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Simply Not Altogether Fouled Up - just done

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It is my sad duty to declare the alliance of SNAFU disbanded.  We've walked these halls as a group for going on five and a half years, but we've simply passed the point at which we're functioning as a legitimate alliance.


I would like to thank members past and present for your time, dedication and most importantly personalities that made our alliance what it was and that is something I will treasure for all time.  The alliance affiliation SNAFU will be graciously protected by Anarchy Inc and the Sandstorm Confederacy for the foreseeable future as our membership decides what path they are going to follow.


Thank yo to all of friends and enemies that have made Planet Bob such a wonderful place for us to get our start. 


Now on to the next phase!




Stetson76, the only Grand FUBAR SNAFU has or will know.

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I hate to see this announcement.  SNAFU has been the most amazing and dedicated ally that I have known since moving to purple.  You always knew that no matter what was happening it was never a question of if, but when and where we needed them to help us.  While I mourn the loss of SNAFU, I value the friendships much much more.


Godspeed my friends!


Just for one last time....


o/ SNAFU!!!!

o/ Stetson!!!!

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