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A Public Apology to the Federation of Armed Nations (FAN)

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As MCXA's Direttorre della relazioni publiche, I feel it is my responsibility to issue a public apology to the nations of FAN who were affected by the recent attacks of member-nations of the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance. In no way was this our intent to engage in some kind of interalliance conflict with the nations of FAN. I can assure all that the MCXA High Council is investigating these obviously isolated occurrences diligently. So far we have been able to determine that:


-there were a few cats that walked across a couple keyboards (MCXA has always been proud a supporter of the cat community);

-a few accounts were recently tampered with by troublesome younger siblings (happens all-the-time!);

-the attacks were actually not attacks, but a result of global cooling/global warming (see Al Gore's talking picture, An Inconvenient Truth, for more info on that - Happy 25th, Internet!); and finally,

-it's happening because we're actually declaring war on FAN in defense of our allies in Die Linke.


I hope this message was helpful; and once again, I'd like to apologies to FAN for the misunderstanding(s).





Jrkee, Chancellor

RoughRider, Minister of Defense

Ryan Thomas IV, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Beta Panda, Minister of Internal Affairs

Dookie on Drums, Minister of Finance

AndrewHG, High Council Member

Roo Blue II, High Council Member

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Thanks for posting this MCXA. I was concerned to see those DoWs and am glad to see you have cleared up the confusion surrounding them.




 Of course, of course. Thank you, sir.



I am happy this potentially catastrophic incident could be dealt with amicably. Well done MCXA.


As are we. Thank you for your comment.

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The powindahs today shiver in their feces-made temples as the favored children of the great Elesef, the caravan of the true believers of the One True Faith with their pixel-weapons grows larger by the day.
All hail the mighty One!

Tl;dr : love you MXCA <3

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This was a pretty good DoW.  Usually, I find people take themselves way too seriously, and thought that was happening here.  Nice plot twist.  Good suspense.  I might buy another ticket.


I was being 100% serious; I'm a very serious person. But thank you for your comment either way.



Glad to have MCXA join us though I do miss the war flag with the bloody X's on them.


It would have spoiled it, but just for you:



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