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Americans in the Carpathians


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Arriving by special courier at the Commonwealth's State Department in the District of Columbia, a letter would be addressed to the Government of American Commonwealth sealed with an official-looking seal from the Polish Foreign Ministry.


[i]President Marston[/i]


I am personally writing this note to you in the hope that our two respective nations can finally come together to treat ourselves to a diplomatic engagement with one another. In an ever shrinking world honed by globalization, where communication comes at the speed of light, and people travel across vast oceans in few hours, something showcased by your resumption of supersonic air travel, it is in the interests of all states to enjoy cordial relations with one another. Poland and the American Commonwealth are no different, although we may be separated by a great ocean, our interests can be met as mutual on several key fronts.


For these reasons, I would like invite a delegation from the American Commonwealth to Krakow and the Carpathian Mountains, for a meeting between our two respective nations.


I look forward to hearing your response, and hope to hear that you will indeed be joining us for a quiet relaxing weekend to discuss our relations.


[i]Lech Sikorski[/i]

[b]President of the Fourth Republic of Poland[/b]

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