yuan Jia, Khagan of Tianxia.  As of 12 minutes ago the Horde has commenced hostilities with the Pure Lands.  It has become clear that the situation cannot be allowed to continue.  Imperials do not run from a fight.  We shall not wait this war out, or proclaim grand plans, we shall engage the Pure Lands defense forces of every hour of every day till we grind them into oblivion.  Our policy is simple.  Fight.


Across the entire front a situation was unfolding very much associated with classic Imperial Tactics.  Satellite control systems, sensor systems, and radar dishes along with a surprising number of nuclear weapons had been hit by the complete use of Imperial Prompt strike systems.  


Decoys, electronic warfare, cyberwarfare were all in full effect to overload Pure Lands weapons, and their ability to coordinate effective responses.  F-5s, F-7s, I-10s, and B-9s had launched a total deep strike attack across the entire fight shooting down aircraft, cratering runways, knocking out missile launchers, and hitting command and control stations in the first wave.  This was swiftly followed on by F-6 squadrons supporting waves of F-18s, and E-18Gs.  Rail guns simultanously pounded deep into the Pure Land lines hitting command stations, vital rail lines, division and brigade headquarters.  


Leading in the ground forces A-47 drone aircraft, A-10 Warthogs, Dragon Tooth assault choppers, airborne special forces teams, penetrated deep across the border engaging and directing fire across the entire front concentrating fire engaging columns of enemy forces suppressing reserves.  


With clear paths, Tianxia's artillery units would begin engaging the front lines, along with armor and mobile infantry.  The dispersed units would take advantage of paralysis of the Pure Lands forces to charge through and encircle/ destroy as many of the most battle hardened units on the border before they could be reinforced or gain air support.  


Drones reigned over the skies perusing for IR flashes indicating either aircraft launch or artillery fire, to direct appropriate fires onto the target.  E-18s and EC-130s would provide onsight jamming for launches.


Time was of essence to overwhelm as much as the numerically larger Pure Lands armor, breaking its outershell open for the Horde to gain advantage before the Pure Land reserves could be brought to bear and stop the advance.  The opening gambit had begun.  



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