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A Kaskus Annoucement

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Recently Kaskus had elections for President. We had a tie so we now have a vice president. The updated government is as follows: 


Lord Bitburg - President

GantanX - Vice President

Unknown Smurf - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Baby Fark McGeezaX - Minister of Internal Affairs


Recently there has been some speculation about our treaties, helped by the fact that I insinuated that a certain treaty of ours was going to be cancelled. I am happy to announce that as of now we have reconciled our differences and our current treaty line-up is as follows (by seniority):


Global Order of Darkness - oDoAP

The Shadow Legacy - Protectorate

Swash Plates and Tail Rotos - MDoAP

Screamin' Red Asses - oDoAP

NEW - Brotherhood Pact



You know what's worse than a secret treaty? Pretending to have a secret treaty.



EDIT: For the record this beautiful gun is not mine   :v: 

Edited by Unknown Smurf
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Could be worse


A Lord Bitburg presidency?  I can't think of anything worse, Norwood I want to!


Congrats to Kaskus on their new government line-up, a fine looking treaty cornucopia and excellence in flag placement/size in a government announcement.

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