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RIA is under new management

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I woke up this morning to find a golden opportunity at my doorstep. A way to experiment without any consequences, no political ramifications...at least for my group of members.

As RIA had the great idea to change their Alliance Affiliation to The Most Serene Republic of the Llama as a "joke," I didn't get the memo and took it that RIA no longer existed. I checked the OWF, and there was 0 mention of RIA disbanding or merging and nobody was protecting the AA, so I figured it was up for grabs. I always liked RIA's name so I decided to do a bit of rebranding. http://www.cybernations.net/alliance_display.asp?ID=10051

As of April 1, 2014 RIA's new government is as follows:

Chuck Normis

Head of Military Operations

Head of Foreign Affairs
Currently Vacant/Chuck Normis

Head of Internal Affairs

Head of Economics
Barney and Friends

Head of Recruitment
Ali Kortez

Captain Planet

We promise to try not to ruin RIA's image too much. All of RIA's treaties are still in effect, except for our NAP with GPA. Consider this it's cancellation via article D. Florida

Vivia la RIA!!!

We will give it back...for a price...

(whew! made it before update) Edited by Chuck Normis
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I demand to speak with your new Head of Foreign Affairs, Currently Vacant, about this matter! /o\

Currently Vacant lives in Antarctica and is in a very weird time zone. He normally shows up on the frostbite server on IRC every other February 29th.
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