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Statement from the Emperor of the Tianxia Commonwealth


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[b]Statement from the Emperor of the Tianxia Commonwealth:[/b]


There are certain human values and universal truths that are transcendent above all culture and tradition.  Those that embrace them are in the right, and those that fight against him are in the wrong.  There are values which are supreme, and cultures and those who fail to embrace them are backwards.  There is no excuse.  It is for this reason that we have adopted the transcendent values of liberalism.  Such value is transcendent throughout the Commonwealth and in the Foreign Policy of this throne so long as I stand on it.


Unfortunately there are those who do not share such values.  It is our sad duty to note that the Japanese Government which has been given numerous chances to alter and atone for behaviors, has in fact chosen to name ships after the very ships which launched military assaults in the Fascist blood bath that was the second world war.


This government, stands as a bulwark against Fascism, which is unyielding, unbending, and immovable.  We have made it our policy, as it is now, that any attempt, by any government, to rehabilitate any fascist or fascist cause from that terrible war, shall find itself met with the swift and harsh response of our fangs.  It is for this reason that in the past we have marched to war numerous times.  We have fought on the plains of Europe, we have fought in the jungles of Central Asia, we have fought on the shores of North Africa, we have fought on the beaches of Japan.  We have fought for an ideal, that the darkness which almost covered the world, shall never be allowed to be seen again.


In doing so we have neglected the home front, and have allowed a neo-fascist cancer to spread inside our own ranks, on the Island of Japan.  That ends today.  I have been blind by paternal love for my subjects and against the council of other nations. 


Under emergency powers, I hereby dismiss the government of the nation of Japan, I hereby order the disbandment of the Conservative Party as a fascist organization.  Further, I have ordered the step of the suspension and investigation of the Imperial Government's own conservative party for investigation of fascist tendencies.  


We must all be on-guard against the extreme right wing and never yield a single inch.

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Imperial Forces would move in to establish martial law and restore liberal democracy to the country as rapidly as possible.  Nationalistic propaganda would be purged from the country and the military leadership would undergo investigation, with the admiralty in particular purged.  The conservative party leadership would be arrested.

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Selenarctos closes our water and airspace to Nippon vessels and craft until the situation is resolved. Civilians may stay until the original expiration date on their visa but government employees are asked to leave the country within forty-eight hours.

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Valentín de la Cuera, consul-elect from the Partido Nacional of Tierra del Fuego issued the following statement:


"It is truly disheartening to learn that His Imperial Majesty has condoned and instigated the persecution of conservatives throughout the Commonwealth under the guise of purging these nations of an imaginary fascist threat. We sincerely hope he does not intend to prevent myself or our Christian Democrat allies in the Congress from assuming office due to the, actions of a few members of the Japanese government. Further it is our hope that His Imperial Majesty allows the conservative parties of Tianxia the freedom they deserve to continue the good work of maintaining traditional values without interference from the State."

- Valentín de la Cuera, Consul-Elect of Tierra del Fuego and leader of Partido Nacional

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