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User Smurthwaite


We have intercepted your communication dated 26 March 2014


We know who you are. You know who we are.


You've been sent an encrypted message regarding further instructions. It will self destruct in < 12 hours. 


Good luck.


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This is pretty creative...I am going to say you have damn near impressed me with this.


Haha, even I know what it is Smurthwaite ole' chap.


If these instructions are just "join MI6" it's probably a CB.


LMAO. Most likely what it is tbh.

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From NPL to MI6, its only natural. Wally's next.

sounds great,

Join MI6

Work way into top Gov

Merge with GPA

work way into top gov using merged MI6 votes and inevitable inactivity of other voters to rig election

Declare war on the world

Pause to reflect on a life well lived

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