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The Unwanted and Brown Accords



Here's how it is:
Out here on the fringe, an alliance has no guarantee of justice beyond what it can provide for itself. Sometimes a crew meets up with some likeminded folks out here, they size each other up, and they come out thinking these folks can be called upon if you get in a pinch.

The fringe is funny, it ain't one place; it's lots of places all over and folks in their neck of the fringe is different from folks in their neck of the fringe. Some fringers wear brown dusters and run around in boats, some wears cloaks and lives in high n' holy temples.
They all talk funny, though. In the sizin' up and funny talkin', Non Grata and GATO have come to an understanding.

Optional Defense
Non Grata and GATO ain't ones to meddle. We're gonna pass and meet, and we're gonna be real friendly, but we ain't in for tying ourselves together. It's good to have a friend to depend on out here, though, and besides if we're gonna have each other's backs well it's only fair to let any hwun dan know it before they start something.

Grata's Bar
Non Grata will share their rum, GATO will keep the bar open late for Non Grata.

Cancellin' a treaty that ain't binding might be more trouble than it's worth, but if it happens that it has to be done, we'll let you know 36 hours in advance.

For NG:
Erwin Schrodinger, Triumvir, PhD

Steve Buscemi, Triumvir, Lord of Apples, The Real Steve Buscemi

Derwood, Triumvir, Old


letub, Assembly Chairman

Roland, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Congress of GATO






tl:dr- Oh look, matching flags.

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Dropped your standards GATO, that's a shame.

They're treatied to TLR so I'd say the standards were pretty low already.


Congratulations, NG and GATO. :wub:  you both.


Edit: Grammar is awesome.

Edited by Elorian
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