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The Thief On The Right [CN-Rio]


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Catedral Metropolitana do Rio de Janeiro,

April 1st, 2XXX





The center of Catholicism and the seat of the Arch-Diocese,  the Catedral Metropolitana do Rio de Janeiro, or simply "The Cathedral", is the spiritual heart of the great jeweled city. The Mass has ended, and as the people disperse, a small but ornate confessional, centered under Saint Demas's ornate stained glass window, becomes the center of attention for a small line of penitents. As the believers each go through the ancient rites, men and women bowed down with the misfortune of the human condition step away from it light hearted; it seems the presiding priest has brought each a word they needed to hear. At the end of the line, a figure appears, a woman who makes her way into the booth...



"Em nome do Pai, e do Filho, e do Espírito Santo. Amen...."


A silence pregnant with thought pervades the confessional; the emptiness of the cathedral echoes back to the ears of the penitent and the priest.


"Speak, child. Unburden yourself before the Lord and He will hear your honest confession and wash away your sins."

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Cintia Valente looked up from her clasped hands and then closed her eyes. "Forgive me father, it has been many months since my last absolution. Father," she cleared her throat, her brown eyes the only color visible in the darkness of the booth, "I have the desire to kill. There is a thief who has been terrorizing the local neighborhood. He steals and takes things for himself. When I seem him next, I will kill him, but I must ask for your forgiveness because it will tear apart my soul."


She looked up at the priest and then bowed her head into her hands.

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