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Canadian Resurgence


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From: The Office of the Transitional Unity Government of the Provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba

To: The UN, And All Interested Parties

Subject: The Emergence of a Nation State within the Confines of Saskatchewan and Manitoba





Message: The Administrative Provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, in a joint referendum, sponsored by popular Town Hall vote, the First Nations Congress, and the elected National Council, do hereby declare Independence from the Administrative Protectorate of the Commonwealth as Separate and Sovereign entities. In place of the previous Administration, the people of the two Provinces have elected to form a transitional government of the territories involved, to be named the Free State of Caledonia. The final naming convention, and all laws, rules, and regulations will be announced after the Interim Government surrenders its powers to the Regular Government at such time as the people of the Free State are satisfied with the structure to be implemented. While all of this is drawn up, the Free State has confirmed several tenets central to the acknowledgement of legitimacy of any Regular Government, and the guiding philosophy of the committees charged with drawing up suggested political structures:


1. The Territories of the Free State shall in No Way encourage or discourage the practice of any religion or belief system.


2. The Territories of the Free State shall in No Way encourage or create tyrannical bureaucratic entities to govern in place of the free will of the people.


3. The Territories of the Free State shall provide for the concerns of Foreign Affairs, National Security, and Internal affairs, but shall not infringe on the economic freedoms the people currently enjoy and will limit the powers of the Regular Government to tax and spend the wealth of the people.


4. The Territories of the Free State will not allow Racial Politics to influence the creation or the continuation of a Regular Government. The Free State supports Immigration.


5. The Territories of the Free State shall protect the liberties of the people to the fullest extent possible.



On behalf of the National Council, the Community Congress, the First Nations Congress, the Caledonia Independence Party, and the People of the Free State, we greet the world with open arms and a will to foster good relations with all peoples of all nations.



Signed: Alistair Baldrick Winston III, Representing the Free State Business Consortium and Special Council to the Community Congress

Chief Nathan Starblanket, Chief of the Cree in Caledonia and National Chief of the First Nations Congress

Francos Baudelaire,  Elected Speaker for the Caledonia Independence Party and Chief Speaker of the National Council.








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Diplomatic Notice in Addendum to the Declaration of Caledonia Independence: The Diplomatic Office of the Free State has opened the Immigration Office. While the Free State is a work in progress on behalf of the Native and Resident People, the guiding doctrine of Freedom and Liberty endorsed by the Free State encourages it to maintain a robust and open immigration policy. Our Security efforts along our new borders will be in place strictly for defense and for the seizure of prohibited, extreme substances (examples being Krokodil, other fatal drugs) and to discourage human trafficking. It is not the Mission or Intent of the Caledonian Border Defense Force to turn away immigrants or enforce border lines against travelers and free people. Caledonia welcomes all honest immigrants with open arms and looks forward to receiving applications soon.

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"Legion recognizes this new entity and looks forward to doing business with our new friends."





Lt. Colonel Javier Morgan-Denard quietly sees himself into the office of Alistair Winston the 3rd. He provides the identification required to prove that he is the Chief Liaison Officer required per the contracted signed earlier on. With Mr. Winston, he leaves an encrypted cell phone, several important numbers of Legion officials, and a small box of similar devices to distribute at his own discretion. Each device comes with instructions and a warning that no signal transmitted is truly encrypted and that caution should be taken in what information is sent.


Once the paperwork has been formalized, the first flight of Legion Security Contractors in the employment of the Free States lifts off in Legion on a charted civilian plane. When completed, the coming airlift will have transported and deployed nearly 4200 Legion Security Officers and distributed them to major population centers in the Free States. As per contract, these Security Officers will be armed with personal weapons and equipped with uniforms that resemble the former Faraway military field uniforms.


A phased pull out of these Security Officers will be done at the direction and discretion of the government of the Free States.

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"The government of the United Republic of Ireland formally recognizes the independence and sovereignty of the newly formed Canadian state. We invite your government to establish formal diplomatic relations with our country."


- Foreign Minister Kendal Mayers

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"The Fourth Republic of Poland recognizes in formal fashion, the independence and sovereignty of the newly-formed Free State of Caledonia. We wish the new Free State well, and hope that it proves to be a positive contributor to the global community."


[b]Official Open Statement from the Foreign Ministry of Poland[/b]

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The American Commonwealth recognizes the transitional government of Saskatchewan and Manitoba as a promising foundation for a new Canadian nation state.  As such we shall turn over full governing authority of these provinces to the nation of Caledonia once open and free elections take place under monitored conditions by Commonwealth electoral administrators.  Once these elections have taken place Commonwealth troops and administrative personnel will begin phased withdrawals to turn over control to the new government.

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