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Here We Go

Neo Uruk

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22:20 Hereno <AlexTheGreat> join echelon
22:20 Hereno <AlexTheGreat> or echelon will roll nso
22:20 Hereno <Hereno> k
22:20 Hereno <Hereno> have fun
22:20 Hereno <AlexTheGreat> i be warned nigger
22:20 Hereno <AlexTheGreat> your kind should still be slaves

I'm here to make everyone happy again. Public service is a burden, but I do it for all of the adoring public.

Alex, prepare to write a review of How High with certain letters missing for peace.

e: I did edit the log a bit because one word passes the filter

Edited by Neo Uruk
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<@AlexTheGreat[nsf]> Have i ever lied to you?
<~Hardin[ODN]> $%&@ YES
<~Hardin[ODN]> like billions of times
<~Hardin[ODN]> over and over
You've got it capitalised in your own sig...


Man I always knew you should be granted the title of awesomness :D
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You cant even show the IP. Cause it prob. doesnt match up to mine

I'm really enjoying this already.

You have until 11:45 server time to get that review done before I break your ankle! Edited by Neo Uruk
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Well, if those logs cant be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, Im going to have to show my logs of hereno's ooc behavior, to demonstrate they share an equal basis in reality according to herenos judgment.

You don't need to provide proof - we all know Hereno is what he is 


Just like we don't need proof to assume Alex is special 

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e: Actually, the query window looks weird; probably not solid evidence I dunno!

Anyways, it's a very Alex thing to do and he's repeatedly "gotten away" with unironic homophobia before.

Edited by Neo Uruk
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