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Old Guard is Awake!

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Hey, FAN! We just woke up and discovered you’re on our lawns! Not only that, as if that wasn’t bad enough, you’ve been throwing stones at the neighbor’s kid, the Union of Communist Republics. Since UCR are friends of ours, we decided that rather than call the police we’d just take care of this ourselves.

So consider this a declaration of war from Old Guard. We only have a few ground rules:

We have to be in bed by 9:00 p.m., so no attacks after that.
Don’t hit us in the knees. They are arthritic.
Pull your pants up.
Turn your caps around so the visor is in front.
Turn down that noise you call music.
And stay off our lawns.

So that everyone gets into the spirit of this thing, we offer you some images Old Guard's mobilization.





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Proud of my former allies (from the days of Symphony). o/ OG


Also like my friends in FAN, who I'm guessing are trying to make up for sitting out the past war. Hopefully FAN will be content with a round or two of war before calling it a day... I know OG's stamina must be down in their old age.

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